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  1. I have the opposite prob. My first small harvest has been hanging for 3 days and while the buds are dry as flower the stems wont snap. Will they retain h2o when in the mason jars, they seem way too dry. HELP, am I doing anything wrong? Oops, never mind, just read the start of this thread.
  2. Im looking for a Doctor in Detroit who accepts Medicaid, Omnicare specifically, who will fill out my paperwork. Can anyone help me?
  3. Im looking for a Dr in Detroit that accepts Medicaid, provider being Omnicare if anyone knows. I called Ford walk in and am waiting on a return call. Thanks
  4. Ive made an appointment for my doctor and am hoping he will fill out the necessary paperwork for getting my card. I have Medicaid and am wondering if I will have any trouble getting him to fill it out. My provider is Omnicare. Thanks
  5. Detroit is the place to be. Cheap houses are abundant although you have to be careful what area you buy into. There are so many other probs the cops have to deal with here marijuana is low on the list. We have a steady stream of new young ppl moving here taking over all the properties available, turning old run down neighborhoods into viable communities. We have great music and nightlife, a strong community of artists, its definitely an up and coming place to be. Detroit will also most likely legalize marijuana this November if you have an ounce or under. You hear about certain poor communities that are completely transformed into great places to live because the rent is so cheap. The young art types move in and pretty soon you have a Greenwich Village, Id like to think of Detroit as that type of place. With all the changes in MJ laws I believe the D is going to be the place to live if your looking to make a living growing for patients. If your thinking about Detroit you can PM me and Ill help you out asa best I can. A good local forum to check out is Detroityes.com Anything you want to know about Detroit you can ask there and get a solid answer. I lived in the Ann Arbor area for years, everything is perfect there and perfectly expensive. It has no edge to it. Perfectly boring if you ask me. David Sedaris would live in Ann Arbor, his sister would live in Detroit if that makes any sense.
  6. I had an accident about two years ago that left me blind in one eye and partially in the other. Sunlight is painful and the herb helps relax it. Im on SSI but no longer have Medicaid and I need a doctor to sign my application so I can get my patient/grow card. Can anyone help me, Im broke living on disability and would like to become a caregiver as well as my own patient. I just got back from the Kresge Eye Institute where they took care of me from the start of my accident but they said since I dont have glaucoma they probably couldnt help with the application. He said I need a regular physician to sign my app. Anyone know of a doctor who will see me on the cheap? Any ideas?
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