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  1. Most likely it's just someone borrowing the name to make money off BS story.
  2. You can't find it because it's not true. It's like all the other BS flying around that's not true. Congratulations on educating yourself. Now if we could get rid of the rest of the BS we could all live happily in a society that doesn't thrive on total BS. Living on BS is not sustainable.
  3. How do you have any idea of what you are getting? Here in Michigan most everything you buy now at a real store is tested. Some online scam artist could send you some of that fake marijuana spice stuff.
  4. Just in case anyone is skeptical about what I wrote in the previous post about your cannabis limit. Here's a published quote from the Detroit News where attorney Matt Abel advises: Can I grow my own? By law, people can grow up to 12 marijuana plants per household, and if you grow your own, there's no limit to how much marijuana you can possess. The 12 plants should be indoors, or outside in a locked enclosure that is not easily visible from public areas. Growing on rental properties is subject to landlord approval.
  5. It depends on how long they are in the freezer. They slowly dry and expel their moisture onto the glass. I have had jars come out of the freezer that need very little dry time because they were in there for a year. I take the buds out of the jar right away and lay them on a flat surface. Within a few minutes you will be able to tell how much more dry time they need. Most of the time the buds need some more drying. I found that the best part about this technique is you don't have to worry about mold. Once those pounds are in the freezer it's like you put them in the
  6. I have my own cryo cure procedure that I have been perfecting for large crops, poundage. First you wet trim off the large leaves and the small leaf tips sticking out of the buds. Then you place the buds on screens in a room with approximately 45 % humidity for two days or until you just start to feel the outside of the buds getting dry. Then you place the buds in jars in your freezer. You can leave them like that for just about as long as you want to. It's an ultra slow cure. You have to be careful when you take the jars out of cold storage. You must remove the
  7. That's where you went off the track, assuming I haven't tried most every way. Like I said, I've been growing since 1979. I've dried every which way. I observe and apply science as I learned in college long ago. People dry trim because they have to, not because they want to. Then they make excuses. I don't need to argue. What you call 'argue' I call research. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and used your 'opinion' in my research. Spent some time with you and your ideas. I suggest you read up on the cryo.
  8. After decades of trying every kind of curing for cannabis I have been perfecting the Cryo Cure: Cryo Cure: perfecting the cannabis drying and curing process 10th March 2020 Cryo Cure CEO Tracee McAfee showcases the benefits of freeze drying in cannabis production. For decades, freeze drying has been a long discussed, but never perfected, method for drying cannabis before curing. Supported by respected cannabis cultivation authorities such as Ed Rosenthal, freeze drying has been praised for its ability to preserve flower and reduce moisture cont
  9. Total unscientific analysis of something you 'think' is true but is easily proven false by science. The only 'ways' I'm stuck in/on is trying to understand others when they disagree with me. I've spent plenty of time trying to unravel your theory. I'm willing to spend whatever time it takes, I'm patient. What I'm seeing here from you here in your writing is a desperate attempt at justifying lazy trimming because if you don't cut those close leaves off right away they curl in and are permanently part of the bud. That would not ever be a good thing. I'm not surprised
  10. I watched the video. It doesn't back up your theory at all. All it says that comes remotely near your theory is that wet trimming would let you dry too quick if you are stupid enough to do that. Who would do that? No one here I bet. Don't do that. The video explains quite well how wet trimming could easily be superior to dry trimming.
  11. What I have observed is the longer you wait to trim the more trichs you knock off when you do it. In fact, this year I realized while trimming outdoor buds after a rain while they are extremely wet, my scissors didn't even get sticky. Leave the 'sticky' on the bud! The wetter the better. This 'wet bruising' you speak of, never seen it. A bud is much more resilient when it's fresh and wet. As a bud gets drier it becomes more vulnerable to damage.
  12. I think you are not understanding the difference here. The only difference is you take the leaves off sooner with wet trimming. Please explain how leaving the leaves on a little longer could help with a cure? I'm a science guy and I'm always looking to learn things and the mechanisms behind it. You said you want to make sure 'the new grower' gets the right info. I'm an old grower since 1979. I've dried cannabis every way you can think of, however, there's always something to learn.
  13. Exactly. Master different techniques. You can get exactly the same results from wet trimming as dry trimming. It's just easier to take the leaves and leaf tips off before they curl in. The more leaf material gone the better. Science will tell you that. The leaves hold a higher percentage of waxes and sugars that add harshness when smoked and vaped. This can be proven scientifically by careful extraction of different samples and observation of the resultant.
  14. I have to say you have failed at wet trimming. It's the only reason you think dry trimming is better.
  15. I spent three years in Texas working construction. It takes a lot less gas to drive to Texas than it does to drive back to Michigan ... because Texas sucks. lol
  16. You should try to get off the prescription pain pills and get down to over the counter type. They are not good for the long term like cannabis.
  17. 1) You don't have to separate the plants. You are the plant manager and you decide who gets what from whatever plants. You are in charge. Just keep them locked so no one else can get to them. 2) Keep copies of the original paperwork. 3) EVERYONE can go to the dispensary and buy what they want. And it's their business what and when they buy it. It's totally separate from what you are doing as a caregiver. As a caregiver you can buy from the dispensary for your patients. A caregiver is the only one who can buy from a dispensary and transfer it to someone else, your patient. There
  18. Take the leaves off, trim it, before you dry it. Then it dries better and you don't have the leaves all curled in and stuck onto the bud. Takes ten times as long to trim a bud with leaves curled in and stuck. Might not ever get a proper trim if you don't do it wet.
  19. Not that much of a market anymore. Everyone can grow if they want to, it's legal. For those two reasons I don't think they are using the right to grow 12 more plants (for you) to make a killing. They probably just can't grow. If they made some incredibly good offer to you for free weed then it was too good to be true. If it's possible at all negotiate a deal with them. Otherwise you can get some from the dispensary.
  20. Oh, not good. Did you know that Rick swept up a bunch of scraps from trimming off the floor, threw them in a big pot outside, and boiled them in alcohol to make his oil? Very non medical. He made a video of it. Now cannabis oil, that Rick was attempting to make in a very sloppy way, should be treated like food and the specialized alcohol should be carefully collected as it's boiled off. I think the part of the story that turns my stomach the most is he put his name on it and people repeat it to this day. If you have clean oil I wouldn't put Rick's name on it.
  21. T Willis Rippin needs a caregiver right near outdoor harvest? Seriously?
  22. You don't need much on the second run. A quart would work. Enough so that when you put it back in the fridge the butter can float on top.
  23. LOL You mean Richard Simmons? Yup. It's cannabis oil. But Richard Simmons made some excellent oil. Always remember it was Richard Simmons.
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