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  1. There is an infinite amount of health benefits from cannabis. I've been studying cannabis for over 40 years and still find new health benefits from all the different ways to use it. To the point that I have learned that all cannabis use is medical. The people who have been labeled recreational users have been falsely labeled. Some don't even understand their medical use until some basic ideas are revealed to them. Then they have that eureka moment when they understand their use better. They crawl out from under the wet blanket of guilt and see the bright light of their healthy use. They see how they have been helping their mind and body cope with the world using cannabis.
  2. None of that is true. Wow, what a pile of total BS.
  3. Restorium2

    It's midnight and it's legal!

    One thing for certain, the races will mix, someday we will not be identified by race.
  4. Restorium2

    It's midnight and it's legal!

    The war will be won when no one is identified by cannabis. Just like we will have peace in the world when no one is identified by race, sex, or color. These are all reasons to separate and hate. Remove the reasons and we can live in peace. The question is; are humans capable of using their brains for better things after all these years of exercising our muscles hating. We have strong hateful brains. Be careful what you use your brains for because they become powerful in the things we use them for …..
  5. Restorium2

    It's midnight and it's legal!

    Every joint I ever smoked was MEDICAL! What is this recreational? Can someone explain it to me? Seems like someone told a big fat lie for money long ago that has been riding my back like a monkey since the 70's. I saw a man on TV that said it might be OK to have a few pot stores in his community. Might be OK? There are filthy bars all over his precious neighborhood but it MIGHT BE OK TO HAVE A FEW POT STORES? People need to be reprogrammed that 'pot' has never hurt anyone ever and people have a basic right to be happily left the fluck alone! They need to mind their own business and get their thumb off of the innocent people who have been repressed for decades! I have a hard time being happy about being set free from a life of false incarceration. I just want to be paid back for all the trouble I've had to go though because of a big fat lie for money long ago ….. The universe will make it right so I'm glad I'm on the right side of this issue. I wouldn't want the false repressor's Karma. They will come back as worms in their next lives. They turned our families, and communities, against us. What a price to pay.
  6. Restorium2


    Yes, tourists can also have 2.5 ounces. Not supposed to take it home with them though.
  7. Just the fact that a $750,000 printer even made it into the planning stages shows they wanted to fail.
  8. Understanding both processes, I can't see why anything would be delayed. Not much overlap. But hey, they have used every single thing you could possibly think of to delay everything involving legal cannabis. One time they said their printer quit working! That caused months of delays. Someone sneezes at LARA and we get a delay.
  9. Rookies! I remember when the med law passed and I had all my stuff by now.
  10. Right on that account. You have to have specific experience to know. Like I asked at ROOTS and they said they have a 1500 plant grow so they aren't buying anything.
  11. Volcano? Lasts longer before it tastes like popcorn but I get more medicated off a couple of hits in a pipe. I get more 'effects' quicker smoking than vaping. What I grow only takes a couple hits though. What I felt was wrong with the study is I always feel less medicated from vaping than from smoking. So I feel that I have higher blood THC from smoking but I don't check it with a blood test. And I know that smoking burns the THC off in a higher ratio to the other cannabinoids than vaping does.
  12. You have to do it in person. After you are registered you get to go into the main room where you can ask a tender if they would like to buy your cannabis. They will ask you if you are a caregiver and they will want to see all of your cards to show them you are legal and have the right to carry the amount you want to sell. They will tell you it will have to be tested. Take it from there.
  13. Why didn't they just ask people? More than 17! How much money did they waste? Who paid for the study? It seems like it's leading to the premise that you can't drive if you vape because of the claim of 'impairment'. There's still a war on cannabis I see, well funded and spewing out bad information.
  14. Now that is totally ridiculous for so many reasons. I know that what they came up with is so false. Makes you wonder how they get so far off track? They went out of Earth's reality and are in outer space. I wonder what they were smoking?
  15. Restorium2

    Looking for a good substrate for my ladies

    Used the 4" cubes back in the 80's. Drip system.