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  1. It's our saving grace! Other than the Great Lakes, it's what we do! Welcome everyone, enjoy our fabulous water fun and have yourself a nice legal bag of marijuana to boot. Probably never want to leave. So glad I lived to see it. High taxing is like looking so hard at the nickel you can't see the quarter behind it …...
  2. That's what I'm hearing from the local government. They are waiting for the State to give them this option. It's the easiest option for their zoning. The Supervisor and the dispensary owners seem to be on the same page, just waiting for the ok. Then everyone can go to the dispensaries.
  3. Restorium2

    Need a caregiver in Grand Blanc

    Saw a caregiver advertised on craigslist, central Michigan. We have some good dispensaries in Bangor Township while you are looking.
  4. Restorium2

    Proposal 1 passes !

    Hey Highlander, good to see your post. If you drive you need a card. People vs Koon said that the MMMA supercedes the vehicle code and patients can drive with metabolites. I'm sure that some prosecutors STILL want to falsely blame accidents on marijuana. I have been asking folks and I can't find anyone who remembers an accident caused by marijuana alone. They really should quit testing people for it. Waste of resources chasing something that isn't there.
  5. Restorium2


    When you live up there that's what you have to put up with. Not as many stores, restaurants, or dispensaries. I don't know how you can stand that. It is what it is …..
  6. Just nice for everyone to be able to have 10 ounces and 12 plants and nobody goes without. The money angle is a little nauseating for me at this point. Seen every single angle you could think of and most of it is lies for money.
  7. That's not what I'm hearing from the local township supervisor. He wants to fast track recreational users being able to use the medical dispensaries. The dispensary owners in the area are just waiting for the ok to go forward with selling to everyone. Shouldn't be years. Should be months. Should be very interesting indeed!
  8. Those will be the dry areas just like Colorado. If a city doesn't like dispensaries then they will not like growing either. Don't set up in cannabis unfriendly areas. That wouldn't be smart at all.
  9. If you had been here about 2 years ago, yes. You are quite late to this. I'm watching the weak and late have their businesses fail. Lots of used grow equipment for sale these days. Large lots of it. Now caregivers are just that, caregivers for sick people close to them or just growing for themselves. Not in it to make money. Just in it to help people and save money on their personal.
  10. To be competitive you would have to cough up tens of thousands of dollars for a grow license and then compete against the dispensaries offering ounces from $80 on up to top shelf for $200. There are no marijuana monopolies in Michigan anymore. It's a very free market. The question asked here is way behind the wave. That time has come and gone as Michigan has turned the corner. You would have to find another emerging State to set up that kind of business.
  11. Restorium2

    Georgia Medical Card

    Just wait a couple months and everyone will be able to buy at the dispensaries. Until then you can carry 2.5 ounces and have 10 at your home. I don't think they are arresting anyone for buying anymore if it's not over 10 ounces. Even if you are from Georgia. :^) Gotta smoke it here though. Taking it home is going to put you to picking State peas in Georgia.
  12. All these accidents that they blame on cannabis have other reasons why they happen. Always at least another factor. Never just cannabis. In all my years I have yet to know of a single accident that was actually caused by cannabis.
  13. If a blood test is the decider, I'm medicated all the time. I can always drive with no impairment. Haven't had a ticket in 15 years. No accidents. Nothing. Just a good driver staying within the boundaries of what you can do and not get a ticket. At some point it's going to come to light that cannabis is one of the safest medications to be on while driving. They shouldn't even be testing for it at all. There are so many bad drivers out there for so many other reasons it is laughable that they even test for cannabis use. That is why law enforcement is having such a hard time with it. Everything they are doing regarding cannabis impairment is built on a foundation of bad information and bad intentions.
  14. Restorium2

    Proposal 1 passes !

    You're welcome. Some give you a loyalty reward of 5% to offset the tax.
  15. Wrong. You need to be impaired to be charged with DUI. IMPAIRED not medicated. Get it right because it's very important. Your life could depend on it.
  16. I contacted the person that is responsible for marijuana policy in our local government and he says he wants to use the medical dispensaries for recreation too. Same, same.
  17. If like Colorado, no reason to think otherwise, the State let the localities decide plant counts. So it's going to depend on where you live. If you live in a marijuana friendly area then you will get zoned accordingly. Local meetings are already being planned to get input from the communities. Don't go over 99.
  18. That means no extra limitations to your medical rights.
  19. Restorium2

    Proposal 1 passes !

    1.None 2.No and probably not 3.No 4.We do pay tax at the dispensary already. 5% 5.Depends on where you live and local ordinances. In Colorado some places allow up to 99 plants.
  20. Good question. You need to practice your field sobriety test because SOME cops will try to blame everything and anything you do on marijuana. They like to pad the statistics. Basically lie for money and job security.
  21. What part of a field sobriety test would someone flunk if they were 'under the influence' of marijuana?
  22. I never get 'high' enough to lose the ability to drive. Just doesn't happen. I always can pass a field sobriety test. Right after I smoke the top shelf, highest strength meds, I can stand on one foot, touch my nose, count backwards. Don't get caught up in the propaganda. It's not like alcohol. People don't get in wrecks because they are high. People get in wrecks when they are high for other reasons and it gets blamed on cannabis. Most people aren't ever 'under the influence' of marijuana.
  23. Restorium2

    Proposal 1 passes !

    Who knows when you will need to use a dispensary? Good back up. It's a load off my mind. Not expecting crop failure but you never know.
  24. BOOM BABY!!!! Mission accomplished! I love it when a plan comes together. We must be doing the right things.
  25. Cannabis oil, when used by someone who knows their dose and is used to it, doesn't impede driving ability. I think that cannabis oil is one of the ways to use cannabis that is the most predictable if used in a consistent manor. That would make it the most usable while doing your daily duties including driving. No surprises. It becomes part of the life of a patient. A better life. Quote from one of my patients; "Cannabis oil makes for a great day". He was an opioid abuser that I helped convert to cannabis oil. Probably would be dead by now on opioids.