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  1. Any time I run into a 'point of contention', for the sake of finding the truth rather than just thinking I'm right, I do some checks. What I just did was to ask several patients who have had access to GG4 to give me a comparison to my SVF strains. They all said that they wouldn't ever smoke the GG4 if the had the SFV strains. It would sit there and rot or they would sell it if they could. One said that a person wouldn't have any idea what they had was not as good if they had not tried the others. This is old news to me. Been around and around this block since '09. Wasted
  2. The only one on your list that I have tried is GG4. Put it this way; If I had a jar of GG4, a jar of SFV OG Kush, a jar of SFV Diesel, and a jar of original chem D, the jar of GG4 wouldn't get used. It would sit there until the others ran out. It's a decent strain but not all that like the SFV strains are. When you grow and are using the best anything less isn't worth anything at all to you. I mean I could sell it. But I wouldn't smoke or vape it.
  3. The thing about that is when you compare a strain that the dispensary or seed bank says has 20% with like an original Headband(SFV Diesel), OG Kush(SFV), or Chem D(SFV), there is a very big difference. So these numbers do not tell the whole story.
  4. Just looks like a plant that isn't going to stretch much given the time of year it is. That's not a bad thing. The plant has a really nice structure. You have done well.
  5. Tina and Thin Mint are both watered down Chem D and OG Kush. So yes, they have half good genetics and the rest is a crap shoot. Why anyone would cross chem or og in the first place? Oh, to make more production? Yup. Why else? To me that's like taking Miss America and wanting to change/make her so she can load sacks of potatoes into the farm truck! lol I'm a pot snob. I don't believe in breeding for production, I would rather find ways to help her produce with her original blood line unsullied. Not like I haven't tried dozens of these cross breeds to find the easy way to more production. E
  6. Not sure why it's not 9 feet tall with 3 months of veg. Must be that little pot.
  7. I don't think you are going to see a lot of stretch.
  8. I researched the strain did you ?? It's a cross of the very strains I grow with a lot of others for what reason? There's only one reason I can think of. More production. Crossing the old strains with the new is what they do .......
  9. I have tried seeds like these since 2009 and I'm always disappointed in the results as far as potency. It is a definite bummer. If you can get a strain that is 'full strength' it will produce about 1/4 of what these designer strains produce. I'm growing OGKush and Headband. They are legacy strains that have been around for decades. They are quality over quantity strains.
  10. The newer genetics like this are crossed to promote production. They produce huge amounts of 'weaker' cannabis. Lots of fun to grow, not so much enjoyment in the end product if you like potency. You should easily get a half pound if you grow it right.
  11. I think everyone that grows has guns in the house. Guns are only a problem if you are committing a crime. They compound the issue. So stay inside the rules and keep your gun for home protection. It's your constitutional RIGHT!!
  12. I see a lot of corn tasseling out early because it was hot and dry.
  13. You can get the size you need. This one puts out almost double what you get out of your home tap. https://www.ebay.com/itm/70-PSI-Washdown-Deck-Wash-Pump-Kit-12-V-5-0-GPM-High-Pressure-for-Yacht-RV-Boat/224091762423?hash=item342ce8eef7:g:CvcAAOSwyDVfGo~c
  14. I think the sole reason that they fragment cannabis is because they believe that makes it so the average user can't replicate 'the cure'. To just use a plant in it's natural form wouldn't make them any money. So they move directly towards lab created stuff so they can patent and monopolize.
  15. Of course it couldn't be just smoking a joint. They have to do some 'special' subtraction of the THC for it to even be considered. Just the terpenes and CBD, NO THC FOR YOU! THC would make it a bad drug 'just for bad people'.
  16. Right now at the local dispensary: Recreational Ounces; $200 Medical Ounces; $150 Same stuff.
  17. I have been harassed, herded around, belittled, called a bad person just because I smoke marijuana. All my life! I have one conviction for smoking a joint in a park back in 1979. That's how well I learned to 'sneak around'. A whole life filled with having to sneak around. So now I empower myself with all the rights I can get. I have a pile of medical marijuana cards. Used to be I could lose everything at the whims of a prosecutor and a judge. Now I'm the guy they don't want to mess with. Be that person.
  18. CBG vs CBD: What Are the Differences? Article Feb 07, 2020 Alexander Beadle Science Writer @alexbeadlesci Products containing cannabidiol (CBD) have exploded in popularity over the past few years, as the cannabinoid’s reputed anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects have made it into a trendy ingredient for skincare brands and “wellness” products. As the major non-intoxicating component in cannabis, CBD is fairly abundant in common cannabis strains, making the
  19. Seems to me you probably got repeated prompts to renew it. Yet you did nothing until I posted this thread. Glad I could bring it to your attention. To put things into perspective, no one should ever use a website that doesn't have these basic protections. Sure, it could be nothing, or it could be the first sign that a website was taken over for uses that are not in anyone here's best interest. That's why you get the warning. Because something is wrong. Ignore warnings and suffer, it's how the world rolls and it's much less 'forgivable' these days.
  20. I get enough spam already. On top of that anyone who signs in gets their password stolen. Your location is stolen. All the cookies you are carrying showing your browsing history is stolen. This is just like not wearing a mask for covid. Plenty of excuses and only one solution= Be responsible and make the web site proper so their are a lot less chances of victims because of your laziness. Same with masking up in public, quit being lazy and wear it. I'm totally fed up with lazy people being stupid when the stakes are so high. And with that, until this site 'masks up' you ar
  21. Just? It's game over for a website without it. Shouldn't even have come back here and posted this. Adios until it's fixed. Stay safe.
  22. This site is not secure This might mean that someone’s trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server. You should close this site immediately.
  23. For outdoors. That would work. Right now the sun is beating down on any exposed ground and drying it up. If you have water close then it doesn't matter and actually gives to a chance to add water and nutes as often as you want to. However, if a watering source is difficult to use at a location the mulch would help. With my cannabis plants, they are big enough already to shade the ground beneath them and there's no need for ground cover. My pepper plants have plenty of exposed ground around them and they are drying out almost every day. They could use something to keep the moisture in the
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