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  1. Restorium2

    Questions and seeking new caregiver

    Sounds reasonable. If you start with: what your caregiver is doing is reasonable, maybe your tone with them will be more productive to having better communications?
  2. Restorium2

    Med Card Must Match ID Law?

    Just checked with LARA and the address doesn't have to match.
  3. Restorium2

    Med Card Must Match ID Law?

    I'm sure the manager down at Dispo would fill in the blanks if you asked. Could be just a misunderstanding.
  4. Restorium2

    Med Card Must Match ID Law?

    Ask the manager at Dispo to clarify.
  5. I think that legalization and kicking Schuette to the curb go hand in hand. I can't imagine them together. I doubt Schuette would go along with legalization. He has made it so clear that he hates marijuana in all forms. Hates marijuana stores the most. He must be suffering greatly right now. That thought makes me feel all warm and fuzzy after years of reading his hateful comments about marijuana.
  6. Restorium2

    Current Caregive/Patient system being phased-out?

    Happy to report that the Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient Program includes your choice to either grow your own or get a caregiver to grow for you. Nothing has changed or is changing in that regard. The only thing that has changed is the full implementation of medical dispensaries and their legal suppliers. It's just another legal choice now. Finally after nearly ten years dispensaries will be legal in Michigan. One thing that has my interest is how long the war between Colorado imported cannabis and Michigan grown cannabis is going to continue. There are dispensaries right next to each other having this war of suppliers. I'm thinking it might be healthy competition. The Michigan growers need to step up their game because Colorado is taking our jobs ......
  7. Restorium2

    America’s Warriors are Victims of the Opioid Epidemic

    Well said. Thanks Mike.
  8. I would always take extra precautions to keep my plants out of the hands of others, regardless of their age. It's already a way of life.
  9. On down the road we should expect something like this though(from legal Colorado); At homes with residents under 21, any marijuana grow area must be enclosed and locked in a separate space that minors can’t access. At homes without residents under 21, extra precautions must be taken to make sure any visiting youth don’t have access to marijuana plants.
  10. Since everyone qualifies then just grow 12 at everyone's house or yard! Here, there, and everywhere. The thought of it makes me smile. Like the old adage: two cars in every driveway.... 12 plants at every house. Smells like freedom ....
  11. BMMR says they need law enforcement looking closely at the records. Bummer! They are using the financial records they demanded for the applications to go after the applicants for crimes. They should have only declared clean money.
  12. Restorium2

    my wait time = exactly 1 month

    If you submitted an application more than five (5) weeks ago and have not received a response from our office, please call 517-284-6400 and select option #4.
  13. With the Board of Canvassers' approval, the state Legislature has several options: it could consider the measure and pass it, in which case it would automatically become law; it could offer a competing proposal for the ballot or it could do nothing and let the issue go to the Nov. 6 ballot.
  14. Restorium2

    Sessions Evades Question on Marijuana Enforcement

    “Medical marijuana, as one physician told me, ‘whoever heard of taking a medicine when you have no idea how much medicine you’re taking and ingesting it in the fashion that it is, which is in itself unhealthy?” he said. Everyone is different so every single medicine prescribed to a person has to be quantified by that individual and their own personal results with that drug. So every single drug ever prescribed for an ailment has the same hurtles as cannabis. To think otherwise, while being a doctor, is pure quackery/malpractice. Cannabis is less harmful than most of the drugs prescribed by a doctor so it actually has less hurdles to make a safe dosage than most any other drug. Sessions should be more careful of the doctor company he entertains. He obviously has a poor choice of character when seeking advice from doctors.