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  1. I think I'd better scale this down to start, I think I'm making more out of it than I need to, not to mention the out of pocket cost to start. I need to spend wisely while purchasing components I can add to later. So... with that being said, I'm gonna get one HPS light setup and one T5 setup and start with that. If I can't flower six plants on just one, I won't right now. I'd rather focus on quality than quantity to start I think. So I have to decide on a hood and ballast now. Should I get a kit? Sorry for being so indecisive.
  2. Still laughing at the garage door opener comment! Hahahaha! LHB, are you telling me you'd rather see (1) 1000w on a mover than (2) 600w stationary??? When you say I NEED (2) lights in flower what do you mean? That's probably a dumb question but I didn't get it. Sorry. :-)
  3. On my lunch hour I stopped by a smaller "mom and pop" hydro store to look around. I showed hydro guy #2 my floor plan and told him what hydro guy #1 wanted to sell me. He agreed that I was being over sold. His plan was (1) 1000w HPS with that Ocho Cinco hood for flower and only one 4x8x8 bulb T5 for veg. He said the Ocho Cinco has a 4ft by 8ft spread and would be plenty for (6) plants to flower under. For veg with (2) mothers and (4) kids, one T5 setup would handle it just fine. What do you think? Still liking the (2) 600w I think. Don't know. :-(
  4. Yikes, that would take (5) 1000 Watt HPS lamps to light my 45sqft area? I don't know if I'll be able to afford that kind of electric bill since I'm only growing for myself right now. Maybe someday I will take on a patient but no time soon. I want to make sure I buy equipment that I can add to as I go bigger if I go that direction. Do I want to shrink my ron? Will it really take (5) 1000 Watt HPS lamps to grow (6) nice perpetual plants with nice buds? Thanks for your time. Not doubting you, just trying to understand it. :-)
  5. [quote name='Kevin' timestamp='1311824265' post='316771' With the lights, laying down 10,000 lumens per sq ft is sufficient for any cannabis garden. Is that 10,000 for every sqft or just what the plants take up? So I will need 450,000 lumens for my 45sqft room? Also, I will buy Michigan where possible.
  6. DW67, I am in the basement with 9' ceilings. Humidity in the summer is being kept between 40-50% right now with a dehumidifier. This is in the main "living" area though. I could pull my air to cool the lights from the main room rather than outside if you think it would be better. Summer or winter, the basement air is right around 70°F. Do I need to filter incoming air to keep dust and bugs out?
  7. Got it! Read it 3 times! I really like the 12 plant DWC that bubblegrower has stickied. He is using the Lucas method with his nutes and for me, this seems to be the right thing to get started. I have read a ton here but there are so many different grows and ways of doing things that it's overwhelming. I really want to buy something! :-).
  8. Awesome! Will you be using that MH 250 for veg then? How many flowering plants will you be running under the 2 600w?
  9. Please keep in mind guys, I am only quoting what the hydro guy said to me. I have NO idea what I am doing and I am sure I will make mistakes even with all the input. I wish there was a simple formula for all of this but I know there's not. I will probably only be able to afford two HPS lights to start and one T5 setup. Please be patient with me as I will have tons of questions. Thanks. ;-)
  10. DW67, I agree. Hydro guy said I can vent both hoods through the same window with two holes, one with fresh air coming in and one with hot air going out. He said I can run it like that all year round. He did say that it would be best to have the incoming and outgoing air holes as far apart as possible. He said airflow was the most important thing and not the temp of the air circulating through the lights as they are essentially "sealed" from the rest of the room in a closed loop system.
  11. Big J, I was wrong on the room sizes, my flower room is 5x9 and my veg room is 5x7. That 1000w digital ballast was the one I was looking at. I'm thinking that is the way to go. I also tend to agree with you on the single T5 setup.
  12. Thanks dreamwarrior67. I will check that site out. The hydro guy said I could get 3 flowering plants under each 600 lamp, don't know if that's cool or not. I will post a layout of my room tomorrow if I can. Also, I have no idea how big my plants are supposed to get as I have never done this before. I am really new to medical marijuana use and growing. Thank you all.
  13. Timmahh, I made some mistakes on my room sizes and plant counts. I'm sleepy, lol. Flower room is 5x9. Veg room is 5x7. Each will have 6 plants. 2 moms and 4 kids in veg and 6 adults in flower. I did NOT sleep in a Holiday Express Inn last night! LoL! Thanks!
  14. Hey guys, building a couple of adjoining rooms for a DWC 12 plant perpetual grow. I went to the hydro store for some help with a layout of my rooms and to price some stuff. My veg room is 5x7 and my flower room is 5x9. In my veg room will be (6) plants consisting of (2) mothers and (4) clones of varying age. In the flower room will be (6) plants in various stages of flower. I plan to harvest (1) plant at a time. The guy at the hydro store suggested I run (2) 600w hps "OCHO" 8" hoods and one Lumatek 220 ballast to run both of them. Is this too much for (6) flowering plants in a 5x9 room? For my veg room which is 5x7, he wanted me to run (3) T5 (8) bulb lamps for a total of (24) bulbs! I figure I'd get most of my stuff online to save money but I want to make sure I'm getting the right stuff. Is there an online source that you guys usually buy from? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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