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  1. Have an opening for 1 patient currently. Provide flower/ concentrates/ RSO/ edibles.
  2. Yes. the crappy pics I posted were just to show cola size, not details. The hairs weren't observable in the pics and it was GG4. Here is an upclose pic of my GG4 and you can see orange/red hairs. This was a 12 gram bud grown under quantum boards. @gorillaglued Yes I'm yielding around 1-1.5lbs per plant. dry weight using an automated feed system. 6 plants were in a Titan Flow and Grow hydro system - ebb and flow - 3 gallon net pots with hydroton. Fed every 4 hours 1000ppms. I use a 50 gallon barrel/res for nutrients here and it's really simple. I also used this same rez to feed my coco plants on a dripper system. The coco plants yielded slightly more than the hydro ebb and flow. The largest yield was from Nasa Bruce - bred by TheMan13 weighing in at 666 grams dry(seriously filled 6 gallon jars) trimmed flower. Everything else was around 450-550 grams per plant Dry.
  3. resto likes to believe that. I can guarantee he's not pulling the harvest the HLG is. Please show what you're producing with your lights. I'd love to see. However, I'll I'm seeing is a lot of talk. Either way, I dont think you need any special light to grow herb. I've seen great results from all sorts of setups. I'm driving my boards HARD, so my efficiency is lower but the yield is insane. Blackhorse you dont need 600w to push these lights. I chose that for the latest driver which is completely programmable(via PWM and 0-12V relay) from my grow room automation system. It all works together so it makes sense to me for the small bit of investment. I have to keep them at 18" at 600w, so not really efficient. I'm working some experiments to cover a 4x8 area with only 600 watts and still produce 4lbs. I'm fairly confident it can be done. I can build you a 600w version for about $400 I can build you a 500w version for MUCH cheaper. about $350 (HLG was selling this for 899) I can build ya a 2 board light - 240 watts for about $150 Just remember these are for a 4 board light. each one of these boards will compete with one of LED amazon lights. So think you're getting 4 lights.. Half of the cost is the heatsink. There are no moving parts to break or fail. The lights are passive cooled and run very cool with the large heat sink. I can split them into 4 separate lights. You dont even need to run 4. You can just run 1 board. or 2 or 3. So all of the modular and flexibility is here as well. I built my lights to fit my room. If i wanted to hang each board individually, I could've but my intention was the exact opposite; to hang several boards from 2 ratchet straps.
  4. 1200w LED tent. I will dial the wattage down some. Trying to land the light intensity right at 1000 PPFD.
  5. Just checked the date and the pics of the buds up close was a week before harvest. Either way. The tricomes were mostly all milky with 15-20% amber, just how I like it.
  6. I'm glad you're figuring out how to dial in LEDs. I've been using these lights for 2.5 years now; have already went through that learning phase. I didn't post any pics of the harvested buds so I'm not sure how you could say it was early. That's all I was pointing out. If you were referring to the pictures with the beer can, then inaccurate assumptions were made that was harvest date. Those were taken sometime pre harvest. I'd have to look at photo dates to be sure. I'll post a pic of the bud later. My heaviest yielding plants were in 2 gallon square pots. 50:50 coco/perlite. drip. drain to waste. Feed every 2 hours for 2-4 minutes.
  7. you literally have no idea what you are talking about. I can actually finish faster with LED but I'm not getting into a pissing match with you. I couldn't give a sh1t less what you think or say. I'd actually prefer if you left your trolly banter off of my thread. You've noticed with YOUR sh1tty leds you've been trying to sell on this forum that it takes LONGER. The only picture of a bud being held is a harvest bud and its not possible to tell how far along the trichs are in that photograph. These buds are exactly where I want them 20% amber. 60% cloudy and 20% clear. tinkle off somewhere else dude.
  8. I picked up the 240 watt driver for $35 on ebay. It can power 2 boards at near their max capacity or 4 boards at half their capacity.
  9. Yes they require a driver. You can push one board anywhere from 50-150watts and get excellent output. I build a small 240 watt version using 4 boards. It covers a 2x4 area VERY well and the light output is 4x greater than my 8 bulb 4' T5 while using half the power.
  10. i dont think you can see the hairs in the photos. I harvest by trich color anyways, not hair color and prefer mostly cloudy/slightly amber. Yep. You can now buy HLG lights on amazon. I'd bet one of these 4 boards could out compete one of your lights. These boards cost $29 each.
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