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  1. First, a qualified patient fills out their paperwork to make you their caregiver.
  2. Here's one; https://weedmaps.com/doctors/mja-healthcare
  3. Walter's Garden over in Zeeland has the shiz. LOL
  4. Advice to all tenants and landlords that are concerned about marijuana use; Tenant; Always ask about your rights with medical marijuana before you sign a lease. Landlord; Always include specifics about marijuana in the lease.
  5. The boss is the landlord. He owns the property. He said to get out. Wouldn't want to live like that. The tenant should move. It's the only answer for eventual tranquility.
  6. No. You just have to use your head and see that 12 plants are legal for everyone now. No need to be scared of 12. The lady asked if she could be around just 12 plants in her own house where her husband grew them. Only 12. Legal. Totally legal for 12. I'll write it as many times as it takes for you guys. 12 is legal for adults in Michigan even if your card says you don't possess the plants. You can grow them. You can harvest them. Your spouse can grow them and you can harvest them. You can help all you want. You can sit in the plant room and read a book if you want. Sing to them. Love them. It's legal. Enjoy your freedom. Exercise your freedom. Over 12 is a different story.
  7. The recreational law takes away the crime of having access to 12 plants. We start at a different baseline now with that law in place.
  8. It's my opinion that everybody that is an adult in Michigan can be around the 12 plants in their own house while they are being harvested by a family member. That was the question asked and answered. Being a patient with a caregiver doesn't take away that basic right. To go any further with it is just micromanaging someone beyond being reasonable.
  9. The first line of defense here would be that you have 12 at a premises and it not anyone's business past that unless someone is trying to ascertain a minor has access. Do what you want with them. So the answer is plainly; Yes, you can be around them and help harvest, of course.
  10. So you actually think that it's illegal for her to be around 12 plants here in Michigan? Seriously? The card actually took away her legal rights then?
  11. Get a grip! EVERYBODY that is an adult in Michigan can be in a room with 12 plants. She is asking if she can be in a room with 12 plants in her own house in Michigan where 12 plants are legal. What are you thinking? Are you taking away rights now from patients? It's not a ROOM FULL OF PLANTS. It's a room with 12 LEGAL MARIJUANA plants in it. Don't be worried until you get over twelve. EVERYBODY that is an adult in Michigan can harvest 12 plants whether or not they are authorized medically to possess 12 medical plants or not. We are free to do that now. No doubt about it. Exercise your brains and your rights. Think of how you are legal. If it's 12 or less at an address then you are legal.
  12. She clearly stated that less than 12 plants will be involved. That's the important detail you missed. With Michigan versus Reddin their were more than 12 plants involved. but if I am my husbands only patient (so he has less than 12 plants) can I be in the room to help with harvest?
  13. The larger issue is any transporting of recreational plants. The law is silent on the issue of transporting clones/plants so Komorn Law recommends that you don't transport recreational clones until the law becomes clearer. It's a gray area.
  14. Why would anyone trust an entity that steals advertising space for hiring employees? Must be a low life.
  15. Some strains mildew really easily.
  16. Had a thought just yesterday that if there wouldn't have been a law against cannabis I would have had a lot less reason to hate law enforcement in my early years. Thinking about that made me realize that younger folks these days, with cannabis legal, may not grow up with the rift between them and cops. Then you get this stuff still going on where cannabis gets blamed for other criminal activity, pure PROPAGANDA remains. Cannabis isn't causing this, people are. Bad people doing bad stuff with cannabis in the background. I see that law enforcement is still missing a HUGE opportunity to mend fences. Sad. Hiding behind federal law still to put people away they hate because they are involved with cannabis. Leave pot out of it and make real cases about real crime. Then you get the real criminals off the streets and quit making enemies of people who understand how bad it is to take away basic rights under false pretenses.
  17. When I think about Danny I think about back in 2009. The Normal meeting at Randys in Houghton Lake. Greg standing on a table talking about the law because the house was full. I yelled, "Anyone have clones for sale"? Sure enough Danny yelled back, "I have clones". Went over and shook his hand. That's how Danny was, always had it, whatever you asked for. Always striving to meet the need regardless of the rules. After all, we all were used to being 'illegal'. That's who we were/are all our lives, illegals. Risking everything to have something that always should have been a basic right.
  18. Trying to explain my earlier comments that you blew up on. I honestly thought I was helping you by mentioning the lack of red hairs since that happens with LEDs when you don't wait long enough. If you got it exactly how you want it then I was wrong about the hairs.
  19. Well alrighty then. It's obvious I was right about the hairs in the picture. The only strain I ever grew that didn't have red hairs all over when I harvested was BigBud. That was before I had decent genetics. It grew huge and white. You could get large harvests from it easily. What I grow now is all quality and doesn't grow huge and white like that unless I harvest early.
  20. Now you are making some sense. Folks like to blame their growing problems on everything they can think of. The good cheap lights do fine if you have your act together. No need to throw money at it.
  21. These are what I was looking at. I'm not seeing much red hair. Pretty much pure white. Is that how this strain normally finishes? No red hairs?
  22. The picture I was looking at when I made the comment that they were early was the one where you have the bud in your black gloved hand. It looks all white. Not much red hairs. I don't grow GG4 so I don't know specifically about that strain's characteristics. All of my strains are full of red hairs when they have reached their full potential. It could just be the lighting in the picture.
  23. Only if you lie and don't get caught. It's legal to gift them. This 'donation' stuff is just ignorant legally. Still means you sold it.
  24. Has to go through the state processor. To know for sure you have to ask the dispensary you are thinking of using. There have been a few writing their own rules.
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