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  1. These specific lights have better PAR than a 1000 HPS.
  2. You are supposed to use both veg and bloom for blooming. Same amount of buds on the plants or are there more on the LED plants? If you have a lot of growth that hasn't been pruned to produce you will get a lot of small buds.
  3. You're welcome. Heavy and falling over is a good problem to have.
  4. Sticks and strings for freestanding movability. For plants that are stationary I use a fence fastened horizontally about a foot below where I want the canopy. Works to keep them upright and also provides a place to tie them down if they get too tall.
  5. There you go. Nice that you finally are making some sense. Working the system is defined by following the rules, limits, etc. No 50# deals. What a joke that was! A mean joke. No caregiver gets to do that and stay a caregiver. You would be all done and have serious fines. I doubt Choice would be a part of that anyway. Totally imaginary scenario.
  6. I went to Dispo, the largest dispensary in my area, and asked one of the senior managers there about the whole process. This was less than a week ago so I would have fresh and valuable information, not BS. They are a lab and a holding center. Everything Dispo gets is from Choice Labs. That is their supermarket. They go there and buy. Choice has product there from High Life Farms, the State grow facility. They also have product there from caregivers who show their cards and qualify as legal growers in the medical program. I have not taken anything to Choice. I know for a fact that when we could take our caregiver product to Dispo in particular, they wanted to see your cards and you only qualified to sell 2.5 per card per day. I find it highly unlikely that Choice has decided they can go past qualified purchases like Dispo had going on. After the new smaller grow licenses come out they will. I can't explain the difference in rules that make it so some folks can just swagger up with 16 or 50 pounds when all I could sell would be 2.5 x cards. Maybe the person in court had a real grow license and wasn't just a caregiver? I strongly advise that caregivers stick with the rules and don't go rogue and grow beyond the rules and set themselves up with a paper trail that proves it. If one guy wants to jump off the cliff don't follow like a lemming... It's just not worth the cost.
  7. Of course it's not LARA responsibility to prosecute people who don't follow the rules. They are not law enforcement. They just report to investigators and supply raw data for them. We have really clear rules that we have to follow. They have been in place for years now. If you break them you lose your defense and are just a drug dealer with a grow and will face the same prosecution as anyone without a card(s). So if you break them with a paper trail you are a sitting duck.
  8. I'm calling BS on you bro. You made it sound like you took in a 50# batch yourself. Then we find out you can't take in a 50# batch. Then you 'adjust' your story to fit what you just learned. You know just enough to tell stories, make up stuff. You have so many holes in your knowledge that you can't tell a completely believable story. Why not just tell the truth, speak from your real experiences?
  9. I've talked with people who have been selling to the dispensaries legally. So everyone isn't cheating.
  10. Where I start is with the dispensaries I asked about it. They all said they could only buy 15 ounces legally. I know they would just laugh at someone asking to sell them 50 pounds. That's reality to me. Now you say you sold 50 pounds to an entity very close to law enforcement. Without any avenue to have done it legally. Not even a plausible story about how it was legal. That's not reality to me. So I have only a couple choices as to why your reality doesn't match mine. None of them good.
  11. Sometimes I wonder when someone comes out and says they did something really crazy. I wonder if they really did that or is it a 'head fake' to get others to do it. Sometimes it's just something to get others to 'jump'. Can't help but wonder....
  12. Don't take this the wrong way, just heed the advice; If you have 50 lbs. to move don't do it through the State. You can't pretend to be legally producing it. That money that you think is clean and bankable is just part of the paper trail to your door. Whether you know it or not yet, you just sold 50 lbs. to a cop. You aren't even supposed to have more than 2.5 ounces per registered patient. The dispensaries told me that. They said they will only buy what your cards can allow, 2.5 per patient, and they want to see the cards. They said that the caregiver and the dispensary would both be under investigation if they went past that. So I'm thinking you might have stuck your neck out a little far there with your fitty pounds.
  13. Grow tip; If your plants look like shrubbery then you will have to trim off the small branches on the lower stems. Lollypop them or you will have too many small buds.
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