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  1. Cannabis Antedotes ?

    I've seen this before. It all comes down to: If you are too high, lie down and have someone squeeze lemons on your face. Still waiting for a chance to try it.
  2. Take a good hard look at your opponent. Get a feel for who he is. Then make sure you don't vote for people like him ever again.
  3. Security Camera's

    Thanks. Resolution?
  4. Looks like you have your own little war going on up there. I would go right over his head to Kildee. I see Trump endorsed Schuette for Michigan Governor. Goes to show you how important it was to fight super hard AGAINST Trump. Trump being president has obviously empowered Rep. Gary Glenn into being overtly anti cannabis. Why else? Lessons learned I hope.
  5. So you have Pinconning jumping out in front on the road to being the big cheese of cannabis, and simultaneously, their own rep. wanting to totally defund them into the dark ages. Interesting .....
  6. Security Camera's

    What made me not get the wireless is when I looked into the technology and saw that the wireless signal can't come anywhere near what a wire can do. And the cameras aren't really wireless because they need power. Other than that they sounded good. How much was the Lorex wireless?
  7. They obviously messed up the case. If it were you they might just get it right and all you will have to worry about for a decade is how much money you have on account and you can't wait until Thursday for commissary day .... They still ruin people's lives for a living for possession of marijuana when they can. Millions dollars? Sounds foolish to me.
  8. Just for your enjoyment

    Too slow Bob. You aren't reading everything? For shame. lol
  9. State health was meant to be run by health care specialists but was taken over by law enforcement long ago. Add in a few accountants and attorneys, what we have today is a finely tuned business that doesn't have anything to do with health care.
  10. I have to agree. They want informants and yes people. Backup with nods of approval. MDCH and LARA have been stocking with ex law enforcement for as long as we have been legal. They are just an extension of law enforcement and this board is just a further extension. What everyone should know by now is that all of these moves are meant to put everyone in the ditch and have the program fail. So if you are part of their plan you are just an appendage of the cops. They have a heck of a time making cases, real cases, it's work. So they try to think up ways to make it less work. This is a big arse buggering plan by law enforcement to take away any anonymity we had.
  11. Security Camera's

    You can also wifi your box to your modem(house) if that's how you want to do it. Depending on if you are a wifi fan or not. The box would have to be in wifi range of course.
  12. Security Camera's

    The cameras are wired to the 'box'. In your situation the box would be hidden in your barn. Then you run a wire from the box to your house so you can watch on a TV monitor, and hook it to your source for the internet so you can watch it on your smart phone. The wireless cameras eliminate the wires from the cameras to the box. They still need to be wired to a power source so they aren't really wireless. And the wireless cameras are prone to trouble. Poor picture. Outages. Interference. Junk! You asked .....
  13. Let us know when you find out what they are actually doing. It's a very important basic question. LARA doesn't need growing instructions. They need insider info to catch people getting around the rules. Your 'bud' is really just an informant as to the inside working of a grow op and how folks will try to get around their regulations.
  14. Security Camera's

    Nope. Wireless don't work very good from what I have heard. It's not that hard to run 100 feet of wire. Glad I caught you before you bought the wireless.
  15. Security Camera's

    I sorted through a lot of customer reviews to decide. Seemed like people were happier with the Night Owl.