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    Assisting, Educating & Helping All Qualified Michigan Residents Get MMJ Certified!

    Please use our contact information below to get the details or call the main office.

    Please visit our website www.alternativesolutionsplus.com and join our FACEBOOK forum and talk with other like minded people; we would love to hear from all like minded individuals!

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www.alternativesolutionsplus.com  OR  www.michigancertification.com


Be sure to find and join us on FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/groups/379533677121/





If your REGISTRY ID CARD expires in the next 120 days; or has expired; this is all you have to do to get STARTED on RENEWING your card; whether it's about to expire or has already. AVOID a last minute RUSH. Start NOW!


Michigan's Recognized Premier MMJ Certification Clinic since March of 2010.


Friendly Reminder to all of our Patients:  If we helped you get certified or recertified; you can begin the process of renewing your Michigan Registry Patient ID Card by contacting us by phone or email.  


$150.00 includes the review, evaluation, and the doctor's recommendation for the program, and your FREE Face to Face FOLLOW UPS for the next two years; once the doctor has recommended you for the program we will offer free assistance in helping you fill out all the forms for the State of Michigan; along with providing you all the necessary paperwork for concise and accurate mailing.  The MMJ card is good for 2 years and during that 2 year period we recommend and offer FREE FOLLOW UPS.  Call or visit us online for more information.


www.alternativesolutionsplus.com OR join us on FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/groups/379533677121/


Medical Marijuana is available in the State of Michigan.

We are Alternative Solutions Plus, Inc. also known as ASP, Inc.

We very proudly assist, help, and fully support any qualified Michigan resident getting their MMJ Card.

We can proudly say; we have assisted, helped, and now fully support the thousands upon thousands of qualified Michigan residents who obtained their Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification...CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!


We are proud to say that as of April 2016 Alternative Solutions Plus, Inc. has proudly certified over 30,000 patients since its inception in 2010.

Thank you for all the appreciation and loyal support in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and now 2016; we look forward to certifying thousands more by the end of 2016!


Time does fly by...Thank you...We love each and every one of you!


Please visit our website for more information or to make an appointment...www.alternativesolutionsplus.com or visit our website and join us on our facebook page to enjoy smart conversations with like minded people.  Here is our direct link to our facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/379533677121/


:zoro:  Just a friendly reminder  


If we assisted you in getting you your Michigan Medical Marijuana Card; please don’t forget to send us your updates for your file.  
We provided you with a PATIENT COMMENTS & NOTES form after you were recommended by the doctor for your card; as either a new or renewing patient.
Please use this form to update your chart:  Please write out your current diagnosis & symptoms.  Make notes on what symptoms you are using cannabis to treat your medical condition; include dosage, frequency, means of delivery, and any benefit or side effects experienced.  Please make copies of it and send us an update at minimum every 4 to 6 months.  Or use it as a cover sheet to send us; if you have not already; any and all medical record updates so we can keep your file up to date. 
Medical records are now required on all charts and all files must have updated or supportive medical documentation that shows the diagnosis continues.  If this is not already in your charts please send them using the PATIENT COMMENTS & NOTES form as your cover sheet.  Let’s make renewing nice and easy.
Keep your file with us up to date by periodically sending us your updates; you can fax it to 231.344.5915; you can email it to michigancertification@gmail.com; or you can mail it to us at PO BOX 528 - Petoskey MI 49770.  
Check your card’s expiration date; if your card expires in the next 120 days; or has expired; you can begin the process of renewing your Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient Registry ID card by contacting us. We will send you all the necessary paperwork so you can begin the process of renewing your card.  
Remember the Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient Registry ID card is good for 2 years and during that 2 year period we recommend and offer FREE follow ups; there is NO CHARGE for follow up visits with us.
With much appreciation and gratitude from all of at Alternative Solutions Plus, Inc. we genuinely say; thank you and wish you continued relief with your alternative choice.


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