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  1. Haha, I thought it was even more funny that it blocked AD GJ UO RY It's code, read between the letter combinations on the keyboard. but not EFFERS. that's funny.
  2. What's up everybody, this is sort of my second introduction because I opted to take a break for a while after my wife got pissed and we were afraid of outsiders. Well then my bunny muffin started hurting again and pills from the va werent really working in conjunction with my norml meds so I went after some better meds and that's helped out a lot. I'm a Realtor in Holland and am getting involved quite heavily with the Holland City. Right Along with Kurt who's here from HollandCCC and JC MC. Our goal is to push through the moratorium in and or around it and make headway on an open front,
  3. People say music improves plant growth, music that replicates nature and cricketts etc. I wonder if subonic tones would be better. Vibration similar to geoactivity, geothermal, maybe even the rotation change of the earth in the event of an earthquake. Something that it must have learned and they must have formed some defense mechanism to vibration. Prepare for earthquakes, storms, floods, animals, maybe they receive that signal via vibration or P waves before the event shows up. And my guess is that it's some sort of enhancement if you can crack the code. My guesses to enhancement i
  4. Sometimes it's not even their fault, tonight we watched holland's attorney bumble thru what he wrote and he didn't bumble well. My point with this post was that it is the same crew that just completely EFF'd holland, and then they just went to a new city to pitch some new scheme.
  5. So West michigan medical services has transformed into something unknown somewhere else and getting blocked at another city. The money making method is not fooling anybody. Go make coin in Cali, Michigan is about compassion and care. http://www.wsjm.com/pages/7607819.php? porting partners at the Tri-City Record report that the Hartford city council was not too impressed with a presentation by a Holland company wanting to build a medical marijuana center in their town. West Michigan Medical Services and Supplies say they will file an application to open such a facility in Hartford.
  6. Whoa, We got way off track here. The study session is this Wednesday and we need numbers. Holland is broke and ripe to accept money from anywhere. Just look at the new lithium plants. I'm working on a powerpoint to show the council to hopefully give them incentives on A medical facility whatever it happens to end up being.
  7. Maybe it's just hope to find a program that most would call acceptable. I don't disagree with any of that.
  8. I love it! My wife is preggers right now with kropotkin the 3rd. haha. Showing her the article tonight, time to make some edibles and take care of that nassua.
  9. Check this out though. This could be posted on our co-op walls. "Are collectives okay? Celeste Clarkson, compliance section manager with the state Bureau of Health Professions which oversees the Medical Marijuana Registry Program, said the medical marijuana law does not address collectives. But just because they are not in the act does not mean they cannot be established. she said. “We are aware of the fact that they are out there, but it’s up to the local jurisdiction and law enforcement as to how they will accept them or treat them,” Clarkson said. “The act does speak to the fact t
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