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  1. 5 minutes ago, washtenaut said:

    I have been reading a bit more about the 'cytokine storm' that seems to overwhelm the lungs in covid-19 patients.  This is essentially an overreaction by our immune system to the virus.  It seems that this overreaction is at the heart of the fluid build up in the lungs and so to the shortness of breath issue.

    I am no expert in this field, unfortunately.  From what I have read, many of the potential pharma treatments try to also quiet this cytokine storm.  I am just curious if there is any actual research on using cannabinoids to try to treat covid-19 patients.


    I have a disease that makes my immune system get out of control like the cytokine storm. I have used a combination of Enbrel and vaping cannabis to control it. The disease has attacked my lungs. I have been diagnosed with asthma because of it. After years of my combination of Enbrel and vaping cannabis I no longer have asthma symptoms. That would be anecdotal evidence that anti inflammatory drugs could very well save people from dying of the COVID 19 virus. We may never have the kind of evidence one would need to recommend it. All we can do at this point is observe and try to make sense out of it. 

  2. 14 hours ago, rambozo420 said:

    So Black Sabbath Children of the Grave comes to mind. As a side note this concert was held on my first Birthday.1974 April 06. Just remember We outnumber Them.... look at the crowd and be Brave cause You Children of Tomorrow are the Children of the Grave.

    So (wanna bee)Child of the Grave;

    If you wanted to show there is love in your heart to save the world then you would be offing this service and not acting like you are entitled to it.

    Find a true child of the grave to learn from. 

  3. 1 hour ago, glued gorilla said:

    Cloner is at 75, I will try it. All other strains had bumps at 5days, at 10 days 3/4 of the other clones are ready to come out. Just thinking could be a slow rooting genetic, my diesel is the same way. Wish I had her in there as a comparison, giving her a break though.

    Yup, 75 is too cool for the hard rooters. They will root eventually at 75, much quicker a little warmer. Also, if the room is cold you need warmer water. I read that a few years back and it holds true. Always noticed that my clones took longer to root in the winter when my rooms are cooler. Went a little warmer and they came back up to speed.

  4. 10 hours ago, rambozo420 said:

    I know where's the big bribe and profit money in that. In the pocket of the People!

    I would take the job. Would have my whole life. 

    People would have to pass a basic knowledge test like an SAT. And a civics test. And a history test. 

    Then they would have to answer a survey about how they would approach many situations that a politician might encounter making decisions.

    That survey would be posted under their name when you choose who to vote for. 

    If they get elected, every vote they make gets posted beneath the survey to make sure they are staying true to their stated ideals.

    Then we get rid of all the bamboozling. (like that word today)

  5. 10 hours ago, rambozo420 said:

    One subject about the whole Marijuana movement really just has me perplexed. Ok so farmers can now grow hemp but it has to have a super low THC level. Goat ropers are charging up to 65 dollars a gram for high THC hemp. Let's pass an initiative for unrestricted hemp. And let the chips fall where they may.

    Perplexed? The people who get legal bribes and sell grow licenses would have to pass it.  You think you can bamboozle them Bozo? They pay close attention to their cash cows. 

    People have been trying to bamboozle their way into the cannabis market puffing smoke about hemp for a long time now. It's soooo old. 

    The costume is tattered and doesn't hide anything anymore. 


  6. 1 minute ago, rambozo420 said:

    This is why I try to keep tabs at this site. Does anyone remember the 9&10 news story about the young man selling chocolate and gifting flowers online out of Detroit. What's that follow up story I truly hope a happy one. No B.S. I just wish it could be transferred like a roadside veggie stand it would be the biggest job creation in History and a Dime on time if You ask Me

    We pay the piper because of the lobbyists that legally bribed the politicians to make it legal. 

    Go around that and find out what they have dreamed up to keep their cash cow. 

    If you keep in mind what the businesses pay to be able to grow and sell you realize why everyone doesn't get to sell. 

    It all has to add up and make sense. It doesn't make any sense for one person to pay a huge amount to sell and another does it because they want to. 

  7. 17 minutes ago, rambozo420 said:

    Just a thought but recently on the news. They had a story that promoted people getting their prescriptions from out of country at a cheaper price than here in the United States through the mail. Since it would not be crossing state lines and it's legal in our state. Would not a secure and a discreet package through the mail be an option? I dont know.

    After it's legal federally. 

    I'm not sure that it would be a good idea to buy your cannabis site unseen..... I wouldn't do it. Most people want to see what they are buying when it comes to flower. It's old school common sense. 

  8. 1 hour ago, washtenaut said:

    Hi Resto.  Hope you are staying safe.  I fear it will get ugly real soon.  We need a miracle though I think at this point.

    I could possibly have (or, hopefully had) covid-19.  When I got ill in early February, it was not thought to be in this country so I just stayed home for a couple of weeks, trying to get better and to not expose friends to the 'flu'.  I hear antibody type tests are on the way so someday maybe I will check to see if I had it. 


    Actually I wasn't posting for myself but was wondering if the breathing relief I experienced with cannabinoids was noticed or utilized by anyone else.  As you know this covid-19 virus sends people to the hospital when they cannot breathe well.  If a BB sized drop of high THC cannabis concentrate can assist breathing and allow patients to cough more productively, it may be a helpful treatment if not a cure. 


    Has anyone else used cannabis for this or in any other fashion to help in this covid-19 outbreak?  If so, how have you found it helpful?

    I use a volcano vaporizer on a low heat setting for a breathing treatment. Always works great for my wife and I. We both have asthma although mine is in remission now since the breathing treatments, no more inhaler. 

