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  1. State-qualified caregivers must not have been convicted of any felony within the last ten years, or any violent felony ever.
  2. Seems like that should work. However, seeing what happened with medical marijuana has taught me that they never give you what you want, they give a little, never everything, so they can keep milking you for more bribes. They play one side of an issue against the other to collect from both sides. No one ever seems to get what they want. The only thing that you can count on is if you don't bribe them they attempt to punish you. So if you are broke you always get the crappy end of the stick. We really need some rules to keep bribes out of it.
  3. I hear you. My neighbor who loves everything Trump says it's just the flu. Says everything else to the contrary is fake news. He was radicalized by the small news sites.
  4. ABC NEWS is fine also; South African COVID variant can chip away at vaccine efficacy -- but the vaccine can still save your life The current vaccines will still prevent severe illness and hospitalization. BySony Salzman February 4, 2021, 5:00 AM • 6 min read
  5. I get my news from CNN. It's always checked and double checked. It stands the test of time. The link you provided is to what is most likely fake news because it's a small isolated outlet where they get you in a corner and treat you like a mushroom; kept in the dark and fed crap.
  6. You will have to do some research into a county's 'friendliness' with cannabis growing. Not too hard to figure out. No sense in picking an unfriendly county or township. If you want me to tell you then ask about a specific county or township and I can give you the info. If you decide on a friendly location you will enjoy much more freedom.
  7. With everything going on right now Biden himself probably hasn't had a chance to weigh in. Like Thorburn states, it's been precisely the federal government’s position and has been for many years
  8. Sure does/did seem to me that the connected folks from out west got special treatment from the beginning of the dispensary chapter in our story and still do. Didn't ever want them to see them fail here so it didn't seem like such a bad thing. When someone gets a leg up everyone else is in the back of the bus though and that's not right.
  9. So you are in Illinois, spamming us here in Michigan, with an advertisement from Colorado. How could anyone believe a word you say?
  10. Ah, well, you only use this site to advertise, free advertisement. Maybe a little humility is in order? No one owes you anything, especially with your name calling. Not that being call Z is an insult especially in the context you used. You could have humbly explained the situation for our friend here that had concerns. Now your free ad looks a little cheesy, lol.
  11. This topic hits close to home right now for me because I have been researching it after discovering this book; The Immortality Key by Brian C. Muraresku I highly recommend the book for anyone who is interested in psychedelics and their history going back thousands of years. Our whole civilization was built on the experiences had by those who experienced the rituals. It's the oldest religion known to man.
  12. As long as you can make a batch of cookies from it where a loaded cookie is less than $5 it should be fine. If it works out to more than that then it's not worth it. You can do the same thing with cannabis oil in a gel cap. One dose is about $2 (or less). Just like a cookie without the junk for your trunk! lol Everything needs to be in perspective. Lots of choices out there these days.
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