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  1. They are closed or I would have renewed. We have to be patient right now and so does law enforcement.
  2. I would. Not like they take your house over it anymore. Have your story ready and stick to it. Worst that can happen is they trash your garden and you get a fine. It's going to depend on your situation. I can imagine situations where it would fly and others that it wouldn't. If no one complains about it you should be ok.
  3. Most all cannabis doctors are following orders to only do things that are medically necessary at this time. Emergency type stuff. So everyone will have to wait until this 'stay at home' order is over. On the bright side, you have a real excuse why you could not renew.
  4. That's a lot of plants! 72 plant medical grow with 6 cards. 12 more recreational plants. Sounds great to me.
  5. Not sure why the UAW would lie on the news and say that no auto workers in Saginaw have tested positive for Covid-19. I got a letter in the mail from Nexteer that says there was at least one person who tested positive. UAW 699 represents the plant in Saginaw that has documented Covid-19 victims. On top of that I have first hand accounts from employees. It's not going to work hiding it. Doesn't do anyone any good. No good will come from it …...
  6. yada yada They can and do get above 500 degrees which leaves a dangerous byproduct if you are using glycerin, just like what I said in the post of mine you quoted. Better to not use it. Not worth wasting time on another study about it.
  7. I have been tryin to help patients for years telling them to quit using glycerin with their oil never knowing how bad it really is. Sucks to be right sometimes ….
  8. Nice try but there's no way to defend it. Cartridges with glycerin added are a bad thing. People have damaged their lungs permanently. I have a lot of pens and a lot of experience with them. It's easy to overheat them. Easy to get over 500 F. Why would anyone try to defend glycerin anyway? Just use something better. I make my own cartridges and make the oil so you don't have to add anything. If I can make that work why can't the industry do it? Answer; They like to make it so you get more hits, watered down.
  9. Now we have documented reports from South Korea that people that had it, tested positive, recovered, tested negative for the prescribed two weeks so they could get out of quarantine, then tested positive again weeks later. 140 documented cases. A nurse in Saginaw doing testing said on the local news that she has found three different Covid viruses, mutations, so it's going to be very hard to have the right vaccine in a year when the trials get finished. That's why the regular flu vaccine fails some years, the flu mutates. So it's possible that people never really get immunity, can
  10. This covid19 pandemic became a little more 'real' for me yesterday. I checked with a friend to see if he knew anyone sick yet. His wife works at Nexteer. Three weeks ago a guy came to work sick. The first sign. Then another lady got sick before they closed down the factory. So my friend and his wife plus their little dog went to their house up north. They have been there for three weeks. A week ago they both get sick. Shortness of breath. It's not getting worse or better. He never gets sick. One of those types. No underlying weakness. He's strong yet he has it.
  11. We have a band of poorly educated people in our state. No way they will ever understand why we have to social distance. God, please help them not to suffer too much in their ignorance. This is going to go on a for long time.
  12. You mean between users? That would work. Ever better, don't share your bong right now.
  13. When I read your original post I see a beggar and a taker. That always rubs me the wrong way when I assume that you can fend for yourself. Now if you are laid up in bed most of the time I apologize. Otherwise, quit begging.
  14. Dude, can't you tell that English is their second language? Does it talk/write like any real American you have heard? It's important to be able to tell the difference. NEVER pay these types of ads any attention whether it comes in on your email, text, or a post. Nothing good will ever come from a SPAM like this. Asking them questions just gives them hope they found someone to rip off.
  15. I have a disease that makes my immune system get out of control like the cytokine storm. I have used a combination of Enbrel and vaping cannabis to control it. The disease has attacked my lungs. I have been diagnosed with asthma because of it. After years of my combination of Enbrel and vaping cannabis I no longer have asthma symptoms. That would be anecdotal evidence that anti inflammatory drugs could very well save people from dying of the COVID 19 virus. We may never have the kind of evidence one would need to recommend it. All we can do at this point is observe and try to make sense out of
  16. Make sure you don't even have the keys on you. If the keys are in the ignition they will say you are driving.
  17. So (wanna bee)Child of the Grave; If you wanted to show there is love in your heart to save the world then you would be offing this service and not acting like you are entitled to it. Find a true child of the grave to learn from.
  18. Carbon filter it no matter what. Whole house carbon filter for about $75 at Menards.
  19. Yup, 75 is too cool for the hard rooters. They will root eventually at 75, much quicker a little warmer. Also, if the room is cold you need warmer water. I read that a few years back and it holds true. Always noticed that my clones took longer to root in the winter when my rooms are cooler. Went a little warmer and they came back up to speed.
  20. Up the heat a few degrees if they are slow to grow roots. I went from 79 to 82 and my slower rooters caught right up.
  21. I would take the job. Would have my whole life. People would have to pass a basic knowledge test like an SAT. And a civics test. And a history test. Then they would have to answer a survey about how they would approach many situations that a politician might encounter making decisions. That survey would be posted under their name when you choose who to vote for. If they get elected, every vote they make gets posted beneath the survey to make sure they are staying true to their stated ideals. Then we get rid of all the bamboozling. (like that word today)
  22. Perplexed? The people who get legal bribes and sell grow licenses would have to pass it. You think you can bamboozle them Bozo? They pay close attention to their cash cows. People have been trying to bamboozle their way into the cannabis market puffing smoke about hemp for a long time now. It's soooo old. The costume is tattered and doesn't hide anything anymore.
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