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  1. Exactly what I was thinking. But as long as I get the full service for the cost, I suppose i'll just be happy that I can quasi legally medicate
  2. Yes it is $100 for the 2 year card and then extra for the visits each time. Not 100 each time though, I believe he said 50 for each office follow up. It is nice knowing that he does keep all the records from my past renewals as well all in my file there. Maybe next time i'll ask him what he's going to charge if there were ever a reason he needs to testify in court.
  3. Thanks for the advice. He's a great doc and does everything by the book. I figured it was just his approach to protecting the pt, himself, and his practice, since I didn't read anything about it in the new amendments made. Thanks for clearing this up.
  4. With the new language added to the act, my doctor is now requiring an in office visit every 6 months to maintain the bonified dr/pt relationship. My chronic pain will never go away, and I don't visit dr. regularly because all they recommend is opiates and or surgery. Just curious if any other docs out there are requiring meeting every 6 months because of the new 2 year cards. I understand its beneficial to have more documented meetings between the dr and pt, but is this really necessary?
  5. Just out of curiousity, i assume your making teas to feed with? Any experience with earthworm castings? Not to be meant as an ad, but i have access to one of the largest earth worm farms in the U.S. and it's right here in MI. They have actually taken it upon my family to distribute their worms castings, and while we are waiting on the larger accounts for next spring... I would love to send our surplus bags around to compassion clubs for members to use free of charge and get some reviews on the product. Not sure how to go about this, but noticed in your tag your involved in the cc scene. Maybe i should start another thread to see if there is interest? But as far as the reveg goes, thanks, i guess it's a waiting game now!
  6. I figured feeding with only water for the last 2 weeks wouldn't hurt anything, as to why i'm not really sure lol. I would just assume that it taste / burn cleaner. I didn't mention this is my first run since ive built my bloom room. Still a rookie over here haha. I also figured it would be a good idea to try and flush whats left of the flowering solution out of the soil, before feeding the grow a&b again. OG, any reason you would flush the advanced nutrient line specifically? Thanks
  7. I used advanced nutrients sensi line with no other additivies other than calmag and sensizyme. Flushed for last two weeks before harvest with water only. I'll keep it in the same pot for now, they are looking stable at least (also trying with dinafem ogkush) Unfortunately it looks like one of the flowering clones i placed in the bubbler isn't going to make it. The other still looks healthy but no signs of root development yet.
  8. This was a test run of bunch of attitude freebies that i wasn't expecting to be steller, so i wasn't even thinking about clones. She is the total package as far as im concerned. G13 labs knocked this one out of the park. Yes the plant has already been harvested, i did leave everything about 10" and below and put back into the veg tent. Do you leave it in the same pot,with the same soil? I have heard about re potting and actually trimming down the outside root growth since the plant doesn't need it all to support it. Any nuterient/ hormone advice? I just added a little bit of superthrive and my sensizyme and calmag to the feed.
  9. I came across a superb pheno of g13 labs sour ak, but didn't take clones in veg as she was very finicky... Took a couple of flowering cuts and put into the bubbler.. I would like to try and re veg the mother, just incase the clones don't take root. Any experience, advice, or know how is appreciated. Growing in soil, advanced nutes sensi line.
  10. This is from the LARA FAQ: Question: Can a patient withdraw from the program? Answer: Yes. A patient must submit a written statement that he or she wishes to withdraw from the MMP, along with a copy (front and back) of their valid photo ID, and their registry ID card. If the patient has a caregiver, it is helpful to return the caregiver registry ID card at this time also. It is the responsibility of the patient to notify his or her caregiver, if applicable, that his or her card is no longer valid. When the department is notified by the patient that he or she would like to withdraw from the program, the department shall notify the primary caregiver by mail at the address of record informing the caregiver that his or her card is no longer valid and, if we did not already receive the caregiver registry ID card, they must return it to the department within fourteen (14) calendar days. If the patient so chooses, he or she may reapply as a new patient at any time. In order to reapply a patient must submit the required documentation and application fee. I do not know if their policies change when requesting to be removed from the program, or just letting a card expire. Good luck.
  11. I bought a vapir no2 on overstock for 99 about a year ago and i have to say i like it for the most part. At first when using, there was a taste almost like burnt plastic. (Maybe like a break in period). Holds a charge decent so it is portable.. maybe 3 -4 sessions on a full charge, if u remember to turn it off after eash use. but its the size of about a 20 oz bottle so not too discreet and its not the most convenient to fill with flowers. NO OILS - i made that mistake. Just my thoughts, enjoy your purchase.
  12. Honestly i'm not sure, i haven't hooked it up yet. I was browsing ebay and low balled a guy on it, and to my suprise he accepted. Dont know much about it honestly.... it does have an adjustable temp. control, although not digital. here is a link to a similar unit . http://www.pittsburg...ated_p_376.html i picked it up for 75 and its in good condition for being used. its a knock off version called a coolwater water chiller. When i get some time i'll actually run some water through it to see how long the unit takes to chill it.
  13. looks awesome! Have you ever seen a res chiller made by using an under the sink water chiller? I picked up a 1gph chiller by cool watersuper cheap and think with some engineering it could be done. I have limited space so my res would prob only be like 30 gal - to flower 4-6 plants
  14. Yes this is legal. You can have a patient, and that patient can disignate their plant rights to you, or retain them. Said patient can also be a caregiver (given they meet the criteria) for up to 5 seperate patients. You get into a grey area when you talk about the amount you can legally transfer to your patient once they become a caregiver for others.
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