    I had a virus back in October that mimics the symptoms reported from COVID 19 infected individuals. I was working out of town at the time and wasn't near anyone while I was sick. I had been near some folks that had recently been to China. The wife of the man I was near had just died of an 'illness'. Never thought that much about it until it hit the news in December. By that time I was completely over it. 

  9. 20 hours ago, washtenaut said:



    (Posted elsewhere but thought some might be able to benefit....or share any other information on the subject.  Most here are more educated on cannabis than the original audience so I don't mean to insult anyone's intelligence)


    I doubt cannabis can do much to fight the covid-19 pandemic.  Cannabinoids seem to nudge the body's own systems to act....generally relatively slowly.  This illness seems to overwhelm the respiratory system so quickly, I doubt cannabis would kill it off before it kills off a vulnerable host.  However, cannabis may yet have a role in treating symptoms.

    I caught a respiratory bug in early February (probably from the Buffalo Sabres game on 2/4).  I woke up on the 8th feeling crappy with a very heavy chest.  For medical cannabis patients, most often their underlying reason for taking med cannabis does not go away just because they have now added in a cold or the flu.  Same for me and when trying to smoke when I got this illness, it felt like the coughing may make my lungs turn inside out....way too irritating. 

    (I am not a medical professional so these opinions are just based on my experiences.) 

    To address one's underlying issues, you can still get medicinal benefits by ingesting differently, cannabis oil or edibles specifically.  THC is a known bronchdilator and it can help with some types of breathing difficulties.  If you read the articles above, in addition, there is some indication that cannabis suppresses immune response.  If the immune response may be responsible for worsening breathing issues at some point, modulating that response may help.  In other processes, endo-cannabinoids are essentially messenger molecules which tamp down 'overactive' responses.  I am just speculating here to explain the following.

    When I was ill I had access to high THC cannabis concentrate as well as cannabis infused coconut oil and used a little of both with my morning coffee.  Over the next several hours the positive impact on my chest congestion was so good, I thought I might actually be getting over the illness.  I could breathe soooo much better.  My cough continued but for a few hours the cough was much more productive at hoarking up lung mucus (sorry for that image).

    Although the illness should be gone by now, I don't yet feel 100%.  I have had lingering congestion.  Is that related to immune suppression of cannabis?  It may be, I don't know, and that would certainly be a terrible side effect if so.  Before writing this up, I wanted to repeat today the cannabis/coffee experiment mentioned above.  Right now, the impact is the same, my breathing is again very much improved. 

    If you have access to cannabis concentrates and/or cannabis infused coconut oil, buy some.  If not, you may want to consider making your own.  These products will allow you to get benefits from cannabis without smoking or vaping.  The following link goes into detail on canning the resultant oil but that is unnecessary.  The finished product can be kept for years without sealing or refrigeration. 


    Even though the chances are slim you could have COVID-19. It started back in November in China. It's a small world. 

  10. 13 hours ago, rambozo420 said:

    Patient seeking caregiver !$? I'm seeking someone that is receptive to having plant rights for 12 plants for the next 2 years. My requirements are simple I would like an ounce a month green butter when You make a batch and access to genetics that I deem righteous also You will be required to pay for my doc and state fee I realize some will be horrified by my proposal I'm looking for someone else

    Nice to see you are still kickin'. This is 2020 and the world has moved on. It's legal. No one needs your plant rights anymore. 

  11. From an indoor grower and inventor's point of view;

    What we need is a reflector that bounces all the light around so that the total footprint is the same in any prescribed area. 

    No single LED light points straight at the plant, they all get bounced off a reflective surface so their output can be 'shared' on the whole grow canopy. Or a very well thought out disco ball with thousands of small reflective surfaces that match the pattern of LED lights on the fixture. Making the distance the light travels from each LED the same to it's place in the pattern on the canopy. The problem they have right now is the travel distance to the outer edges of the canopy. 

    A hint at what is needed is the sun and our ozone layer that disperses the light so all we need is one source of light for the whole planet. 

    What we really need is a 'smart reflector'. 

  12. The whole idea that they had to only use these expensive lights is suspect. 

    Then the gavita comes out on top when it's obvious to anyone who has been researching them they don't produce the better 'spread' that is displayed on the testing results. Everyone wants that 'spread' of PAR. You can get the best spread by daisy chaining the cheap ones together for the perfect overlap. Modular is the better way to go. 

    What a savvy LED light researcher comes out with from this 'lab testing' is that Gavita paid for it and they are scared that lights costing half as much do the same thing. 

  13. 18 hours ago, semicaregiver said:

    Found an interesting link regarding LED light testing.   The piece is by the owner of a grow store, Growershouse, in Arizona.   While he may have a commercial interest in promoting one light over another, I have in the past found him to be honest.  He also has a youtube series,  Grower's Network,  with fascinating interviews on some of the commercial grows and individuals such as Scott Reach, Rare Dankness owner.     As an aside, his pricing use to be good, 3 yrs ago, but local hardware and nutrient pricing here in MI have dropped below his online prices.  Anyway, for what it is worth....


    Nice. Looks like the Gavita has the best 'spread'. Yet it isn't the best in many other testing results I have seen. Too bad they had to only use expensive lights in the test. They said it was because the testing is expensive too! Sounds kind of biased to me. 

  14. When I switched from the old lights to LED I bought a meter that tells you the PAR(light available for plant growth) output of any light. 

    A meter is the only way to tell what a light is putting out. Guessing doesn't work very good. 


  15. 16 hours ago, garyfisher said:

    How would a hiring company know about a lawsuit you had unless they dug REALLY deep.  I dont see many companies going further than a background/criminal check 

    They would know because the guy probably starts off his resume saying he owned Triple Ripple Hydro. Google that and they easily find the whole story. Or just look at his facebook page. Everyone is an open book these days if you didn't make an effort all along to keep your stuff private. 

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