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  1. I get enough spam already. On top of that anyone who signs in gets their password stolen. Your location is stolen. All the cookies you are carrying showing your browsing history is stolen. This is just like not wearing a mask for covid. Plenty of excuses and only one solution= Be responsible and make the web site proper so their are a lot less chances of victims because of your laziness. Same with masking up in public, quit being lazy and wear it. I'm totally fed up with lazy people being stupid when the stakes are so high. And with that, until this site 'masks up' you are all free to enjoy whatever happens when you press your luck. I'm going to keep doing the right thing and hope I'm lucky enough not to suffer or cause anyone else to suffer.
  2. Just? It's game over for a website without it. Shouldn't even have come back here and posted this. Adios until it's fixed. Stay safe.
  3. This site is not secure This might mean that someone’s trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server. You should close this site immediately.
  4. For outdoors. That would work. Right now the sun is beating down on any exposed ground and drying it up. If you have water close then it doesn't matter and actually gives to a chance to add water and nutes as often as you want to. However, if a watering source is difficult to use at a location the mulch would help. With my cannabis plants, they are big enough already to shade the ground beneath them and there's no need for ground cover. My pepper plants have plenty of exposed ground around them and they are drying out almost every day. They could use something to keep the moisture in the ground from evaporating.
  5. There are two types of Pro Mix, HP and BX. BX has more vermiculite so you don't have to water as often.
  6. The problem starts with these bad judges that folks voted for like Tim Kelly. They are all over the state. People confuse 'conservative' with meanness and ignorance. It's a symptom of blind haltered. A real conservative would have wanted to see actual activities to decide whether our hard earned tax dollars should be spent on any case. Their incompetence is costing our country dearly. It's the same type of hatred that is aimed at cannabis users as what is aimed at black people. We have known since we were very young that it's only a matter of time until that hate gun is pointed at you.
  7. What you do is start small and as the roots fill the container move up in size. For example; 1.Solo cup. 2.Bottom of gallon milk jug. 3. 2 gallon pot. 4. 5 gallon pot. 5. 20 gallon container.
  8. I noticed the election bots are back. Just lookin' to start an argument.
  9. What they did in a situation I was involved with was be really nosey around the neighborhood and when they think they have a pot grower they trump up a reason to be at your house for inspection. Like saying they need to come in and take a look at your water meter. Once they have their foot in the door they explain they want you to have a permit and inspections for your weed business. They use the same forms and inspectors they use for inspecting rental units. A periodic fee and inspections process.
  10. On May 14, 2020, Governor Whitmer signed Executive Order No. 2020-86, encouraging the use of telehealth services during the COVID-19 emergency. Her order is effective immediately and remains in effect during any state of emergency or state of disaster arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic. While EO 2020-86 is in effect, the written certification required for issuance of a medical marijuana patient registry card will not require the medical evaluation conducted by a licensed physician to be conducted in person. Relevant medical evaluations may – and to the greatest extent possible must – be conducted via telemedicine. Please review Executive Order No. 2020-86 for details. Also, all patients without a caregiver can now apply for (or renew) their Patient Registry Card online, even if their physician is not yet an online provider. Patients who use this process will receive a temporary card via email that is good for 30 days once the MRA’s Medical Marijuana Program staff and the physician have approved their online record. Please visit the Medical Marijuana Program website for addition information, www.michigan.gov/mmp. Please refer to the Marijuana Regulatory Agency Response to COVID-19 bulletin for full details regarding all changes made by the MRA relation to COVID-19; it is available on the MRA website at www.michigan.gov/mra.
  11. It seems like the Detroit sort facility got hit hard with Covid19. I had a lot of mail make it there and it's like a black hole where mail disappears. Now they send it through Grand Rapids to sort. I lost more than 5 pieces of mail at the Detroit facility.
  12. It seems like the State Of Michigan is in competition with caregivers, wink wink. They make it really easy to be a patient without a caregiver and more difficult to be a patient with a caregiver.
  13. Where the doctor renews you over the phone, telephone medical service. The law makers were so up tight about cannabis evaluations that they over regulated them to the point of hurting patients by severely limiting patient options. It shows more when others get to feel how it is when you can't get to the doctor. Then they loosen restrictions out of the common sense they recently acquired.
  14. They went out Wednesday and are thriving already. They love this weather. Just glad to be healthy enough to plant this year. Never know when you are going to get your turn in the Covid19 barrel.
  15. I know a patient that uses THC to help eliminate seizures. Has been working well for them for a long time. Don't buy into the THC Hater propaganda, or the CBD hype propaganda. The two, THC and CBD, work well together along with all the rest of the cannabinoids. I find that separating out, isolating, the cannabinoids only lead to problems. The sum of the parts of cannabis far surpass one components ability to help a patient. Keep it whole and you will see the best medical results.
  16. This would be a grow protected by a story line. Not clear cut legal. You would have to go forward with this knowing that it could look illegal to some authority figures that would take your grow down and give you a fine or worse. Keep in mind that law enforcement isn't going to want to look at a rental agreement. They would plead ignorance to it. Just like deeds and property lines, the cops just get that foggy look in their eyes and say they don't have the knowledge to sort it out. Know your risks and proceed with knowledge and caution.
  17. That rule is for commercial grows. Not for your patient, caregiver, or recreational grow.
  18. One difference that matters between the folks honestly selling and the ones with a 'selling a solo cup' sham is the ones with the sham show they know it's illegal and are trying to get around the law. NEVER where you want to be. ALWAYS looking foolish later. If you want to sell clones do it honestly like you never had any idea it's illegal.
  19. In court you would lose, no doubt about it. Judges hate these hairbrained ideas. They would slap you down hard. Now you may have a point that the cops aren't going after you for selling clones. But if you flagrantly insult their intelligence by this rooster and bull story that you are selling solo cups they might mess with you solely because of that. These ideas are disgusting to most everyone on the level and even some that are not.
  20. Not a defeat at all. Just strain it a few times through the cheese cloth and you have something to work with. Put it in the fridge and wait for the butter to solidify on top. Use the butter to cook with. Make baked goods. Adjust your baking temp down to 300. Be careful when you try it out. Might be strong.
  21. The way I read it the renter was at odds with the property owner. Never a good thing especially with growing. No sense in trying to force a property owner into a situation they don't feel comfortable with EVEN IF you win in court. Landlords are people too. Put yourself in their shoes before you ever start down the road dealing with them. No one likes getting forced into a situation you didn't want in the first place. I watched on the news that tenants want to be able to skip their house payments because of covid19. What if your landlord has just a couple units for rent and they spent their life savings on them so they would have an income to support themselves? Always put yourself in the other person's shoes when thinking up ways to help yourself. It has to work for everyone or it's not sustainable.
  22. In every situation, put yourself in the shoes of the person you are going to be talking to if caught. Now while you are in those shiny black shoes, what do you think of your idea?
  23. I would say so, yes. I think that any decent attempt at making an 'enclosure' would be good. The decider will be how you sell it to the person who is inspecting it. Might not ever get inspected. Might get inspected by a person who has a bad attitude for whatever reason. It's all going to depend on the situation, lots of different outcomes are possible. If it looks like you were serious about making an enclosure and you sound credible with some common sense about it then that will go a long way.
  24. 100 ft by 100 ft? Seriously? With a top too? That's HUGE! Just did a 30 x 40 that would fit 60 plants easily. $1000 worth of 6 foot chain link fence with no top. You definitely could use the welded 6' metal fence but how do you do a neat job of that without the same supports as a chain link fence?
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