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  1. Been under the light for a week now, A couple of outer plant leaves plants look a little brown so I have moved them to 40in. away. Rockwool ( I used mineral wool thermal insulation ) almost looks a little singed from the heat. How wet should I keep the rockwool? When I water should I do it thru the rockwool or down the side? Room is ventilated and has a oscilating tower fan on low. 50% humidity and about 88 degrees in the room. Is this to hot? The room is in a basement and one of its wall is cement block , painted flat white. Not sure what to do about the heat!! Bengal
  2. I have started with the rockwool placed in a 12oz. cup ( like a mini hempy bucket ) so I'll only have one transfer. They have popped up a couple of inches with tiny little leaves. Have been placed approx 30" from the lights for about 6 hrs. and are looking good! THANKS FOR THE ADVISE!!
  3. I have a 600 watt metal halide light for starting my grow and I am not sure how to proceed with the lights. I am growing hempy bucket style and my seedlings are popping up nicely out of the rockwool, I have them in dixie cups with a pelite verm mix. but I do not know how to proceed from here. 1. how soon should I start the lights ? 2. how close should the lights be? ect.. thanks for any advise..
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