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  1. Thank you for the info, for some reason I don't get the notification for the show until the day after.
  2. May I suggest looking into CBD Crew's line as they are currently the only breeders out there who make a true high CBD low THC in seed form with a 100% chance. I have not seen a single lab report show anything but 1:1 cbd/thc or 2:1 cbd/thc. The upper limits of their line is in the 13% range and they are never under 4% cbd.
  3. Is there any contact information or corresponding website regarding the 12 local ballot initiatives? Looking for information to help.
  4. They are cheap to run and even more so during veg as I would start the grow on a single panel and add another at the start of flowering. Also you can dial back timing during veg to 18 on 6 off with no reduction in veg growth. All panels are indeed different but even with my mid range units you can get 8oz while only using 240 actual watts in flower and remember your only using 120 watts in veg. Also no cooling is required as heat is not an issue. So much more energy is converted into light rather then heat like hids. Thanks! I will dig up some pics from the last completed journal that
  5. Back on topic... Led lights are incredibly insane in regards to yields and resin production when used with a bubbleponics system (Hydro/DWC hybrid). If anyone has any questions regarding LED tech from someone with advanced knowledge of optics and experimentation, feel free to ask. And "yes" they do work and work very well. This journal started out in soil but was aborted because of a bad mix. Once I started experimenting with water and bubbles is when LEDs took me to a whole new level. Here is a few highlights: - No dead, yellow or wilting leaves from start to end. - Was able to s
  6. Not sure if any of you were aware but I was banned by the "crazy" guy, so that why I couldn't follow up!
  7. Dr, Bob, this has already been done for you overseas, I would suggest you study and adopt the grading systems that have been in place for some time and tweak as necessary. I'll dig some links up for you and suggest you even make a few call over there if possible. The Cafe's use the letter number system but since they deal with outdoor growing they factor in seed content, you would need to edit the system to better apply it to our seed free indoor version. Here is an example of one such system: Please use the following scale as a guideline when determining the letter rating: A - gr
  8. Sorry for the lack of update but heres the scoop: I ended up with a serious nute burn issue which I blamed on a PH issue, I am using a nute I have never used before. The plants are looking much, much better now and are growing at a faster rate every day. I lost most of my fan leaves from the nute burn but the re-growth made up for it and then some. There still growing short and packing the nodes so I have been playing with the LED light height every few days to find the perfect distance. The Purple Widow was going slow because of the early transplant but is very healthy and seems to be pic
  9. IMO a grow tent that has it's zippers locked is an enclosed locked facility, It's no different than a closet and sure someone could cut in through a knife but they can also cut there way into chicken wire which has been deemed legal as long as it has a top or snip a lock, point is you need equipment to break into it. And if your still worried about it then screw it into the wall and it just became a closet. I'm a fan of tents because there extremely efficient to channel cooling through, releftion is a definitely yield booster, light proof so you get perfect dark cycles and there movable wh
  10. Thanks for the information everyone, I was under the impression I was considered a caregiver because I am my own caregiver but that doesn't appear to be the case. I'm glad I brought this up however because it looks like I wasn't the only one who assumed this. Again thanks for all the good info. =)
  11. Anyone have any links or information to back the above post up?
  12. I am a patient that grows for myself, so does that qualify me as a caregiver? I would assume so but just making sure. =)
  13. This video : http://blog.norml.org/2011/08/25/tremendous-pbs-video-explains-why-medical-cannabis-works-and-how-big-pharma-is-planning-to-cash-in-on-it/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+NORMLBlog+%28NORML+Blog%29 Talks about curing cancer in mice with medical marijuana, a 30% success rate in lab tests but I think they made synthetics? If your interested in the full video it can be found here: http://watch.montanapbs.org/video/1825223761/
  14. I was on 2 medications and have completely eliminated one of them. The other medication that I'm still currently on has reduced 25%. This is good information to share with potential patients and good talking points to gain support however, I would imagine the pharm industry isn't pleased at all.
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