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  1. ive been using quantum boards for 30 months now.
  2. this is why patients cant find caregivers. Caregivers are tired of dealing with crap. Now they can go wait in line at the dispensary and pay $20/gram.
  3. Are you interested in filling out an application then?
  4. is this some type of joke? I'll give you an application to be my patient. I charge a $500 application fee.
  5. regarding the HLG135: Driver Adjustable from 60-150 Watts
  6. How would a hiring company know about a lawsuit you had unless they dug REALLY deep. I dont see many companies going further than a background/criminal check
  7. They just had a swap at grow green last month. Very nice store. Great prices. I just bought an anden dehumidifier from them for $500 cheaper than any other store locally or internet.
  8. Sure, Well if I had a card that said I'm not allowed to possess plants, I wouldn't be caught in a room full of plants. You people can do whatever you want.
  9. Ask Bob Reddin how that turned out for him... The answer is NO. The law states that only the caregiver has access to the plants.
  10. Actually the unit I showed uses a UV light to produce ozone. It isn't adjustable and is MUCH stronger than my home unit which uses the plates as mentioned. That one is adjustable and was built to be in rooms with humans. Either way, they both work extremely well and i turn them off if I can smell it too strong.
  11. this one is SUPER strong. I run it in the adjacent room, not in the actual grow room. It helps kill smell and whatnot. Im not using it currently but from time to time I run it on a timer. 15on/15 off.
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