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  1. Thank-You Everyone for the advice/I and my friend appreciate it so very much! Again Thanx!! kk
  2. I am asking for a friend of mine, he is going to a concert and suffers bad seizures, he is a MMJ patient and wanted me to ask if anyone knows if they would permit him to use his medicine. He said he would use drops under the tongue. Now that concentrates are illegal, does anyone have any suggestions?? thanx, k
  3. Thank-You for the support.Dr. Bob I will give out your cards @ the meetings/I usually have some w/me. Will get more at the next clinic. Thanks again! kk
  4. Hi, my name is Kaye Kaiser/ I help out with the website. We have almost 500 members on the site/I try to keep up on local and any information concerning Medical MJ. I would just like to add this to your list/to help spread the word about this wonderful plant! Cannabis Cures!! Thank-You. kk www.nemicc.com
  5. I have been eating my meds for awhile now/Imake canna-caps/w/coconut oil/use a syringe to fill caps/any on my hands I rub into sore joints/I have made glycerin/which can be used in coffee/tea/as a sweetener, or just drop under your tongue.you can also just grind & fill capsules also/make sure you decarboloxation your raw product to activate all of the thc/cbds/etc. I know some people use the ground up medicine as flour in some recipes. Hope this helps.kk
  6. I don't get on here as much as I should, but I was wondering with all the new law changes-are there going to be any events-such as a march on the Capitol in Lansing?? I have gone to 2 of these events in the past and feel it helps not only the elected officals hear our voices/but shows the public we are not just a bunch of pot smoking hippies. I hope I haven't missed the post if there is one on this topic. I help with the www.nemicc.com website and enjoy getting the word out. Please feel free to stop by and visit the site. Northeast MI Medical Marijuana Compassion Club Website. Thank-you! kk
  7. I am sorry I re-posted/I don't come to the site often/I did not see that you had posted it. Again/Sorry/K
  8. http://www.alternet.org/story/155269/5_special_interest_groups_that_help_keep_marijuana_illegal?akid=8717.275938.ojOMvV&rd=1&t=12
  9. http://www.cannabisculture.com/articles/4258.html
  10. http://www.opencongress.org/search/result?q=medical+marijuana&search_congress%5B112%5D=112&search_bills=1&search_people=1&search_committees=1&search_issues=1&search_comments=1 I don't know if this will help.
  11. I for one love the idea, I also wouldn't mind using your idea w/our compassion club site, the more info out there, the better!!!
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