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  1. Restorium2

    new law

    If it's any consolation the lazy lot they have running the cannabis business will mostly just chase their tails and not make all that much money. After all, it takes work to produce great cannabis and they don't want to work for money, they want money for nothin'.
  2. Restorium2

    new law

    About all you can do is be self sufficient. Grow some plants. Offset what they would make if you had to buy it. That's winning.
  3. Restorium2

    new law

    Better yet, start some plants. Some dammed LEGAL plants! Filthy pigs have had us restrained for decades under false pretenses just for job security. If the shoe don't fit then don't take offense to my filthy pig comment. You know who you are.
  4. Restorium2

    Caregiver Attempting to Obtain Trim

    They are trying to sniff out leftovers from large outdoor grows. Very dangerous for the grower.
  5. Restorium2

    new law

    Wrong. It's 45 days after it gets voted UP^^^^^^!!!! Every day matters just like it did with Medical. I saw the doctor for medical on the 45th day after it was voted UP. Had my doctor rec that day.
  6. Restorium2


    The cops are still going to be not wanting folks to sell. So if they have a beef with you they will use your selling against you if they can. I can understand your thinking because a lot of people are going to want clones when legalization passes. Just sell them by order and take the clones off the plant while your buyer is right there waiting. That way you don't get caught with too many plants. Problem solved!
  7. Restorium2

    Cannatonic 4

    What is the reason for growing a low thc strain then mixing it with more thc? How is it different than just growing a well balanced strain and not mixing? Ever since the 70's everyone I know who smoked low thc cannabis got a headache. That's nothing new to the old school real folks. Been watching newbies catch on to the fact that high cbd doesn't do much but give headaches. They hardly ever listen to the experienced and need a headache to understand. Can't argue with a headache can they?
  8. Restorium2

    Recreation - 10oz or more?

    Good point.
  9. Restorium2

    Recreation - 10oz or more?

    Welcome to the world of posting. You learn that there is no 'typical' usage when you get out and meet a lot of patients. It's illogical comparing indoor and outdoor grows. Way too many variables with living things, just like your 'typical usage'.
  10. Restorium2

    How to become a Licensed Vendor

    You're welcome.
  11. Restorium2

    How to become a Licensed Vendor

    Figured that. Yup, it's not cheap or easy. The government made sure of that. You can thank Bill Schuette, he's the great restrictor of marijuana.
  12. Restorium2

    How to become a Licensed Vendor

    No caregiver card needed for a supplier license. This is what you do need; Even for the entry level lowest cost grow license you first need to prove to the State that you have $150,000 in free assets to run your grow. You have to give the locals $5000 for the application. The State wants another $6000 non refundable application fee. Then if you are approved the entry level yearly fee is $10,000. That's how it will roll after the emergency situation is over. Looks like the emergency rules will be in place for quite a while as the State drags their feet approving applications. From what I have been told (at the dispensaries) you do need a caregiver card to supply them now under the emergency rules. They also want to see your patient cards to prove how much you can legally possess.
  13. Restorium2

    Recreation - 10oz or more?

    One or the other. You can't add the totals together. Both laws are 'total possession' of the one person. Pick your path and stick with it, keep your story straight and true. Keep saying that you can't stay in compliance with the plant count too high and they will fix it. Just stay quiet and happily keep your harvest private.
  14. Restorium2

    Recreation - 10oz or more?

    Doesn't matter if you bought it or grew it. Same same. It all adds up to your total. Would like to add a comment to the person(s} that thought you could have more if you grew it; WHHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT?????????
  15. Restorium2

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    Sure. Now they want you to pay to get taken advantage of. Why not?