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  1. Heard the same. Was wondering what was up with 'finicky'. Some folks I know that grow WW say it's great for a beginner.
  2. That would cause stress. You don't want that unless it's absolutely necessary. Figure out a way to get more air movement. Open up the tent. What did you do before when it was hot? Why is it hotter now?
  3. One thing I would add to the above video is to scrape some of the outer stem off the lower one inch of the stem. Helps the roots to form there.
  4. Same as the rest like that. $200 for stuff that no one I know likes much. The decent stuff is up from that. $300. As compared with the dispensaries selling for caregivers letting decent stuff go for $150. Some caregivers are happy the prices at the dispensaries are going up. Most of us believe our time and expertise is worth $200 an ounce when we succeed with our crops and grow something great.
  5. So they sue, win, and the result is a memo that doesn't get enforced. That must have hurt their feelings. So they threw money at it and own a dispensary with not much business anymore. How's that working? We are right back at the war between the caregivers and big money. It's been nice working together with the dispensaries for a while. Learned to like dispensaries. They will start again with the 'untested' BS soon. Cutting down caregivers. They fight dirty.
  6. It did on paper. But when I waded out into the real world of dispensaries and dispensary owners I found that what is on paper isn't applying in the way we have been programmed to think. Basically, no one is enforcing the state rules. First, the dispensaries realized it. They just kept buying from caregivers and kept some state supply on the shelves too. Then the big state grows realized it. So they went with plan B, buy the stores and control what's on the shelves that way. Even the Canada grows are buying Michigan dispensaries. So the hunt is on for dispensaries that haven't sold out to the rapidly integrating large grows. They are still opening up here and there. There are still large investors with state grows, like Calvin Johnson, who have yet to buy a dispensary. So the whole situation is fluid. Lots of money making ideas out there. People realizing that if they pay the locals and the state, open a dispensary, buy from caregivers, make a name for themselves, then sell the store to the highest bidder, they just made a fortune. This is all revolving around the fact that has been there since the beginning that no one can compete with caregiver grows. There's little enticement for law enforcement to get involved now since legalization and the general acceptance of cannabis with the public has made it less profitable and just a general hassle to make a major convictions like they used to be able to. Everyone has realized that cannabis is less dangerous than cigs and beer. So it's just a money game now. If the big grows could just sue the dispensaries that would have happened but they decided to buy them instead.
  7. Here the deal with this type of stuff; It's mostly just sugars like molasses. Since it's just a simple sugar wouldn't you think that a good fertilizer would have the correct amount already? Why would any decent formulation need more sugar? Try to not be sucked into the marketing for these gimmicks. It's throwing money away and making your feeding schedule more complicated. I make cannabis oil. One of the things I have to remove to make a great cannabis oil is plant sugars. They are useless in the mix and just make vaping the oil harsh. It doesn't make any sense to put sugar on a plant over and above what good nutes supply. It's a common sense issue.
  8. So caregivers have a clear path to market right now. No testing. No fees. Just find a dispensary that hasn't been bought out by a large commercial growing interest and sell them your overages. If you find one let us know. The best deals will be found there. No manufactured monopoly and low overhead produced cannabis.
  9. Good to know. Thanks. I get it in HPS room too. Never on the LEDs.
  10. Just got some more specific information on why the caregiver product isn't at the dispensaries anymore. The big grows are buying the dispensaries. Specific to confirm; High Life Farms bought Dispo. All the dispensaries are being bought. The grows realized they had to integrate and kick out the caregivers because they can't compete in a fair market. Nothing was stopping the dispensaries from buying from caregivers directly. Wasn't being enforced. So they had to buy the dispensaries to keep their monopoly pricing. I heard this from a dispensary owner.
  11. Did you get much foxtailing on your LED grow?
  12. I'm still not positive it was the 24/7. Could be too much lighting. Some kind of stress though.
  13. I know how you roll. What you post means exactly.... nothing. Totally lost it. You are on ignore forever now.
  14. Same as in this article. Caused by light stress just like the say. Textbook example of foxtail caused by light stress. https://www.growweedeasy.com/foxtails
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