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  1. If you actually get some CBD in what you bought it has potential. To isolate CBD is very difficult AND EXPENSIVE to accomplish. I suppose the CBD junk you can buy off the open market is much better than other drugs because even if it has nothing in it it's way better than poison. If a placebo helps you to get off the poison then that is a great thing. I have seen some very sketchy stuff sold as CBD.
  2. Have a patient designate you as their caregiver with paperwork to the State Of Michigan.
  3. I would say you are done because of the felony check to be a caregiver. Go on OTIS and run your name to see your record. LINK TO OTIS; https://www.michigan.gov/corrections/0,4551,7-119-1409---,00.html
  4. I believe you will have to contact your power company and ask them to install a commercial transformer for your business. Then expect the usual forms, fees and inspections that commercial businesses have to abide by. Make sure you are zoned commercial. Or you could be less of a hog and run a reasonable amount of LED lights that don't need as much cooling and not worry about the extra attention.
  5. Me too. And it seems we ended up on the same page. Not sure if you made it to being able to use your oil in the electric vape pens yet. After some serious winterization filtering it vapes well in a refillable chamber.
  6. Go over to youtube.com, do a search and look at some videos to get an idea of what you have. Or post some pics here.
  7. Nice cannabis oil process! Like a breath of fresh air. Gives me a good feeling just reading your description of the process.
  8. So you are saying you want to run 80 1000 watt bulbs? If you need that much of a grow, which is actually crazy with the regular transformer on your electrical pole, you had better slim down to LED lights. Let's start with what lights you are planning to use and how many.
  9. There's really no 'addiction' per say. It's more like a dependence like with people that like candy. You can say candy is addicting but not like the term means medically. With a little will power anyone can lower their dose or outright abstain from cannabis use. I have done it many times in my life. Things like alcohol, opioids and cigarettes are examples of addictive substances. Cannabis isn't one.
  10. That's exactly why everyone needs to carefully select the strain they use, the choices and the effects they create are almost infinite. From a lifetime of observation of cannabis use among many individuals, dosage makes a big difference on these pseudo schizophrenia symptoms. Back off on the dosage if you feel anti social.
  11. Would you have the nerve to call cannabis oil that has been made for thousands of years Mark Coward Oil like you invented it? Says it all. If that shoe fits you have an ego problem.
  12. THC helps a lot of people with a variety of medical uses. However, Rick Simpson wasn't exactly doing anyone any favors other than himself, stroking his own ego. It's too bad that cannabis has so many supposed advocates that only really want to make themselves famous as she quietly helps and saves millions every day. If it has Rick's name on it beware and realize the information behind it has a very weak beginning.
  13. Most likely it's just someone borrowing the name to make money off BS story.
  14. You can't find it because it's not true. It's like all the other BS flying around that's not true. Congratulations on educating yourself. Now if we could get rid of the rest of the BS we could all live happily in a society that doesn't thrive on total BS. Living on BS is not sustainable.
  15. How do you have any idea of what you are getting? Here in Michigan most everything you buy now at a real store is tested. Some online scam artist could send you some of that fake marijuana spice stuff.
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