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  1. Same here. With trimming it while fresh, within minutes of cutting the buds off, the leaves haven't curled all in and stuck to the bud. I don't know how someone can dig the small leaves out of the stickiness. Must not be that sticky? With mine you just about have to wet trim it or it's a leafy mass. I like the leafless sculpted bud look. My peeps are spoiled. Some folks are lazy trimmers.
  2. Brent, I really appreciate your post. It is exactly the stance that has been used by cannabis dark age propagandists and their dis information campaign for decades. It gives us the opportunity to see how far the bad information has permeated our lives. Cannabis is under a new light now where we scatter away all the old propaganda and bad information. Cannabis is a great weapon in the arsenal to fight pain and give us better lives.
  3. I find that ibuprofen works well in small doses along with cannabis. Ibuprofen is an un-natural substance that is not really well suited for us. Cannabis is a natural substance that is very well suited for the human body. What a person needs to do is use very small amounts of ibuprofen whit cannabis to help with inflammation that often contributes to pain. Always use a natural choice like cannabis over a unnatural 'pill' when managing pain, especially long term pain. Cannabis is a much better long term solution to pain management. You can't take ibuprofen constantly so be very careful to not get hooked on it. It's for occasional use only. Long term use of ibuprofen will cause harm to your organs. Long term use of cannabis causes no harm if used correctly.
  4. Makes sense. That's why you keep lying here about there being no supply. You somehow think that you can portray some kind of false reality that will help convince the state that they need you. Just like the dispensary owner who lied in court so he could sell his own 'caregiver' product. Bad ideas all around I think.
  5. One thing that cannot be denied is that making marijuana legal hasn't created any demand, however it has increased supply 100 fold. That new supply of all those 12 trees per yard is either going to hit the market or it's going to end that consumer's interested in buying anything for a very long time. Anyone making plans to up their production, make a large investment in production, at a time when demand is staying constant and supply all across the board is increasing, is making a very risky choice. To put it another way, the law made it a lot easier for most marijuana users to be self sufficient and to silently help others from having to buy it retail. That's basic business sense when it comes to any commodity. Supply and demand.
  6. Reality again here; The best dispensaries NEVER sell to anyone without a card. EVERYONE has to qualify. Try not to fall for the ever continuing propaganda. Sure, cops can find rats and scum bag operations. And that's who they will always talk about to the public. While the rest of us take the high road after all these years of being cut down. We still just take the high road. Because that's what works for your soul. God loves us and cannabis.
  7. Times, they are a changing ……. I'm going for 'light running and flexible to meet the demands of today's constantly changing market'. Rolling with the changes. lol
  8. Reality Check. 1st hand report from a real consumer who buys at dispensaries; Bay City, Michigan. Dispo Dispensary. Multiple top shelf strains for $200 retail.
  9. Very good. Check out that the boiling points of THC and CBD are different. Might help with 'adjusting'.
  10. You still have to wash off all the bugs and webs with water. All that bug crap.
  11. Make sure you wash that crap off. It's nasty stuff.
  12. At 3 weeks to finish I would just keep blasting them with water. Been there done that. It's the clean way to go. They wash off. Mix in 1/3 alcohol. Garden sprayer. Lots of water. See ya. Do it again when they assimilate. Wash the buds off good when you harvest. Dunk them in a bucket of water.
  13. I was mistaken. Was thinking about Octopots. Bad mojo. I have no idea about autopots, sorry.
  14. DWC is totally water. Deep water culture. One of my preferred methods. Autopots are really bad. I've seen them fail a bunch of times online. I saw one really terrible large grow that was using autopots lately. One of the large state grow fails. Failure on a huge scale.
  15. On a rapidly growing plant that's what you want to do. Totally wet all the dirt in the pot and have a little run out into the pan so that it can be taken back up with air, aeration of the soil.
  16. The moisture droplets will magnify your light source and cause hot spots on the leaves, possible causing leaf damage.
  17. The ideal situation is that you water them from the top enough that some gets in the drip container on the bottom. When the plant needs and draws the water out of the saucer/drip container there will be air drawn up with the water. Perfect. To water at the bottom cheats the whole system. I would use the bad information you received to not ever use their advice. Must be someone who hasn't grown much.
  18. I like the new name. Always though of you as HydraulicJack for some reason. Car guy thing.
  19. Right. I don't even clean the outdoor inside the house. Gazillion bugs on it. Can't tell who is friend and who is foe. They will be living with you.
  20. Look at what you can grow legally on just 12 plants;
  21. I was thinking more along the lines of outdoor and indoor. 12 per patient in the house and 12 recreational trees in the back yard. Or all outside with a fence around each one. Ahhh, the possibilities these days. And you can keep as much as you can grow legally. No limit. Did I say.... ahhhh.
  22. Yes. Say these 12 are for my recreational use and these 12 are for my medical use. Totally different uses and rights.
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