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  1. Restorium2

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    What bothered me is that Dr. Meiri should know better and most likely does know better. Nothing on washtenaut at all, other than being the messenger of something that bothers me. I apologize for any personal reference to washtenaut and I'm sure he feels the same about how he also attacked me personally. Check out gene therapy for a cancer cure.
  2. Restorium2

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    I make extracts that are infinitely adjustable to meet the needs of unique humans. I use many strains. I use a whole product from each strain and then subtract what a particular patient doesn't want/need in their extract.
  3. Restorium2

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    On a more positive note; I just finished my invention that enables a patient to vape cannabis oil without any additives in a way that is better than what is presently available. It should help millions of people all across the world.
  4. Restorium2

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    First you have to understand cancer. Then you have to understand cannabis. I'm sorry that you don't understand either very well. It's sad that people will try to take advantage of you and others in desperate situations. Really sad. RSO is not bad. RSO helps people. The only bad part is an arrogant old fool put his name on cannabis oil.
  5. Restorium2

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    Nope. You are the stupid one for using it. I just pointed out how stupid it was. Quit being stupid and your posts will be less stupid. What makes the research below standard and out of date is it's already been done. GW has tried all kinds of cannabinoids on cancer. They have applied all kinds of cannabinoids right on tumors with only small regressions if at all. We need to attack cancers at their source, our genes. Cannabis helps with the cancer symptoms and symptoms of the treatments. To expend resources and energy in the wrong direction makes curing cancer all that much more difficult. And yes Washy, I've lost quite a few people close to me to cancer. Haven't we all by now? People I know have access to all kinds of cannabis treatments. Everything you can think up. And they still die. They die because of their DNA. They die because their basic building blocks have been altered. Cannabis doesn't fix that.
  6. Restorium2

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    There's a lot of really great common sense thinking in your post. But that last line sums up the biggest problem with how cannabis is approached. The mentality that we will ever have a cannabis pill that works for everyone is a roadblock, not a goal. It's trying to pound a amorphous shaped cannabis plant into a round hole so it matches the other pills we have been taught is the standard of medicine today.
  7. Restorium2

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    RSO is a name for what some people make for themselves on a budget. Not what a scientist does in a lab. Scientists don't extract that way. If you ever read that a 'scientist' is doing RSO research, rest assured it's total BS. The science is way past anything 'RSO'.
  8. Restorium2

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    My theory on this is that a good extraction of most all top shelf cannabis will yield all the cannabinoids anyone needs. It's in there. If it's going to help you than many of the great strains will do the trick. There's not any super special secret recipe. People overcomplicate it for various reasons. But that's just my theory. Haven't seen anything to refute it and I'm constantly looking. You extract a whole product and subtract what you don't want.
  9. Restorium2

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    Goldman Sachs Gave GW $500,000,000 for this same research. If it were possible it would be on the market. And the RSO reference is a dead giveaway that this was all fake news. No scientist in the world is going to reference Rick Simpson with anything scientific. It's so ridiculous I'm totally floored that you would repost this trash. I honestly always thought you were a real thinker.
  10. Restorium2

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    To simplify: GW already took the plant, real plants, many strains, and identified the cannabinoids. Then they tested them on cancers and found that most all extracts work the same on cancers. Just as I suspected from my anecdotal evidence. Many, many years of observation, most all cannabis extracts work the same. Any scientist that would label cannabis oil as RSO is a quack, period. Really ignorant way to describe it.
  11. Restorium2

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    This has been done already with Sativex. I don't think it's strain specific at all with cannabis oil and cancer. That's from paying attention for many decades. It's all about the patient and the other factors surrounding them. Cannabis oil can aid a cancer patient. But there's never going to be a miracle cure strain or oil. There will be countless 'doctors' and others looking to make their fortunes on some 'holy grail' strain to cure cancer. Be careful when you read about it from them. They will send you down the rabbit hole in their search for riches.
  12. Restorium2

    Need help w/ Caregiver Laws

    I would cut and paste a link for you but this website is broken so I will have to give you instructions; Google LARA Medical Marijuana and then click on the links you get. FAQ would be a good place to start. You don't have to register the grow location.
  13. If a patient decides to have their caregiver grow for them, possess the plants, they can still purchase marijuana just about any place they choose to.
  14. Obviously spam that has sat here for over 14 hours now ….. Multiple threads here. If you are going to have a website then get up in the morning and at least look at it.
  15. In my area it was the Supervisor Glen Rowley who made it happen. Collected $5000 a piece for the applications and then made sure they were not overly restricted. Good man.