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  1. i just switched to rockwool for the first time ever in 14 years. It's a lot cheaper than rapid rooters for me and I get the same results. Make sure the cubes stay moist. Roots within 14 days. I also use a heat mat.
  2. theyre around 24" above the canopy and I use a light meter.
  3. yep. We are 4 weeks into flower now with the new lights. I have 3 HLG600H kits and the above light in a 10x10 room currently. They're bright and I'm working on installing potentiometers so I can push less watts and get the lights even closer.
  4. You could build the older version of these HLG QB V1s for $47 each and a 240w driver($60) to push the boards at 60w. Probably wouldnt even need the heatsink. So you're talking $260 for the components plus the frame and wiring. Very cheap way to get into high end LED lighting.
  5. Thanks, Semi. I enjoyed putting the light together and it was fairly easy. I used 40 rivets for that entire frame and a few pieces of angle alumium. If you notice in the very first post of the kits, the driver is mounted on top of the light, adding heat to the room. The light rig i just built has the driver remotely mounted outside of the insulated grow space. Eventually I'll remotely mount the drivers in the kits I built as well. These lights are bright and WILL bleach your plants white if less than 12", some run 18" but 18-24" is the closest you want to get them in flower at 150watts per quantum board. If you ran the QBs at 60w you could get them a lot closer. I'm pushing the limits of these LEDs with the highest amperage allowed.
  6. Here is the custom jobby I built last night. 1200W beast at full power or dimmable down to 600watts. 2300 LEDs in this rig total. Covers a 4x8 really well. Might space the next build out more.
  7. Almost as much but not quite. 270w x 4 = >1000w . Thats double the energy of my light. Double the cost. Double the heat.
  8. Comparison is the thievery of joy.
  9. The lights I posted are Kits with one giant heatsink rather than 4. The kits run 739 @ growerslights.com I am building my own frames with 4 separate heat sinks also and those are running me around 550$
  10. PAR only tells you about the spectrum, not much how much flux. The spectral are listed on the website. What you want to compare is PPFD. PPFD is photosynthetic photon flux density. PPFD measures the amount of PAR that actually arrives at the plant, or as a scientist might say: “the number of photosynthetically active photons that fall on a given surface each second. The PPFD of these lights is between 2.4-2.9 uMol/J. One of the most efficient lights on the market. @kingdiamond I'm getting more than 1g/w. Pushing these boards at 480w, i was able to illuminate a 4x4 area well. With these new 600w drivers I expect a 5x5.
  11. Folks, I been blasting Quantum boards for 2 years now. Just upgraded from the stock V1s to the new Rspec boards. Im putting them together right now and here are a couple photos.
  12. I too agree that everybody and their mom is growing pot plants outside, me included. I have mine within a 6' tall fenced in area behind a house which is not visible from public view. The law states that cant be visible from a public vantage point at ground level without the aid of optical devices. Frankly, I'm seeing pictures of people growing pot in the cities, all over the place. Theres going to be so many plants that they cant possibly go after every joe nobody who has 12 or less.
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