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  1. Let's see here. We have a recall partially remanded because a judge thinks it ok to smoke now. Nothing scientific to back it up. Now it really does seem political.
  2. What this situation tells me is that testing cannabis is not a sustainable practice when people/patients can do just fine without any testing at all. The main reason to even have a 'pot store', from a patient perspective, has been shot down in flames. With a science background I know that having a zero tolerance for mold is not workable. The rules would have to be changed to accommodate reality, not the false reality we have been spoon fed. Whoever wrote the Michigan testing rules was playing a cruel joke on the commercial producers. If I would have had a horse in that race I surely would have caught the problem during legislation. The lobbyists for the commercial producers must be really lazy and dumb. I mean it's pretty basic stuff to read and compare rules to other states.
  3. What I want to know is EXACTLY how they got caught. Sounds to me like a dirty test was deliberately hidden. How else? Speak up. Spit it out. Continued obfuscation only makes people think the worst. I envision a really dirty lab in more ways than one. A system fraught with crookedness on all sides that doesn't serve patients at all.
  4. Michigan Court of Claims Judge Christopher M. Murray on Monday appeared to scold the MRA for its lack of clear communication about the matter. Darn right, they are being vague without many important details. Viridis Laboratories, which operates two separately licensed labs one being in Bay City and another in Lansing claim the recall is politically motivated. Oh sure, which party is the culprit? The lawsuit also alleged the recall may be retribution for a formal administrative complaint Viridis filed Oct. 25 against the MRA, in part, for questions Viridis faced over its testing methods that regularly produce THC potency results in excess of 30%. Right, proven liars already. Viridis founders include three former Michigan State Police Forensic Division employees: Greg Michaud, Todd Welch and Michele Glinn. Looks like this is the bottom line. Cheating and lying, then when someone catches them they cry to the high heavens about anything and everything to shift the blame.
  5. Digging deeper; If you click on the link in my previous post you can check out the testing parameters state by state. Michigan is the only state that has zero tolerance for aspergillus: If Aspergillus spp. is detected, the sample fails.
  6. Here's where the science is at on this; Total Yeast and Mold The results of a Total Yeast and Mold (TYM) test are an indication of yeast and mold contamination on a cannabis sample. Yeasts and molds can cause deterioration and decomposition of foods, which is why food manufacturers will commonly test their products for TYM. Certain species of yeast and mold, such as Aspergillus fumigatus, produce toxins that can cause potentially fatal infections. However, TYM tests are unable to differentiate between pathogenic, beneficial, and benign yeast and molds, making them poor indicators of safety. A low TYM result does not mean a cannabis sample is free of pathogens. A high TYM result doesn’t mean a sample is harmful to consumers. This is especially true in cannabis, which has a diverse microbiome of beneficial microbes that are not harmful to humans. For example, many organic cannabis growers use Trichoderma, a fungus that can help plant nutrition and protect it from disease. Still, many cannabis regulators require cannabis samples pass TYM testing before they can be sold in dispensaries. The most current version of the Cannabis Inflorescence and Leaf monograph published by the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, which many states use to determine pass or fail criteria for microbial testing, recommends less than 10,000 CFU/g on cannabis plant material and 1,000 CFU/g on extracts. Who requires TYM testing? Canada Colorado Connecticut Florida Hawaii Illinois Iowa Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Montana Nevada* New Hampshire New Mexico North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania Rhode Island Utah *Only required for select matrices, view our Cannabis Microbial Testing Regulations by State page for more information Why Use qPCR for TYM testing on Cannabis? Peer-reviewed studies have shown that qPCR testing methods, such as the PathoSEEK Microbial Safety Testing Platform, are able to more accurately detect and quantify yeast and mold species present on a cannabis sample than culture-based methods. The PathoSEEK Total Yeast and Mold test looks for a specific DNA sequence that exists in all yeasts and molds. Because of this, the PathoSEEK Total Yeast and Mold test can detect all yeast and mold species, regardless of whether they grow in culture. Culture-based tests can only detect the species that grow in a given medium and timeframe. Conversely, qPCR can more effectively exclude off-target microbial species, such as bacteria, which have been shown to grow in TYM culture medium. Test for Total Yeast and Mold with PathoSEEK Labs can use our PathoSEEK Microbial Safety Testing Platform to test for Total Yeast and Mold in a variety of cannabis matrices. The PathoSEEK® Platform is the only method designed for and validated on cannabis flower, extracts, and a variety of infused products.
