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  1. Don't smoke much anymore. SFV OG Kush. Vaped with a volcano.
  2. Lots of air circulation. Most of us are hiding our outdoor plants out in the woods or in other ways that limit air flow around them. Once you 'liberate' your plants they will do much better. This is another way that us growers have been victimized having to hide our grows all under false pretenses.
  3. prohibit the sale of marihuana to an individual who is younger than 21 years of age or visibly intoxicated;
  4. Before the stretch. 6 foot stockade fence in front with black chain link on the other 3 sides.
  5. Weather channel . com is your friend. Look at your 10 day forecast. If the lows are out of the 30's then you are safe.
  6. I will plead the fifth.
  7. I'm near Saginaw Bay so there's not much chance of hard frost/freeze here. If things got really bad I would use a salamander like the fruit tree farmers do. Knock on wood, haven't ever lost a single plant to frost.
  8. I'm thinking about the middle of next week.
  9. Yup, over the chain link. The darned rabbits go right through the chain link! Menards has chain link fence 11% off.
  10. Chain link. Three foot of chicken wire at the bottom to keep the rabbits out.
  11. Game over. I decided that there wasn't any good reason to save them.
  12. I found that people have cloned from roots. So it is possible these are clones from roots in the ground.
  13. One thing you need to take into account is that the gambling web sites decide if you win or lose. Why would they make it so you win their money? Pretty silly thing to gamble when the person you are gambling with gets to decide if you win or not. Must be very dumb and bored to do that.
  14. Right. I haven't seen more than a couple seeds in all the buds in the whole garden though. I have over a dozen small plants and none of them are tiny or have the cotyledon(round) leaves. They all look like clones.
  15. Opinions; Seedling or coming up from last year's roots?
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