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  1. Keep in mind that every time I ran a cycle of the 4' x 8' SCROG I would produce a couple pounds which made it a little tough to stay in the rules for medical. Always over weight. Always needing a full patient count. Like hurding cats! Now I can have as much as I legally grow on my 12 outdoor plants, no limit. No worries. Always legal. Man on the cannabis mountain.
  2. Never had root rot once. The high oxygen stops it. But I did have slowed growth when the temps were not ideal. Usually too cold. I don't have heat problems because I move a lot of air. I do a 4' by 8' SCROG with two Rainforest units. They fill the screens with buds. Very short veg time. It was the way to go before the rule changes here in Michigan. When you can grow 50 pounds a year or more legally outdoors I'm not under any pressure to grow indoors anymore. What a relief!!! Haven't had a large power bill lately. It's all good.
  3. With the volcano I have found that you set it on 7, medium high, and then vape until you get the desired effects. If you don't like a lot of THC then fill the chamber really full and don't vape it until it tastes like popcorn. You can use the duff, leftover stuff from the chamber, to make some really nice cannabis oil.
  4. 12 volt servo motor sitting above the reservoir with a shaft that extends down to the disc that spins a few inches above the water level causing a highly oxygenated area in the upper root zone. I buried my reservoirs beneath the floor of my basement and use aquarium heaters to get the temps just right and consistent.
  5. Coronavirus: Research, Commentary, and News | Science | AAAS (sciencemag.org)
  6. All very good info. The rainforest 66 doesn't use pumps and nozzles. It uses a vortex sprayer that pulls the liquid up a cone and flings it off a disc at the top of the cone. No heat increase without a pump. No clogs because there isn't an orifice that the liquid has to pass through. The spraying all goes on under a cover so there's no humidity added to the room.
  7. I have been growing cannabis using aeroponics since 2009 with a lot of success using this system; General Hydroponics RainForest 66 Aeroponic System
  8. Me too. Maybe it helps beard growth? Put some hair on your chest for sure. lol
  9. Here's the test; Ever see a bald chronic cannabis user? lol
  10. What?????????????? Since when is it safer and more legal to use one of those cheap pens burning something like oil but with junk mixed in it?
  11. Millen said Greenhouse is on target to generate a total of $150,000 in excise taxes alone for 2020 Y x .16 = $150000 Y =$937500
  12. Yup. It was there when I first started looking in the 70's. We had a specific name for it, ditchweed. Wild weed that has been taking care of itself for generations. Just a weed with some nice fiber to it. Make some rope. Probably very little THC and some CBD. Always gave me a headache when I smoked it. It's one of the reasons I'm biased against the low THC weed that people try to build up like it's the newest and best thing going because it doesn't get you high just like the ditchweed. Nothing new, just another thing for a snakeoil salesman to re invent for money. One man's trash i
  13. Green generating green: 1 year in, rec marijuana adds $73M to Michigan budget By Aileen Wingblad awingblad@medianewsgroup.com; @awingblad on Twitter Nov 30, 2020 Comments Facebook Twitter Email File photo Facebook Twitter Email
  14. The paralyzer is a strain that has been in Michigan since the 70's, however it was produced from foreign strains.
  15. A good baseline for a patient is to pay for your own license and then pay for your bud. Keep it simple. Always remember that growing cannabis indoors is a fine art. Sometimes a mediocre grower would only get a few ounces off 12 plants, or NONE. Imagine a new grower spending thousands on equipment, grow supplies, higher electric bill, then only get a couple ounces to sell.
  16. We grow trees here in Michigan. LOL
  17. To make it very simple; Clones are marijuana. It's illegal to sell marijuana without a special license and pay the appropriate fees and taxes. With that said, most prosecutors are ignoring small time sellers unless they want to use it for leverage on you for other reasons. So if you are selling clones publicly you have your neck way out there.
  18. There are hundreds of dispensaries in Michigan that have them now. All kinds.
  19. There's another thing we have in common, wife smokes enough for both of us. lol I think that you would have to smoke or vape to get the beneficial effects that would help fight off Covid !9. I smoked for a lot of years and now mostly vape with a Volcano. I know that with smoking cannabis, and more so with vaping, you sluff off the dead cells in your lungs. I have read in science papers published on Covid 19 that one of the first ways it attacks is it uses those dead and contaminated lung cells to cause infections in your blood, blood clots that cause strokes and heart atta
  20. Outdoor is where it's at for poor people. Hands down a cheaper product that is just as good quality wise if you do it right.
  21. Nothing wrong with looking to cannabis for stress. Better than what you are trying to sell to unsuspecting folks. You actually have this totally backwards, lies for money. So sad .....
  22. If you want some solid cheering up, not some hollow feeling of quasi good cheer flinging your money to the crooked casinos, then give the money that you would have given to the evil ones to folks in need. You don't have to look very far these days to find people truly in need. Your heart will fill with joy! The best part is you don't feel like you were robbed like with the casinos. You feel good, forget your troubles, with no bitter aftertaste.
  23. The thing about online casinos is that they don't have to pay out anything. So why would they? They just try to coax you with small wins to take as much of your money as they can. I wish everyone would wake up to the fact that casinos just suck away your cash and eventually leave your wallet and your heart empty. God Bless the poor people who get sucked into this scam.
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