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  1. Oh, not good. Did you know that Rick swept up a bunch of scraps from trimming off the floor, threw them in a big pot outside, and boiled them in alcohol to make his oil? Very non medical. He made a video of it. Now cannabis oil, that Rick was attempting to make in a very sloppy way, should be treated like food and the specialized alcohol should be carefully collected as it's boiled off. I think the part of the story that turns my stomach the most is he put his name on it and people repeat it to this day. If you have clean oil I wouldn't put Rick's name on it.
  2. T Willis Rippin needs a caregiver right near outdoor harvest? Seriously?
  3. You don't need much on the second run. A quart would work. Enough so that when you put it back in the fridge the butter can float on top.
  4. LOL You mean Richard Simmons? Yup. It's cannabis oil. But Richard Simmons made some excellent oil. Always remember it was Richard Simmons.
  5. Quite the resume! Seems incredible that you would have time to do anything but your job. So you say that you 'witnessed' the best breeders in America. Well that is just boastful and can't be entirely true because the best breeders are the unknown ones who provided the building blocks behind all the best strains we have today. Since you have only two posts and are bragging your arse off you don't seem quite real yet.
  6. I agree. The plant knows how to trim itself at this point. If it isn't using the leaves they die and fall off.
  7. If you really want to give a gift you don't have to demand things ........ you just give.
  8. GIFT???? My requirements are simple I would like an ounce a month green butter You will be required to pay for my doc and state fee
  9. The One in the know isn't. He's waiting for your judgement day to giggle at you.
  10. It seems like you are trying to say that someone can grow a whole lot using your patient plant rights? Can't really tell for sure because you have it shrouded in drama. Look, people HAVE grow rights already. They don't need to pay you for yours. They can grow 12 huge plants in the sun. They don't need to complicate it having you on their back.
  11. There are dispensaries so why would you let anyone 'consistently' rip you off? Is it a relative or something? Or are you asking for something for nothing? There are many sources these days asking a fair price so no one needs to stick with a bad source. This is a flashback from the days when there weren't any sources. The world moved on from there ....
  12. Another thing to help stimulate a change to budding would be cutting back on nitrogen at the expected transition point. I have heard that hammering them with nitrogen rich fertilizer can prolong veggiing.
  13. The genetics he has also points to a late flowering cannabis strain. The best strains are like that. The weaker ones bud earlier. The plants I have outdoors that share some of the genetics with his plant are just starting to bud. This has been the best year for growing outdoors I can remember as long as you have a water source because we are in a second drought right now.
  14. This is just for you Wild Bill. We had a really nice hydrangea plant that quit flowering. I researched why it would be doing that and came up with a few ideas that turned out to be not the problem. It's planted next to the pool. Always bloomed beautifully. Last year I had a half a dozen mother plants that I figured I would put outside in the back yard, since it's legal now. They grew fantastically, big healthy plants. When the time came for them to bloom they just kept vegging except for there being a few buds that were on the far side from the light. They just kept
  15. Two weeks after you found a dark spot. Then figure on at least 6 weeks before harvest. 8 would be better. From the looks of the weather forecast for this fall it looks good into October.
  16. Last year. Big LED yard light on my barn. No buds on one side of plants facing the light. First hand experience I shared. Terrible thing. Nice to be able to help someone after having that loss.
  17. Fire them and find a new source. Make sure to let LARA know you want them unconnected to you through the registry. You don't want to be affiliated with them anymore in case they get in trouble.
  18. This video will give you an idea of how you winterize filter;
  19. Not hard but it does have a lot of steps and you have to buy some hardware. You will need the iso machine or a homemade machine that does the same thing. And a few things to do the filtering like a vacuum pump or a seal a meal with vacuum. Couple chemistry items like a special flask and filtering funnel. This is like making coffee old school then filtering it a special way.
  20. You are very welcome! This is one of those rare times when I actually could help someone. Most times on the internet everything gets all fogged up and I can't help anyone. What you said here means a lot to me and I appreciate it.
  21. I make oil for cartridges. I use an ISO2 machine with 100% alcohol that I proofed with the machine. You have to winterize and refilter it so the electric vape will burn it.
  22. You would have went right to frost with no buds. Or buds just on the side the light doesn't hit. Now give it two weeks and you will see buds.
  23. One thing to really look out for is light pollution. If you are growing near any yard lights make sure their light is blocked from reaching the plant. If there's light pollution she will never bud.
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