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  1. Makes no sense. Why give anything away? You are just phishing for personal info.
  2. There's your money grab? You have that backwards because there's no money to be had by VP Harris's comments/stance. It's the legislature's job to decriminalize. All Biden can do is sign an executive order to decriminalize and that just wouldn't be the right thing because it would take the pressure OFF the legislature. Get your target clear, it's not Biden, it's the legislature. Don't waste your ammo on a false target even though it's an easy target. You can cut Biden to ribbons on this and all you have done is diminish his ability to help with other things we need. You play
  3. The answer all along has been to make opioids less accessible. Give them the stigma they deserve. All kinds of people out there committing suicide and murder because of opioids. Practically selling their souls to get more pills. Breaking into elderly folks houses to steal from their medicine cabinets. Sometimes stealing from their own relation because of the opioid addiction. Get rid of extra opioids. Throw them out. Raise cannabis up above the stigma it doesn't deserve because it is helping people off these terrible drugs that need to be very limited to get us past this situation.
  4. Crazy how food oriented these names are. No wonder we are a bunch of fatties Mc fats. Back in the day when we smoked it was about smoking, not eating. Now it's a flash back to when I was 10 years old flipping Now and Laters at school. It also reminds me of the cigarette industry trying to pull in people with attractive commercials to lure people into addiction. Marijuana isn't like cigarettes however I find it a little 'off' to go down that path. I'll stick with Kush and Diesel. They don't make me feel silly or embarrassed when I say I grow Now and Laters and Oreo C
  5. If you encounter some illegal cannabis dirt cheap then you might want to think about why it's cheap, just like every other commodity. With cannabis you either have to trust the grower or the testing. If you don't know the grower well then you could be smoking just about anything. I say this after decades of smoking Mexican cartel weed that was all we could get. Sure am glad that we have better choices these days. I either grow it myself, know the grower, or look at the testing. You get what you work/pay for.
  6. Maybe she can help you; Jami Ann Rothe Kinnucan MD | Michigan Medicine (uofmhealth.org)
  7. Cannabis for Treating IBD: Hope or Hype? Jina Sawani February 11, 2020 5:00 AM A Michigan Medicine gastroenterologist discusses what’s known about using medical marijuana as a potential treatment for inflammatory bowel disease. Nausea, abdominal pain and changes in appetite. These are all things that can significantly impact one’s wellbeing if left untreated, yet they have all shown marked improvements when associated with cannabis. Yet, less is known about the effects of cannabis on inflamma
  8. Sounds very real to me, in a world of fakeness. Thanks for being real.
  9. Can't link other sites for obvious reasons, like just trying to create traffic on your site (spamming), but you can post pics here in your advertisement. What are you growing, have on hand, and how much is it going for? Bay City is a tough area to sell in. We have a whole lot of great dispensaries and some really awesome caregivers here locally.
  10. Make a research? LOL What country are you spamming us from?
  11. I met with a solar company owner, this guy; Andrew Breiter-Wu - President & Investment Manager - Breiter Planet Properties | LinkedIn, and had the whole solar farm project planned for one of my properties in Bay County. 10 acres of solar panels back behind the road frontage I already sold. The township killed the project because my property was zoned residential. So if you want to go the solar route make sure you don't go too big or they will not let you do it on residential property. I find it amazing what you can't do on your own property. 10 acres of solar panels
  12. I hear that. You have to use what works for you. I actually have had better growth with the LEDs. Just wanted to let you know there's plenty of success to be had with LEDs. I was surprised to see such a large retro grow these days. The cutting edge tech right now is solar panels powering LEDs as an independent warehouse grow off the grid. Green green.
  13. With my SOG grows I found that if you trim all in one day the plants stunt a little as compared to trimming gradually over the week before flip. I got that as a tip from another grower who was checking out my grow. I always have an open mind so I tried it and increased my yield. Give that a try on your next grow and I'll bet you do better. There are some really nice LED's out there now. If you have the money you could invest a few thousand and get that back in power savings plus help save the planet by being less wasteful of power with your old style lights.
  14. Food for thought; Did you know that if your annual cost for power exceeds $10,000 you are automatically audited and investigated? Many people don't know that and get a few hired engineers over for a visit. That kind of usage taxes the shared transformers and your local power grid. They will change your service over to commercial and inform your local officials about your business.
  15. Not just anyone. Someone who can afford to pay the power bill for all of those hog lights and AC to boot! I have so much relief from getting out from under the power company.
  16. And their rules say they win. Why does anyone go there knowing they get to decide that you lose? It's the most stupid thing!
  17. Good thinking. New York has way more restrictive laws than Michigan. To help someone go around that using Michigan legality would be circumventing the will of the People Of New York.
  18. What they do is use what they are already doing that is funded and expand on it. Like when they have human trafficking funding they will expand out to bust marijuana people and say it was connected and funding human trafficking. Right now it would be domestic terrorism. They would say these illegal clone sales are funding domestic terrorism. Now that you see the path I'm sure you see it more clearly and realize how much trouble you could get into just thinking you are helping someone. The dispensaries are better protected against this stuff. The individuals are the low hanging
  19. Just sounds like across state lines conspiracy. Maybe even across the Canadian border, international. Sounds like brown shoes to me.
  20. This guy from Flint was let out of prison. I saw a piece on the local TV news saying that he now works at a dispensary. The owner of the dispensary said he couldn't work near any marijuana because of his record. The owner felt compelled to give him a job for a little pay back for the harshness he encountered by the courts and marijuana. Paid his debt but still can't be around a harmless plant. The deck is still stacked... Flint man freed from prison after 25 years for selling pot, granted clemency By Taryn Asher and David Komer online producer Published January 28
  21. An additional 25% reduction if the individual(s) holding majority ownership have been a resident of one of the disproportionally impacted communities for the past five years AND have a marijuana-related conviction.
  22. State-qualified caregivers must not have been convicted of any felony within the last ten years, or any violent felony ever.
  23. Seems like that should work. However, seeing what happened with medical marijuana has taught me that they never give you what you want, they give a little, never everything, so they can keep milking you for more bribes. They play one side of an issue against the other to collect from both sides. No one ever seems to get what they want. The only thing that you can count on is if you don't bribe them they attempt to punish you. So if you are broke you always get the crappy end of the stick. We really need some rules to keep bribes out of it.
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