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  1. Whats the difference between weed and marijuana?
  2. Cannabis should be an option for our veterans and the disgusting corruption that is preventing this is shameful.
  3. I would bet anything that a vast majority of the 36% that oppose legalization are either uninformed or illinformed !
  4. Medical / recreational cannabis and hemp will be legal in all 51 states ( GO PUERTO RICO...lol ). Just don't ask me when but my guess will be within 10 years based on the past 10 years.
  5. Does anyone here read the MMM Report? If so what the hell has happened to it and why does it take so long for the monthly report to come out? IMO the new format sucks.
  6. Guess they aren't as motivated with this deadline as when they rushed and tweaked that 180 day rule about ballot signatures.
  7. I think if you have a condition that will not get better and it can be proven you should be able to get morethan a 2 year card.
  8. http://hightimes.com/news/first-country-in-the-world-authorizes-pharmacies-to-sell-pot-over-the-counter/ I believe this will happen in the US but it will most likely be a long time before it happens. Based on the trends over the last 10 years it seems inevitable. Didn't Michigan pass a law that would allow pharmacies to dispense medical cannabis if it's rescheduled?
  9. There is an IRS statute of limitations on collecting taxes. The IRS is limited to 10 years to collect back taxes, after that, they are barred by law from continuing collection activities against you.
  10. Just wondering how much is the "average" consumption is for a medical cannabis user? I am about a half ounce a month and don't know if that is average. I hope I am not being inappropriate or to personal.
  11. Is 5 ng the limit in Michigan for a DUI ? I make it a strict rule not to drive for at least 4 hours after I smoke( we all know after 4 hours you would not be impaired) and if I could register 5 ng for days what am I supposed to do? Quit driving or quit smoking? Not sure if this is true that's why I am here cuz some of you are very informed and have taught me alot !!
  12. Amazing.....why aren't these people taking the time to research the facts ? Do they not realize or care how STUPID they look? There are many many things I don't know about but at least I'm smart enough not to act like I'm educated on those things.
  13. Saying Trump is not your president is like going to work and saying your boss is not your boss. Grow up...get over it and support YOUR president !! Donald Trump will be president in January so if you still say he is not my president then I assume you will leave this great nation and there will be one less POS here !!
  14. Anyone here ever try Kratom for chronic pain? I see the DEA is not going to give it a schedule 1 rating and was thinking of trying some.
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