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  1. Theres always a lot of confusion about the original ballot initiative. I go to many townships and end up having to explain the difference between the 2008 initiative, the 2016 laws and now the new ballot initiative. It is very clear that local ordinance cannot circumvent state law. The supervisor probably talked to the twp attorney for clarification. Mav
  2. You won't find one in Monroe !!
  3. The legislature is not going to act on legalization. Ironically the Democrats are standing in the way. Their theory is that without the legalization on the ballot the voters might vote Schuette in as governor. I believe that if the marijuana initiative is on the ballot then whoever the Democrats put up for governor will win. Voters will overwhelmingly approve the legalization and while they are there voting there is little chance they are going to vote for the most anti pot politician in the state at the same time. My further prediction is the ballot initiative will pass by 66
  4. What the board has said is not that they want to shut down all dispensaries but that operating a dispensary would be a disqualifying event if you apply for one of the new licenses. If you have no intention of applying for a new license under the new law then you can operate as usual subject to the whims of the local law enforcement. If however you operate a dispensary now and you stay open after December 15th then your application will be denied based on that fact alone no matter what else is on your application. The supreme court did not say that dispensaries are illegal. What the
  5. I believe 660 goes to the governor. It passed both houses in the same form.
  6. I have an Up North house in Grayling. I' would like to participate also. I am here right now watching the ice on Lake Margrethe melt. Mav
  7. If you are looking for MMJ friendly housing in Monroe County out in the country contact me. I have several homes for rent for $1000 a month. You have to comply with the Mi law as to plant count and proper paperwork and can't alter the house without my permission but other than that you will be left alone to do your thing. Neighbors are all MMJ friendly and have grows of their own so no...

  8. I also have housing that fits your situation to a T. Rent is $1,000 a month plus one months security deposit. You pay the utilities and comply with the Mi state statute and everything will be good. The homes are located in Monroe County and the neighbors are all MMJ friendly.
  9. Interested in seeds but don't see a link to what you have

  10. email me at mbrant@gmail.com and I will send a link to the property. They should be ready by the 1st.

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