  7. It's like; Testing lab found a 'little mold' in the test batch and made an unofficial call to his buddy the grower. They made an unofficial choice to ignore it because 'you couldn't see it'. Then somewhere down the line some portion of the 64,000 pounds got tested again and failed. They couldn't contain the fallout so this is where we are at with a total recall. Some folks will not return it. So it's still a win for the grower compared to throwing it all out in the first place. Without an investigation with total transparency with the findings made public, then a huge fine, this is all a smoke screen.
  8. 'Recall' means the system failed. Period. Someone(s) cheated and got caught.
  9. Well that's the worst part. It got out to the public and they all smoked it!! Now they get their money back. Worst case scenario. They don't even know for sure when and where it got moldy. Maybe in the back of a warm transport truck.
  10. This is what you get when you use testing as a weapon you don't even understand to belittle your competition. If you look close enough you will find mold in every sample. Nature is full of molds. They are part of our ecosystem. Without mold we have no useable ecosystem. Now they have to decide on an acceptable level of mold for each particular individual. Guess what else? Cannabis sometimes has some bugs on it too! And bug crap, of all things. And others kinds of crap if you grow organically. It's a very slippery slope that I am so thankful that I'm no part of. I guess my cannabis karma has spared me from this circular firing squad. Once I had a jar of my best get moldy. 2 ounces wasted. I nearly cried over it. 64,000 pounds wasted? With no light at the end of the tunnel they are going down.
  11. Not sure why they have to be so 'cryptic' about it. After reading on and on, and between the lines, it looks like a retest showed mold in the buds. Why they can't just start with that I don't know. Maybe because they want this to look worse than what it is?
  12. What I have seen personally is that a bi polar person can substitute in cannabis for opioids and/or alcohol. When they do that there is much better control over the disease. However, what often happens is the patient reverts back to the old bad habits in conjunction with cannabis which can seem like cannabis has made things worse.
  13. Right! What happened here was the place where people buy marijuana that want it tested, the dispensary, didn't test and said they did! Caregivers turn out to be a safer alternative AGAIN. Caregivers carefully grow in small batches and what you have seen recently on the news is that warehouse grows, like who are involved in this fake testing, could be using illegal aliens to process without any sanitary conditions or even running water to flush a toilet and wash their hands. Sounds to me like these warehouse grows are like when we used to have to buy it from the Mexican Cartels. More like black market and organized crime than small Michigan growers. This sounds like Cartel Weed to me; Cannabis flower being recalled is about 64,000 pounds. In October, 24,000 pounds of flower were sold in Michigan. Troopers served a warrant on five industrial-sized warehouses that were zoned for commercial use in White City, state police said in a statement. Over the course of two days, officers seized roughly a half-million pounds of processed marijuana, estimated to be worth $500 million by the Oregon State Police, along with a firearm. The amount was described in a press release as “epic.” More than 100 people were detained, interviewed and released, officials said. Some of those questioned were migrant workers living in “subpar” conditions with no running water, officials said.
  14. You are taking way too much. Back off until it doesn't make you sick. Start really small on the dose. What is the source of the RSO? How's it made?
  15. Because she is a decent human. She vetoed the R's voter grab cheater bill. She vetoed the Devos private school voucher bill. She just signed a bill to eliminate tax on women's health products. If caregivers could make a solid case they are doing the right things for patients then she would help them.
