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    Michigan Ginseng

    Anyone a Michigan Ginseng hunter? Grower? User? Advocate?
  2. Restorium2

    2 quick questions

    Yes, and yes. Just don't get caught passing marijuana down the chain. The first buy is only protected if it's for the first patient. If it was bought for someone else on down the line then the first buy was just a regular drug deal. Daisy chains just look like a criminal conspiracy. No reason to make it so complicated. If you do pass it on more than once keep it on the down low and don't say/admit it came down the chain.
  3. Restorium2

    Becoming my own caregiver

    That's all you have to do.
  4. Restorium2


    There's all kinds of cannabis out there for you to buy. Why are you dependent on this person at all? Start thinking about getting what you pay for. Keep it simple. If this caregiver isn't helping you then just submit a change form and they are nothing to you. End the dysfunctional co-dependency.
  5. Less people going to jail is the real test. Cannabis offenders should NEVER be sentenced to jail time or subjected to asset forfeiture. All the rest is fluff and greed.
  6. What this says is that since 2013 they have been testing all the fatal crashes for cannabis. Other than that you could guess that the general population is getting off pills and replacing that with something less destructive, cannabis, therefore more people testing positive in the general population. Good work people. Nice to see evolution in statistics. Too bad people still die in crashes. That part has nothing to do with cannabis other than they test people post mortem.
  7. Restorium2

    Do caregivers provide an allowance?

    I noticed this too and have thought about it some. The message is in the picture file. They are only members to pass on covert messages. I noticed they have not even visited their own profile page. So they must not be human, just bots.
  8. Restorium2

    Do caregivers provide an allowance?

    Exactly! If you have $300 - $400 to spend on an ounce at the dispensary then you might get something close to what a great caregiver can grow for you. I find that if I wait for the $300 - $400 ounces to go on sale for $200 it's close to what I grow for my patients for $200. Close but not quite as good. For patients that need cheap cannabis, the dispensaries do that well. It's good to have as many options as possible as long as you have an understanding of the options(before you waste your money).
  9. Restorium2

    Do caregivers provide an allowance?

    It's the same reason for the difference in pricing at the really good dispensaries. Prices vary from $60 to $400 an ounce. These prices depend on quality and quality always effects yield. The best quality always has lower yields. Crappy dispensaries just have the cheap garbage. Good dispensaries will have the option for great cannabis with a high price. Just like a great caregiver. A money grubber caregiver will only grow high yield strains because they just want mo money for nothin'. Take this info and you be the judge ….
  10. Restorium2

    Do caregivers provide an allowance?

    They take an excellent strain and cross it with a strain like Bigbud and then they get 4 times as much off each plant. Then the cannabis is not as good. Watered down is how I describe it. Like someone put water in your whiskey. Sullied. That's how they can charge less and make money. People don't complain if they don't know any better. My patients can tell the difference as I can. Most patients don't, and never had, access to the best strains. Once you do you want the best if you can get it.
  11. Restorium2

    Do caregivers provide an allowance?

    Many caregivers are patients also. That makes it so you will always have a grow and the good ones are willing to pass on their good fortune to other patients. In a circle like that you only need dispensaries to fill in. I've only had one time since 2009 that I needed a dispensary.
  12. Restorium2

    Do caregivers provide an allowance?

    After being to a dozen dispensaries they just don't have as good of cannabis as I grow. They all have watered down strains that only come close to the best strains. The caregivers that sell to dispensaries aren't the ones with the best cannabis.
  13. Restorium2

    Checking Status Of Card?

    Google Michigan Medical Marijuana LARA and then call them.
  14. Restorium2

    Do caregivers provide an allowance?

    Many caregivers have no idea what they are doing when they make promises like this to patients. Just trying to entice patients to sign with them. If it sounds too good to be true then it is. A caregiver is the same as any other farmer when it comes to selling. It costs money to grow it so they charge money for it. There's no special thing about cannabis that makes it different. If you hear some crazy complicated sales offer move on to a caregiver that has good cannabis for a decent price consistently. Keep it simple.
  15. Restorium2

    Denied med card

    From your bank. I can look at my checking account online and print a copy of the cancelled check. Any time you get stumped you can call LARA. You will have to google the number because I can't provide a link due to this website not working with Microsoft. Must really love Google. Or too lazy to fix it.
  16. Restorium2

    Regalia, Procidic2 and powdery mildew

    There's always that point when you need to move forward if nothing is working. Whack them and get them the heck out of your plant count.
  17. Remember all those negative ads Schuette put up last time when the medical marijuana law was on the ballot? Looks like he's going to be a little more stealthy with his negative marijuana campaign this time. Get out and vote that sneaky snake Schuette to the curb. He drives a wedge between marijuana and public acceptance. Always will.
  18. The abuse had to be self reported. Which has to be interpreted by a human interviewing the subjects. That means that there were at least two 'places' in the survey where the results could be skewed for any reason that the individuals felt like skewing them. It could be just wrongness. It could be on purpose. When you have the alcohol results to compare to it all comes into focus that it actually was on purpose. Bungling pseudo scientists that can't even hide their crime well. Whatever substance they are on is making them mean and stupid. They should work on that by ingesting some cannabis oil and getting off the bad drugs they are on.
  19. Restorium2

    Mid Michigan Meds???

    I don't think anyone has gotten a license from the state to transport yet. So they aren't really legal yet. Might be the lowest hanging fruit and got interfered with.
  20. I mean really all you have to do is look around at the people in your life who abuse alcohol compared to chronic marijuana users. Who are these clowns trying to fool? I sure am glad they put up the alcohol numbers too so we can see they are full of BS in this study.
  21. I call BS because they have cannabis abuse at 2.8 and alcohol abuse at 0.6. People who abuse alcohol are pickle brained in a very short time. From the observations I have made over a lifetime I that see these guesses/results are skewed. They determine these abuses by hearsay. No clinical proof of anything. Just listening to people and guessing at their scans. They let people tell them what they think has caused their accelerated aging. Then they interpret that with their preconceived ideas that they wanted to prove in the first place. I've seen this same thing with people near me. People who drink their arses off and then smoke marijuana want to blame their stupidness and confusion on the marijuana. Then they quit smoking marijuana and submerge themselves into depression and dementia. Eventually die way before their time. Yet this study is trying to tell us just the opposite. Sure looks like the alcohol lobby got their hands on this. I can't think of any other reason the alcohol and marijuana results are flip flopped to not match real world reality.
  22. Restorium2

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    To fully round out the situation; Never give your information to any stranger asking for it on the internet or what happened to these caregivers will happen to you. The caregivers that gave their information to GRASSMATCH were robbed BECAUSE they gave their identification to GRASSMATCH. At least one patient that gave their information to GRASSMATCH had their information plastered all over the internet because they gave it to GRASSMATCH. GRASSMATCH has made victims of caregivers and patients here in Michigan.
  23. Restorium2

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    Never give out your personal information to anyone on the internet. Period. End of it.
  24. Restorium2

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    We got drawn in because we are real people who actually give two hoots about others. Happens all the time. What a mess of asshats we have to deal with every day. No end to the long line of them.
  25. Restorium2

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    Super liar. You definitely are the same liar we had here that used the ID grassmatch. You denied that before. Just lies on top of lies after you started with lying.