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  1. I see the Tigers winning a woeful division rather easily. We'll bash the ball all over. Pitch pretty decently. My concern lies in the playoffs and defense. You cant give good teams extra outs. That could happen in the playoffs. I'm hoping Brandon Inge is RELEASED before the season begins. GO GETTEM TIGERS!!!!
  2. I also had a great time. Enjoyed meeting people. Very well run. The weather actually co-operated too. All in all, a great day. Ty.
  3. A newbie at the site. I'll be there tomorrow with my brother ( Whacked). Looking forward to meeting everyone. Were bringing chocolate of some type ( maybe some Michigan strawberries also if I can get to a farmers market today). Weather is supposed to be great. Can't wait.
  4. Hello everyone, great site. I look forward to discussing and chatting. Have a great day.
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