  16. Already told you that you don't need to pay taxes unless you made a 'killing' off 5 sick people max. I bet you didn't. And I will also bet your 5 patients are not sending your social security number to the IRS. So you are losing sleep because you will not take advice. What numbers are you reading? True (following the rules) caregiving always worked out as very low pay and mostly charity. All I can say is that it took you a long time to figure that out. Quit worrying about 'the black market' and do your own thing. "Lets be honest" ..... The honest truth is that there are millions of small grows here now that are producing poundage. We freed the weed. No need for patients to hide and buy from caregivers trying to make a profit. All anyone has to do is look to their neighbor and get a deal. Or grow their own. If you are not a grower and not very social then go to the dispensary. This isn't complicated anymore.
  17. The only things that should be tested are these crazy concoctions. Fake cannabis. If you don't know what cannabis looks like then bring someone with you that does. That's the 'testing'.
  18. And don't start with all that 'testing' hogwash. I buy all kinds of produce on 'The Street' that is not tested. Meijers buys a lot of the vegetables you see there from farmers that don't have it tested. Quit with the lying BS.
  19. This right here is the best news of all, if true. If the cop lobbyists are gone then they realize we are not their cash cows anymore. Clear sailing ahead. All they could find for their gang of thugs was one sorry arse caregiver hatin' sheriff!
  20. Nothing you can do about it. There are no more dams. It's the way it should have been all along. The weed is free so make the 'street corners' safer.
  21. uch bootlegger was George Remus, a well-known lawyer in Chicago who at first defended bootleggers in court and figured almost right away that he would be better off being one. Remus took advantage of the Act’s exemption for the manufacture and sale of alcoholic drinks for “medicinal” reasons. A person was allowed a quart of wine or a pint of whiskey every 10 days if prescribed by a doctor for treatment of an illness. The Volstead law also exempted alcohol used by clergy for sacraments — in order not to violate constitutionally protected religious rights — and undrinkable industrial alcohol. Remus had bought up 14 distilleries in Cincinnati by 1924 and earned a fortune estimated at $50 million from selling liquor supposedly for medicinal use to illegal liquor dealers and speakeasies. But an undercover agent exposed him and Remus received a three-year stretch in prison. Famously, while out of prison in 1927, Remus killed his wife but was acquitted at trial. After Prohibition’s repeal on December 5, 1933, organized crime, with its top unlawful moneymaking racket gone, was forced to regroup and focus on other things. While some gangsters entered the legal and licensed liquor business, the laws made it harder to earn as much cash and as fast. But all was not lost. There were still the lucrative vice rackets of prostitution and gambling, as well as drug trafficking and labor racketeering. Organized crime had to be more organized, but many former rumrunners still had plenty of money saved from the Prohibition days. Luciano, for one, continued to enjoy the high life as New York’s crime kingpin, living at the luxurious Waldorf Astoria hotel, until his prostitution rackets led to convictions and prison in the mid-1930s. For others, such as Lansky, Siegel, Costello and Dalitz, Las Vegas and its legal casinos awaited, starting in the 1940s.
  22. Recreational TREES are what's happening. It's killing all the markets. You can calculate and complicate and run scenarios all day long. But what happened is we FREED THE WEED. People are overgrowing the demand in Michigan like crazy. People are a wishin' and a hopin' for the big payday however the world moved on a while ago.
  23. I look for patterns and I see one here. I don't think it's a coincidence that the punishment level goes up for recreational at 24 plants. The same level they are trying to limit caregivers to. And what do these two things have in common? Law enforcement. They have an army of lobbyists. This is an attempt to streamline the limit of any production outside of the state growers. Makes it easy for law enforcement. Anything under 24 plants and they look the other way. They don't have to look at cards or anything. They are lazy when it comes to our rights. So two armies of lobbyists are working together for a common goal, 24 plants max.
  24. In my opinion the pressure should be applied to Gov. Whitmer to realized this only helps money interests and doesn't do anything for the citizens of Michigan. She is the least likely to have been bought off. She is The Decider.
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