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  1. are you denying the therapeutic effects of MDMA and other phenethylamines? I had my gall bladder removed from kratom poisoning.
  2. ive been using quantum boards for 30 months now.
  3. this is why patients cant find caregivers. Caregivers are tired of dealing with crap. Now they can go wait in line at the dispensary and pay $20/gram.
  4. Are you interested in filling out an application then?
  5. is this some type of joke? I'll give you an application to be my patient. I charge a $500 application fee.
  6. regarding the HLG135: Driver Adjustable from 60-150 Watts
  7. How would a hiring company know about a lawsuit you had unless they dug REALLY deep. I dont see many companies going further than a background/criminal check
  8. They just had a swap at grow green last month. Very nice store. Great prices. I just bought an anden dehumidifier from them for $500 cheaper than any other store locally or internet.
  9. Sure, Well if I had a card that said I'm not allowed to possess plants, I wouldn't be caught in a room full of plants. You people can do whatever you want.
  10. Ask Bob Reddin how that turned out for him... The answer is NO. The law states that only the caregiver has access to the plants.
  11. Actually the unit I showed uses a UV light to produce ozone. It isn't adjustable and is MUCH stronger than my home unit which uses the plates as mentioned. That one is adjustable and was built to be in rooms with humans. Either way, they both work extremely well and i turn them off if I can smell it too strong.
  12. this one is SUPER strong. I run it in the adjacent room, not in the actual grow room. It helps kill smell and whatnot. Im not using it currently but from time to time I run it on a timer. 15on/15 off.
  13. Here is the exact ozone/UV I use as well. This is a commercial unit and not intended for rooms occupied by humans. I have no issues with the plants, it also reduces smell. https://hydrobuilder.com/ozone-generator-5500-cubic-feet-1-lamp.html
  14. If the room is sealed just throw a hepa filter in the room. It will filter 99.99% of particles in the air. I run one 24/7. I also use Ozone in the air. Together these are extremely effective at removing and eliminating airbourne particles. This is the honewell hepa i use and it puts out massive amounts of air. It also has a prefilter so the HEPA stays clean for a long time..
  15. I just cant believe the length of time. Yeah, he grew some plants and sold and paid taxes on 3 million of income. These child molestation cases from predator priests who accosted dozens of victims are walking with a year or less. There's been many in the past year.
  16. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2020/01/michigan-medical-marijuana-seller-gets-prison-federal-law-has-not-changed-judge-says.html GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The former owner of medical-marijuana dispensaries in several Michigan cities was sentenced Tuesday, Jan. 28, to nearly 16 years in federal prison. Danny Trevino, 47, of Lansing, who had Hydroworld dispensaries in Grand Rapids, Flint, Jackson, Lansing and elsewhere, had avoided state criminal and civil penalties over the years but was convicted of multiple federal charges. “States are changing marijuana laws across the country, certainly that’s true, but federal law has not changed,” U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney said. Trevino sought the statutory minimum sentence of five years in prison. Maloney instead sentenced Trevino to 15 years, eight months in prison - at the low end of advisory sentencing guidelines, which ranged from 188 to 235 months. The sentence upset several family members and pro-marijuana activists who attended the sentencing in Grand Rapids. “What you saw is a travesty,” Detroit resident Richard Clement said. His shirt read: “#GETNORML,” “#WARONDRUGS” and “CANNACURES.” He said it was difficult to reconcile what he called a harsh sentence in a state where marijuana is legal. He and others think Trevino was targeted because he is Hispanic. “This was totally racist,” a woman said, leaving the courthouse. “None of the (other dispensaries) ever get raided.” She was with Trevino’s family but refused to give her name. “It’s just not fair,” another supporter, Sydney Krey, said. Trevino, who has operated dispensaries since 2010, was convicted in an August jury trial of 10 felony charges, including conspiracy to manufacture, distribute and possess marijuana and maintaining a drug-involved premises. He was not allowed to use the state’s medical-marijuana law as a defense to the federal charges. Nonetheless, the government said, he acted outside of the boundaries of the state medical-marijuana law. Defense attorney Nicholas Bostic called that a “fallacy.” He said that Trevino was successful in challenging state complaints after he had been arrested and the subject of several search warrants. He was arrested in April 2014 in Grand Rapids for delivery or manufacture of marijuana and maintaining a drug house but charges were dropped a month later, court records showed. He fought forfeitures of funds seized by police that were ultimately returned by state courts. Trevino’s businesses were raided 16 times between 2010 and 2016, the government said. He provided the state with store records and tax records that showed his businesses brought in nearly $3 million. “He thought he was legal,” Bostic told the judge. He said his client, whose previous drug convictions prevented him from being a caregiver, oversaw the operation. He said that every single sale of medical marijuana at his businesses would have been legal under laws in 33 states and the District of Columbia that allow medical or recreational marijuana. Trevino earlier told MLive: "How could I not have been in compliance if I was acquitted and found not guilty. We were winning and they didn’t charge us, so we kept going.” Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel McGraw said Trevino knew he acted illegally under federal law. He called Trevino “defiant, unrepentant and undeterred from committing the current federal crimes.” After federal investigators used a search warrant at one of his locations in 2016, Trevino posted on Facebook: “I guess Hydroworld is illegal. Lol OK.” McGraw said Trevino acted as though marijuana – legalized in 2018 for recreational use in Michigan – was always legal. Trevino was “told time and time again that it was illegal and your honor, he simply didn’t care. He didn’t care. He kept operating," the prosecutor said. The judge said his concern was Trevino’s conduct under federal law. “I fully recognize that the landscape has changed in many states in this country,” Maloney said. “The fact is, marijuana is a Schedule 1 controlled substance.” He noted that Congress has eliminated the mandatory minimum prison sentence for crack cocaine but has not acted on marijuana. He said Trevino “had to know he was on the radar screens of federal authorities.” The judge ordered Trevino to serve four years on supervised release once his prison term ends. He also fined Trevino $11,000. Detroit police cracking down on illegal marijuana sales, purchases after spike in violence Hydro World owner says he will fight any charges from recent raid
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