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  1. fack trump references, they are old and already stale... resto, are you really so self righteous?
  2. dear mr negative... I am in this for the long run. I do not just snipe and whine. step up and help or ya'll just will remain a detoothed naysayer...
  3. I want no reference to the MMMA I want a clear definition of "public place" f**k the money trail, that is going to happen no matter what goes down. You are following the exact shiet they want you to follow. Think outside the freakin box... Bob Dylan says: When you gonna wake up, and strengthen the things that remain
  4. All good points of criticism. I am not involved in the draft language, but obviously, have read it. Section two is not so swift, I agree... It is such that this initiative language will go forward. I will sign. I would suggest the proposed language can be improved if open minds are at the table. I would also suggest that section two is more symbolic, and there are other area's more important to direct our attention at. Let me ask rhetorically: If you could amend 3 places in the language, where would those places be? It is unlikely a wholesale challenge to every word is g
  5. I believe Ron Boji also does trucking and could benefit
  6. In fact the AG's brief is not real respectful of the questions as framed. I suppose this reflects the lack of experience MILegalizes brought to the table. Next time raise the freakin money prior to starting the 180 day clock, as was suggested by CPU and Rep Irwin (among others). Trying to beat MCC and MRC, who both flamed, turns out to have been a tragic flaw in strategy, eh?
  7. I didn't read the press, I have the AG answer in writing and the document from the COA refusing the case. So T Pain, y'all don't know everything and I guess I ain't that dumb, to be questioned, in light of my work at the Capitol... I would post the documents but the files were too large.
  8. MILegalize takes it on the chin.... COA turns down their appeal... So the Fat Lady has sung... Lotta money spent, that is for sure.... Perhaps a new approach is needed...
  9. Let's put it this way. Anything can happen. The craven still seek passage for the bills. Unfortunately for those few, Sen Meekoff hold the keys to the car on this one, and I just don't see him passing mmj language at a time he still has political aspirations. One sure guarantee: Anything passed in the lame duck will suck, and restrict patients and caregivers. I am crossing my fingers on behalf of MILegalze, but that too seems a seriously long shot. We will know soon, how the Michigan Supreme Court feels about this.... Will they be a sock puppet for AG Schuette... Or will they show
  10. The decision by the judge was not favorable. He determined the 180 limit for gathering signatures was reasonable, so there will be no mj legalization question on our November ballot. I do not know if this decision can be appealed.
  11. Good luck with this self righteous Rep. He fancies himself a Libertarian leaning guy, but is actually a straight up extreme Rethuglican... Ya know the type, claims to want less regulations, but only supports that for very large and influential parties. Instead He has introduced both via sponsoring and co-sponsoring reams of bills to mess with medical marijuana, and any other persons who maybe crossed him in high school... It was hoped he would be a honest Rep at first, as he has done some defense work in the past, but unfortunately he has not proven to be much of friend to citizenry in genera
  12. I would do it over four hour increments using the dark to help the transition
  13. I grow in 707, soilless, 15 gallon containers, and I lollipop up about halfway. Typically try to begin veg at three ft... Yield has some influence by strain, but a goal for a light would be....
  14. I flower under 1000 watt bulbs, and put two under each. Have done it other ways with as many as six or seven. Of late I prefer two.... Fewer mouths to feed, lower plant count, are pluses. Heavy containers to handle, a negative... I too find at optimum, a light will only yield so many grams, so this discussion comes down to personal choice... The discussion more rightly should also ask: small plants, medium plants, large plants at the time you go to flower. All styles can work well and all styles can fail horrendously... As many will agree, if they are being candid. Just like the
  15. This is Bill Schuette creating the bonifides that he is tough on white collar crime (even when it involves Republicans). Nothing more and nothing less. He is craven to become Governor. Note he has also broken with Governor Snyder on several issues... Bill Schuette is a working man just like most Michiganders, will be his shtick. You have to wonder if he will throw the book at arch conservative idiot, Court of Appeals Justice, Henry Saad... Who has written some of the most onerous words about the MMMA... Who was caught trying to board a commercial airlines to Florida, with a loaded conce
  16. Well now the dispensary bill is tie barred to SB 72 the Landlord bill, SB 207 and SB 434 the warrant less arrest bill, and HB 4827 the tracking bill... And there are more goodies to come
  17. I hear Semi's vote date, and it could well be... But it would likely be announced. Note in the posting of a date they give a caveat for other stuff that can be brought up.... But I have not seen a notice for a meeting yet.... Dakota Blue Serna provided much help when the New Conditions Panel worked on PTSD. He is a great friend and an honorable man. Sen Jones had a pretty thin skin to toss him from the hearing yesterday, in my opinion.
  18. I was there representing CPU and put in a card in favor of 4210 (the infused products bill) and in opposition to 4209 (the dispensary bill) and 4827 (the tracking system bill). Though Sen Jones later called my name to testify, my card did not request I testify, and in fact I marked that I did not wish to testify. CDAM (Criminal Defense Attorney's of Michigan) put in a card that reflected the same viewpoint as CPU. PS: I cut out way early so as not be rolling my eyes too much during testimony.... and it's nicer here at the farm with my dogs than sitting in a Senate hearing with Sen Jon
  19. By quitting now, she gives Gov Snyder a free appointment, who can then run in 2016 as an incumbent
  20. Pretty intense day. The team did a fantastic job. The families brought tears to the hardest viewers. The submission was very fine. Dwight and the other parents did a great job on behalf of their kids... Proud to have voted in the affirmative
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