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  1. Nahh, I wondered because I've been argueing with someone that doesn't want to go because this site is sponsoring it.. I told him so were all of the others, but just wanted to make sure I wasn't full of crap. This guy said he used to work for MMMA out of an office, and doesn't like you guys very much. Who is ASA and CPU? never heard of those.
  2. Are there any other organizations sponsoring this rally and bringing members or is it just MMMA?
  3. You forgot the one where nobody is allowed to grow except for the 10 licensed facilities.
  4. Well I think I've done everything in my power that I can.. I have posted in every forum I frequent, I have posted the information about the proposed ammendments to the law and the protest in Sept. on my facebook as well as my wifes. I have also been networking with a CG friend up in Alcona county to get people to come down. I have sent all of the state senators and reps emails. I just got about 50 canned replys back.. So now everyone I know knows that I am a supporting member of the medical marijuana community, even a few I didn't really want to know. Any more ideas? See you Sept 7th.
  5. Thanks you for doing what you can. I understand losing the job but why would you be risking losing your children? The law was passed to protect us, what are you doing that would risk losing your children, just curious?
  6. With all of these new proposed ammendment to the medical marijuana law we are potentially facing thousands of sick residents of Michigan being turned into criminals overnight. Not only is it our obligations as Michigan residents to make everyone we know aware of the state trying to make this happen, but it is also the responsibility of the PROMINENT members of the medical marijuana community to be contacting the media and getting unbiased articles out to Michigan residents who are completely unaware of the proposed ammendments and the isuues they will cause if passed. Sure anybody can submit a letter to an opinion editorial, but this needs to be headlined! The media isn't going to listen to and interview a concerned citizen, it needs to be a prominent member of the MMJ community. Who exactly are these prominent members? What are they doing? I know there is a rally in the works on Sept. 7th but is that enough? I don't think so. I think by Sept. 7th it will be too late. Every single person in the state who voted for this law needs to be aware of what the state is voting on in a little over a month. Right now it is pretty much a covert operation which if passed will turn a lot of innocent people into felons in one day. But then again, there's even people on this site who makes comments like "whatever, I'll just start growing outdoors again and flood the market".. Seriously? Some people forget why we are here, if you were so happy growing marijuana illegally you should have never signed up to be a caregiver and that attitude is not what we need to have if we would like to continue what little freedom this law provides us. I really hope the right people are doing everything in their power to get the word out on this before our short lived law is stripped away from us.
  7. That's the one I used and it only sends it to two reps..
  8. There needs to be a online form with a premade letter that people can sign and have it send to all of these reps.. The was one posted here earlier that I filled out but it only sent it to like 2 people...... I have no idea who all should be receiving this letter. I HATE politics with a passion and can honestly say I am not as involved as I probably should be. WHat's the chances of these ammendment getting the super majority vote? I posted this issue in another MMJ forum and was told I was fear mongering, this site was fear mongering, and there was no way that these would pass... I really do not know what to believe.
  9. Yeah, I apologize guys, I didn't realize you had to be a member for 30 days before you can post in that particular section of the forum. I'm not the worlds greatest debater, once someone pisses me off I kind of lose focus lol.. I tried not to in there though.
  10. Ehhhh that sucks.... Well thanks for trying anyways.
  11. Wow almost 1000 views over there today, a whole hell of a lot of debate, and nothing from here. Ohh well, I give up. I'll be in my basement.
  12. http://www.michigan-sportsman.com/forum/showthread.php?t=387042 Theres a member of the media and a physician opposing us as well as a few others. It would be nice if BB, Dr. Bob and the rest can chime in over there. Thanks.
  13. Dr. Bob you made an excellent post on Mlive, that should be an article by itself. I'm waiting for an email confirmation for that site. But after rading the 120+ posts I'm glad to see the supporters greatly outnumber the anti's on there. I can't believe how ignorant those people are, every one of them. There aren't any fence sitters lol, they are either pro, stupid or government.
  14. Well what about the people who have used these "mills" to get their card, but are legit patients deserving MMJ? Wouldn't that kind of screw them over though? I'm sure there are a lot of non legit people involved with the mills, but many legit ones too. Heck I'd go to the closest, easiest and cheapest one around me if I wasn't somewhat educated on the issues taking place.
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