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  1. Thanks. I knew it was old but is still listed as a hot topic,lol. As ive said Ive been offline mainly and taking care of personal stuff. Im just trying to be involved again. Nothing against dispensaries as I believe they are needed for folks who cant grow, wont or dont even happen to know anyone who could. CC would still be a great idea. Luckily Ive still got the same friends I had in HS and wasnt without mmj. I wasnt able to grow and still see so many who are without for different reasons. so I never really had to go without but see many who have. tHE DR situation has obviously gotten worse. I was just cut from my DR. Two more friends whos DRs allowed them to use mmj while still getting chronic pain treatments, the DRs have now joined the Alcona Health system whos rules say everyone gets randoms and no one can use both treatments at the same time. Sucks for them and me. That was same offices I had. Doesnt sound at all like DR BOB is going to reopen for all the additional services he had at one time. I just hate feeling like no options are available anymore. Both traditional medicine and mmj. Finally got a referral for IBS as my (now untrusted, non viable) DR said he wouldnt refer me as the only DR who did that was busy with cancer patients. As if my pain meant nothing. Even if I had to wait to get in, I would have. Spent the worst several months in pain, using cannabis to relieve symptoms of ibs. Finally I called around myself. Found a nurse practitioner who said she would easily see me, with a referal. Witin a week I had an appointment! I told him he needed to do it. Sick sick of medical red tape and bad, even unprofessional attitudes. Well now I have that at least but no opiod pain treatment for my feet and leg pain issues. FUN.
  2. woah! only two posts? Im sure I had more than that. Not too many but it has been a couple of years. has the board changed over or something?
  3. I was really hoping to make contacts for a club in Northern-nothwestern Mi. The email addy for the one in vanderbilt is invalid. it was returned. Maybe Ill try to contact the member pm. But anyways, Ive just asked the cheboygan one and looked at charlevoix but he had no email, just an address. I would like one that is ran correctly and informative as well. Im pretty central to all these but Vandy location would be best for me. Ive moved a couple of times and also been ill off and on the last couple of years. Im feeling much better and feeling like I need to be involved in a community. I see and hear so much ignorance sometimes, it just makes me furious. Please help. Thanks guys and gals. Feel free to message me. If nothing is available, then maybe ill consider trying to start my own. I would need help with it if for no other reason than when my IBS flares up sometimes and I wouldnt be attending or teaching anything on certain bad days. Thanks.
  4. Im sure that weight is construed as delivery and manfacture. At least with someone with the most absolute most terrible luck in the world. My card had expired but was CG for 3 people. Being all 3 cards expired in june. Great I was told by 2 that they took care of the paperwork for them selves. One came back no CG and I had signed the papers ect but kept no copy. Or he didnt produce one. The second said she took care of it but papers were delayed again. Now the one I had all the proof in the work she was and was remaing my patient got a denial Just the last couple of days. So now Im way up in numbers and an uncle turns me in for some seedlings I was babying while I hung out on the farm before renters took it again. They weighted the stems roots leaves and all.
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