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  1. I bet one quantum board would smoke this light. QB288s are on sale for like $50. www.horticulturelightinggroup.com Top of the line LED. 2.6uMol/J not chinese junk.
  2. these lights look like junk and i guarantee their PPFD is nowhere near what a quality LED is. Look at their deceptive marketing practices. 1500w ?? what? No. its 2.3amps, so like 250watts. I wonder what the PPFD is for 250watts. I'm pulling over a lb per HLG 550 and they run 480 watts at the plug and cover a 4x4 area 2.6 uMOL/J. 2.6 uMOL/J. 2.6 uMOL/J. What is the PPFD of these junk lights? dont waste your money.
  3. what par meter are you using?
  4. They are running a sale on this model right now. You can pick it up for 671 shipped. I bought all the DIY components, (4 quantum boards and a 1driver) and built my own for about $400 per light
  5. Talk to me when you're ready. I'm running a room full of HLG 550's and have setup 2 whole other LED rooms now. The results are phenomenal. HLG has the highest uMol/J in the industry and their lights are very reasonably priced compared to others in the game. You are right. You can achieve too much light because they are so efficient. Sometimes I dial the voltage down if the plants are too tall and can reduce my energy input/output by 50%.
  6. my LED grown bud is denser than HPS grown.
  7. I think all the 'get rich quick' schemers have realized their fallacy.
  8. No. I replaced them all. They're sitting in a closet if you know anyone who needs them.
  9. I've completely coverted to 100% LED. I'm using horticulture lighting groups HLG 550's
  10. Star Tonic. 13% CBD 7.5% THC, total cannabinoids 22.5%
  11. is dispo still taking overage? Do they make you fill out paperwork?
  12. No this is different. As shiska stated, no longer will be able to sell directly to stores, only licensed growers and processors. I dont have a link. It was on kormorns blog I believe.
  13. This week, the State just opened it up for caregivers to sell to licensed processors and growers now.
  14. Texas man killed by exploding vape pen feb 05th 2019 https://nypost.com/2019/02/05/texas-man-killed-by-exploding-vape-pen/ I guess this is a trend that I didn't know about.
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