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  1. Yeah read about this a couple days ago. the charges are alcohol and fire arm related. Felony I believe. It didn't look good either and this is politics so it doesn't look well on the AG either.
  2. Mitt has about as much of a chance as poppa smurf. Most conservatives do not like him. Ron Paul is doing very very well I think "super Tuesday" will show this even more. Just a fyi according to NORML there are an estimated 12 states that may have medical cannabis proposals on their ballot this year. If 10 pass that means over 50% of the union will have MMJ laws and force congress to act.
  3. Like everyone else said your fine. They don't give a rip about patients unless they are doing wrong. Follow the law and as DN said treat it like you would any other medicine.
  4. The Colorado reference I made is due too this, it is my understanding all dispensaries and/or anything medical Marijuana related is licensed and regulated by the state, hence the reason the congressmen from Colorado asked Mr. Holder if Colorado could expect more leniency since their system is regulated, at which time Mr. Holder re iterated the "Ogden memo was still in effect." Again re enforcing that the U.S. Justice Department has no interest in medical marijuana so long as the states laws are being adhered too. We in Michigan do not have a regulated system, I am not saying our system is
  5. Our Governor and Attorney General. It is my hope and prayer that you will read this with an open and informed mind. To start I must say I understand the tough choices that must be made regarding a controversial topic. My belief ladies and gentlemen is that the patients voices be heard in this discussion, after all it is the patient that can give you direct testimony as too the medical benefits of cannabis. I myself suffer from nerve damage in my left arm, herniated disk in my neck and post traumatic stress syndrome. I honorably served my nation in the Army 1999-2004. I never cared for Marijuan
  6. What really kills me is when the fed says "Marijuana has not undergone the rigorous FDA testing as other drugs have." Yeah I can tell how rigorous that testing really is when ya turn on the tv and ya see 5 to 6 class action lawsuits against these "rigorously" tested pharmaceuticals.
  7. http://www.wnem.com/story/16363229/drug-overdoses-kill-more-americans-than-car-accidents-cdc This is a very good read, 2008 there were 35,000 deaths related to Opiate overdose and misuse, in 1996 opiates only accounted for 25% of drug overdoses that number has sky rocketed and continues too. Wanna battle drugs and keep our youth safe this would be the better fight, Marijuana deaths =0 Prescription pills = 35,000+
  8. Most people are behind Ron Paul period. Romney has no shot, no real republican likes him look at 2008 they nominated McCain! Mr. John Mccain had never gotten the nomination before it was basically a hail mary. The biggest threat Ron Paul faces is Mr.Gingrich but with the current level of dissent and civil unrest in this country hands down its Ron Pauls time.
  9. I can personally attest to this. Diagnosed with PTSD over a year ago and been on medical cannabis since June of this year. It completely removed my drinking problem, and is the only thing that makes me feel normal! Maybe for regular folks they may get that "high" but for me it just normalizes everything as well as bringing my anxiety way down. Only thing I don't agree with in this article is the statement that VA is kinda stone walling vets by allowing those with PTSD too use cannabis but wont endorse its use. The VA is a federal agency they are between a rock and a hard place since federally
  10. Its all political wording. I keep saying a federal change is coming soon. We have what now 3 or 4 governors asking for re scheduling with more to follow, its an election year and they are trying not too alienate the medical marijuana voters, how does that happen? Concession without looking soft or as giving in. The fed is going to ok the states laws but demand it be distributed through pharmacies or at best licensed and regulated dispensaries. Writings on the wall folks, I see change coming soon but I believe it will wipe out the care giver/ home growing operations.
  11. I am assuming what they are trying to clear up is exactly what Buds-4-U is saying, card mills, ie no medical records or review of records. My Doc has copies of my records and reviewed them which is what a proper doctor will do!
  12. Yeah I think you misunderstand what Mr.Paul is advocating. He isn't saying lets get rid of all these agencies and let people do whatever. He is saying at the federal level these agencies need too go and let the states regulate themselves. Ridding the fed of these agencies frees up $$$$ for the federal government and less intrusion on our lives. The Constitution was designed to limit federal governments role in our daily lives not expand it.
  13. Thank you!!!! Thats a lil sigh of relief, cause I do not have the $$$ for the Doctor again. Just makes me because for one I'm thinking this whole time LARA has it then I find out nope, so for the past 5 months I have been carrying around a copy of paperwork LARA didn't even have! All I want to do is be in compliance and be left alone, never had any legal trouble in my life not about to start now!
  14. Thats exactly correct Robman. So the general thought is they will reject the app because of the cert date? I looked and looked trying too see anything that mentions an expiration on LARA and the paperwork and found nothing. Been freaking out the past few days over it because it was my understanding for the past 5 months my application was in their system.
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