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  1. Trying to explain my earlier comments that you blew up on. I honestly thought I was helping you by mentioning the lack of red hairs since that happens with LEDs when you don't wait long enough. If you got it exactly how you want it then I was wrong about the hairs.
  2. Well alrighty then. It's obvious I was right about the hairs in the picture. The only strain I ever grew that didn't have red hairs all over when I harvested was BigBud. That was before I had decent genetics. It grew huge and white. You could get large harvests from it easily. What I grow now is all quality and doesn't grow huge and white like that unless I harvest early.
  3. Now you are making some sense. Folks like to blame their growing problems on everything they can think of. The good cheap lights do fine if you have your act together. No need to throw money at it.
  4. These are what I was looking at. I'm not seeing much red hair. Pretty much pure white. Is that how this strain normally finishes? No red hairs?
  5. The picture I was looking at when I made the comment that they were early was the one where you have the bud in your black gloved hand. It looks all white. Not much red hairs. I don't grow GG4 so I don't know specifically about that strain's characteristics. All of my strains are full of red hairs when they have reached their full potential. It could just be the lighting in the picture.
  6. Only if you lie and don't get caught. It's legal to gift them. This 'donation' stuff is just ignorant legally. Still means you sold it.
  7. Has to go through the state processor. To know for sure you have to ask the dispensary you are thinking of using. There have been a few writing their own rules.
  8. Nope. Or I wouldn't still be using the cheap ones. It's all about PAR. You can set up these cheap LEDs to give you just as much or more light the plants need. They are more modular and flexible. All the expensive ones have is hype from sellers and the consumers who spent too much. I thought maybe the cheap ones wouldn't last long. Nope, they are very dependable too. There's really no down side if you buy the right ones. Watch out for the folks that spent too much being crabby about it. LOL
  9. I definitely would not assume that. There's absolutely no reason to think it.
  10. You can get drivers that use 110 or 220 volts.
  11. The way you wrote that " you might not want to be at an illegal dispensary on the wrong day" would lead someone to think that people buying would be in trouble. That's totally wrong. I read the article and it says the state police gathered evidence to give to the prosecutor after people in the community complained about an illegal dispensary. The dispensary owner asked the locals if they could open a cannabis dispensary and they said NO to them. They went and opened the shop anyway. What would you expect to happen? You can dig up something on google and miss represent it to scare people. Not sure why you would do that ….?? I think you could have been a little more 'truthful' and said, "Might not want to open a dispensary if the locals said no." The Genesee County Prosecutor isn't prosecuting the places I wrote about. They have been open for months and months now. My advice would be to only carry what you can legally have and be careful driving.
  12. That's what I'm seeing. Not hearing about anyone getting busted at these places. Not hearing much about anyone getting busted at all for cannabis anymore.
  13. If they opted out they are telling you to NOT set up a commercial facility. Probably not a very good idea to go against the township leadership on this.
  14. Totally depends on the situation. They could fine you if they wanted to make the case you are over. They could just take it all or what you are over. Or just give you a warning.
  15. Basically, unless some real crime breaks out there the cops let it be.
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