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  1. Yes, I use Schultz or take root or whatever is 3 bucks at walmart.. I have tried root tech as well, but that is just 5 times the price and I get the same results. All other clones will be showing roots and ready for transplant in 10 days or so.. Not these ones, if I try to "air them out" they die.. lol All other clones I can, this is just a peculiar plant I guess. I tried scraping the stems on this round thinking the woodiness of this plants stems may be slowing it down.
  2. Yes, the mother is big because the previous clones died and she is the last living member and she's not flowering until I (hopefully) get some successful clones. I wouldn't waste my time, but I fell in love with the buds that are produced.. solid.. I think it is a fair trade off if I can be successful in cloning it. I can wait an extra few weeks for one or three, I wouldnt invest my whole allotment on it. The biggest waste of my time has been my cut of headband.. It gets pot bound and sheds down to little puny leaves and puny buds. I had a plant big enough for 3-4 ounces no problem and it
  3. Now my Clones question: I typically have no problem cloning. Powder rooting hormone and humidity dome and all goes well except for one strain, Purple Gorilla. All the rest will root in 10 days, but this one has made it to 20(some) before it has rooted before. I actually just tried to clone some and I got to day 18 and I left the humidity dome lid off for an hour or 3 (meant to for only 10 minutes or so, but something about short term memory, I can't remember) and they died. Dried right and crumbled in no time. (UGH!! 18 days in!!) So I took some more clones and some pics and figure
  4. Straight to the point: Yellowing leaves Jack's classic and blossom booster in a mix of 1/8 and 1/4 per gallon respectively. (jacks calls for 1/4 per gallon, but I'm thinking they can take a little more) Sunshine Mix #4 advanced, Tap water, Eye Hortilux 600 W HPS Question, these can be seen in the "orange" pics, but these are on day 45 of flowering, is this a normal amount of yellowing? Are they supposed to yellow as they mature like it is the autumn season? The sugar leaves in the buds are still green, however the ends of the larger ones are starting to yellow. PH of soil
  5. I'll sign up under anyone who gives me a free ounce a month. Screw this spider mite bull crap! PM me.. The only time I ever heard of someone getting a free ounce was from a potential patient who "has a buddy" that gets that deal.. Not sure if their "buddy" is a big ahole or just non-existent as the reason they can't go to "their buddy." Weirdly, when I ask them this, their face contorts and it seems like they are beginning to develop an ulcer. I offered a tums to one gentleman before it was so bad.
  6. Won't have to worry about any of that if these SOB's don't give in to the genocide. March to your death already heathens!!
  7. Two neem oil treatments, an azamax treatment and floramite treatment. Guess what I saw crawling on a leaf last night? darn these things.. lol Although, when I poked this one, it didn't seem to be able to run as fast as it's grandparents. That was right before the avid treatment.. and a nice haircut for the ladies. Figured I'd get rid of some grey hairs and split ends to make it easier to notice new damage. I was able to find one ounce bottles of the flora and avid on ebay. The flora looks kind of like white out (caught me off guard) and the avid like baby oil. Got rid of all the extr
  8. Yes.. before I got these clones and got mites.. I think.. not sure if this is a double negative and maybe I should answer no..
  9. Lol, no, all females.. But honestly, they could be any strain, I have no way to tell what is what and I am sure the fine upstanding gentlemen that hooked me up with the room herpes has no problem lying about what strains they were. Don't really care as long as they pass the white paper test when it's all done and cured though..lol But I really would like some legit GG4..
  10. Those are some nasty pics! My infestation did not get to that point. I did have some in webbing at the top of one plant and then neemed them and then a few days later they were webbing at the top of another plant. (all in veg, no buds like that). The leaf damage is identical, although not quite as much with mine. New growth on most is looking better, although my gorilla glues new growth is kind of twisted looking a little. I went pretty heavy on the neem oil, so they could be suffocating a little..lol Got the azamax yesterday and did that treatment. Noticed a decrease in some flying fri
  11. As far as the hazmat suit, avid, as well as the others, are a pesticide, so it's reasonable to extrapolate that since it 's sole purpose is to kill that one may want to protect themselves from it. Hell, I "suited up" for the neem oil treatment.
  12. Yeah, these are all in veg state. The flower room is unaffected and they will be staying put until I can make sure that will remain the case. And yes, after the Neem oil treatment, my basement smelled like it had been invaded by hippies.
  13. I got a few "sample" sizes of things coming from ebay. They will not survive. and hopefully neither will the mites. I'll just make sure the next few batches go to the in-laws.. lol
  14. LOL, No.. I spent 100 on 12, but I meant (and may be exaggerating a little), that in the end, they will cost $800 after I buy all the stuff to unwhore my room!
  15. Oh yeah, I jumped through all kinds of hoops trying to order from attitude. Bought a Prepaid debit card, that wasn't good internationally.. Bought one that was good internationally, but then I had to wait for the actual card to get sent. Plus with my cloning issues as of late, I thought that it would be the easiest logical choice. In the end, if I save them, I will still have some different genetics (officially killed the last of MY original ones from seed.. Northern lights and fruity chronic juice(highly reccomended)) (very sad about the loss of those family members for sure, we went back
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