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  1. What they do if they think you are growing is say they need to upgrade the software on your water meter in your basement. I watched them do this and the guy opens his laptop near the meter and acted like he upgraded it. Total farce. I had moved the plants out just days before that. If they would have seen the plants then comes the inspections and paying for permits.
  2. It depends on the township. For example; Carrolton Township is snooping all around with their public minions to find grows they can extort money from. On the other hand; Bangor Township addresses problems with grows when they find them. Both are operating within their rules. One being fair and the other hatin' on anyone growing the devil weed. It's all about 'devaluing' a group. The smaller group now is caregivers and bullies like small groups to pick on. If you confront the bullies on this they will present you with a long story about how bad caregivers are to justify their special treatment. The legislature takes bribes. No real caregiver can put up bribes like big business can. It's like a war with one side with pea shooters and the other with shotguns. I guess the best part is that big business is bribing out some more market share where there is none to be had. The study they paid for saying caregivers where stealing their market share was wrong. Things are not like they used to be and the cannabis commercial landscape is constantly changing.
  3. Never let them know you have more than 12. Looks like you are going to have to get used to that when the bills pass anyway. If you get caught over it's just a fine. If you say you had a rec grow you can have all that you grew. We have to adapt. Some things got a lot better and some things didn't.
  4. You are correct, I've seen townships harass medical growers for years now. You need to hide under the cover of a rec grow. A rec grow is better anyway because you can legally have all you grew on those plants. I can grow 50 pounds on 12 cannabis trees.
  5. How do they know it's not a recreational grow?
  6. Read this; Ongoing Battle Between Medical Marijuana Caregiver And Municipalities (michigan-marijuana-lawyer.com)
  7. It has been happening all across the State for years now. Caregivers have been 'devalued' to a point now where we have no rights. At least it's just a fine as our punishment these days. Don't resist them or they will shoot you.
  8. First off, how/why would they know you are a caregiver to single you out for inspection?
  9. For medical it's 30 days from last purchase. For recreational the limit is 15 grams per purchase with no monthly limit. See this; October 22, 2019 (michigan.gov)
  10. LOTS of people eat and smoke cannabis their whole lives without any problems. I have a disease that makes it so my liver has to be checked every three months and NEVER has it even been irritated by cannabis let alone damaged. Makes me wonder what the heck is going on with you? Maybe you have been misdiagnosed? Doctors like to blame cannabis.
  11. However, most shoppers who walked into to dispensaries when recreational marijuana sales began Dec. 1 -- and since -- have watched employees behind glowing computer screens swipe their driver’s licenses or state IDs as personal information streamed to unknown databases.
  12. I haven't ever made a recreational purchase. They don't make any record of the sale?
  13. I wouldn't believe a word they say. Professional liars. I have caught them lying many times. When confronted they attack the source.
  14. I got them from several of my contacts at the legal dispensaries. They, the State, have been keeping records since limitations were put in place as to how much anyone can buy in 30 day time period. That was the reason behind the quantitative record keeping in the first place. The records have been compiling since then. Every time you make a buy at a dispensary, any legal dispensary, it goes on the record with the State. The dispensary logs in your card number and all your buys at all dispensaries show up. So anyone who works at a dispensary can access it, and probably many others too. I don't see it as very secure. I think it's relatively easy to generate those records.
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