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  1. I just passed a 12 panel test with a synthetic, temp is key!!!!! put a temp strip on the bottle like the ones you see on fish tanks. use a hand warmer to keep it at temp. it worked perfect for me
  2. I used a synthetic recently for a 10 panel test and passed
  3. well, I am sorry. "people like me" do make mistakes. I wish I was perfect but I am not
  4. you are 100% correct, I confused my middle-eastern whacked-out countries
  5. Ron Paul said in the last debate he would not stop Iraq from producing nukes, if Iraq gets nukes I believe (and many others do as well) they will use them to get bomb of Isreal, isreal will retalerate. Then we are in the snowball from hell
  6. I guess where we see things differently is that I put MMJ low on the list things that a president needs to take care of in this country. there are so many more imoprtant things going on in this country. unemployment, the deficit, this stupid health care thing. Medical marijuana is way below these things IMHO. Ron Paul forigen policies are a joke, he would let anyone that wants nukes make them. isreal will get nuked and we will end up in WWIII there is more going on than medical pot, I guess I just do not understand why someone would solely base thier vote on legal pot
  7. right now Im playing old school but it is the best game ever. Madal of Honor: Spearhead, just a great game, anyone can play. You dont need a good comp to run fine. I love BF2 but got tired of planes ruling the map.
  8. "half my team will be baked on edibles by the third inning" cracked me up!!!
  9. the problem you run into growing outside is the weather. If it is going to be an early winter you have to harvest before the plant is fully ready, even if it is a week early it will matter. inside you have control
  10. there is alot of hatred in politics, its a shame. there is alot of name callig in politics, thats a shame. there are alot of false alagations in politics, thats a shame. why cant people just talk facts and leave the bullying out of the converstions?
  11. for years Ive called acetone, "bong-away" it cleans quickly and does well
  12. pffft? whatever. BTT - looks like Houston, Go Blue!!!!!
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