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  1. Last year. Big LED yard light on my barn. No buds on one side of plants facing the light. First hand experience I shared. Terrible thing. Nice to be able to help someone after having that loss.
  2. Fire them and find a new source. Make sure to let LARA know you want them unconnected to you through the registry. You don't want to be affiliated with them anymore in case they get in trouble.
  3. This video will give you an idea of how you winterize filter;
  4. Not hard but it does have a lot of steps and you have to buy some hardware. You will need the iso machine or a homemade machine that does the same thing. And a few things to do the filtering like a vacuum pump or a seal a meal with vacuum. Couple chemistry items like a special flask and filtering funnel. This is like making coffee old school then filtering it a special way.
  5. You are very welcome! This is one of those rare times when I actually could help someone. Most times on the internet everything gets all fogged up and I can't help anyone. What you said here means a lot to me and I appreciate it.
  6. I make oil for cartridges. I use an ISO2 machine with 100% alcohol that I proofed with the machine. You have to winterize and refilter it so the electric vape will burn it.
  7. You would have went right to frost with no buds. Or buds just on the side the light doesn't hit. Now give it two weeks and you will see buds.
  8. One thing to really look out for is light pollution. If you are growing near any yard lights make sure their light is blocked from reaching the plant. If there's light pollution she will never bud.
  9. When you dig down deep all the originals are someone's life's work. Of course they are. Because they wouldn't be still around otherwise. It takes a lot of time to make a stable strain that good. They never did produce great though. And they are harder to grow than the crosses. They do not fit with an agenda to make a ton of money. So then comes the cross breeders that are not willing to spend their life on it, they just want fast cash and something to lie for money about. That's why none of them measure up.
  10. Yup everyone is standing on his shoulders. Telling stories. Pretending.
  11. The whole chem family came from an excellent Colorado breeder that kept to himself.
  12. You would rather believe in an 'accident' than give a breeder credit. How much credit do you give a 17 year old stoner who found some seeds out of a bag compared to the breeder that produced the strain in the first place?
  13. Once you understand breeding you can cut right through that stoner bagseed story and understand that it was the breeder that made Dogbud that was the true breeder that deserves the credit.
  14. When you brought up bagseed we were talking about two different things. Bagseed isn't breeding at all. You are off on a tangent.
  15. Breeding is far more complex then people think. First of all you have to understand that someone that grows great Cannabis will not necessarily be a great breeder. A breeder needs to not just know the female plants but also how to breed and select the correct males. To have a complete genetic library you need the males as well. Breeding is a discipline in itself. Many strains that are on the market now are strains that were were created quickly and are genetically unstable. We call these F1’s. To get what we call a true breed it takes a lot of backbreeding of the strain amongst
  16. You really need to understand breeding better. If I can help just let me know. Goggle it a little and understand the process better.
  17. No. You are sadly mistaken. People spent their whole lives on perfecting these original strains. Your lack of knowledge is making you spout off in disrespect. It's very ironic that you say I live in a box when it is you that is isolated from the reality of breeding cannabis correctly and it's history. Where does this come from these days? People pretending to know things they don't, then in their wrongness totally berating someone else's life's work. Breeding is very complicated and doesn't involve accidental bag seed.
  18. Good example. New cross on an original. It's standing on chem d's shoulders. Just like I said earlier. They all stand on the original's shoulders. Twist it this way and that and once in a while get the real deal shine through from the chem d. It's just not going to be stronger than the original. Different and almost as strong.
  19. You see they are already maxed out on potency. No one wants something stronger than original chem d. If they even could of been made stronger in the first place they would have been. They are the best. The best had already been bred with each other long ago. You have to understand the story, the history behind the strains. All you can come up with is hypothetical reason how they could have been bred 'better', 'stronger' and all you really ended up with is weaker with a different taste. Now if that's what you want it's 'better'.
  20. Ok. Then show me one strain that was successfully bred from the originals just to increase potency.
  21. Now you went over the line. There's no possible way this is true. The basic building blocks of all the strains that are even decent stand on the shoulders of the originals. If you are standing on the shoulders, saying you are better is just wrong and totally ungrateful. This is more stinging these days with folks taking credit for what others have done while they stand on the shoulders of those they say they are better than.
  22. From what I'm seeing outdoors, my plants that share a little genetic material with yours are stretching a little. That is showing me they got the 'signal'. I mark that as reference comparable to when you see the stretch after you switched your lights to 12/12. So I'm thinking that we are about a week into the flower cycle for the late bloomers. On 'sharing' genetic material. Maybe you will get super lucky and see the stronger effects of some of those excellent genes deep down under that laundry list of BS the breeders piled on. Like seeing some abs after you burned all the fat off your b
  23. The folks that bred the 'originals' had a whole different purpose. That's the difference. The difference between breeding just for the quality of the effects as compared with now the breeders lean towards quantity and they will tell you that the 'taste' can make up for the lack of the originals' effects. It's all a trade off. The breeders of the originals moved cannabis is a direction and the newer breeders have taken it in a different direction to fit the needs of the industry, not the individuals. It's always a trade off so a change of 'intentions' changes everything. You have to be ab
  24. This discussion brings me to the realization that what I grow hasn't ever been about what I wanted, always what others wanted. These jars empty while others only get 'tried'. When you own the candy store you know what people like. One thing about a really good strong strain like Original Diesel Headband from the San Fernando Valley, even if it comes in a little 'sub par' the effects are always there. The weaker strains need to be 100% to even be acceptable. I went from the 70's to the 90's only having Mexican for half the year most of the years. My standards are low.
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