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  1. Hey there y'all. On a autoflower run in my room and have of course gotten the dreaded bananas. I have come across other people in the MMJ community who in the past were interested in collecting the pollen for later use. Well, if your willing to come to or live in the western UP, and are interested in please feel free to message me. The diesel ryders are stinky lil plants with decent potency and a mild CBD count. They would make for a great cross with any other stable auto flower strain. And of course there is NO compensation needed....Happy to share!
  2. Curious to know...Whatever happened? I read your whole post and its like a good suspense novel. keeps you wonderin' what the hell may have happened. So...What happened?
  3. your in the rite place...i will fight ...rally and spread the word here in lenawee county!...you met and greet with new patients above the bridge!...i know in my heart that you will make the community proud!..my brother in arms!

  4. Stopping bye to say hello. New here to the site, just found out about it from a friend. Looks like a wikipedia of MMJ! Can't wait to really start diggin' in!
  5. Will do. We fought for this, and we'll be fighting for it as long as its here, so we might as well fight together. Strength in numbers man!

  6. just spred the word!...this site and these people are the warriors in our battle!!!

  7. Good to be here. Too bad I didn't find this place sooner! I owe you for this one!

  8. good to see you on here my brother!

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