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  1. Because it the closest thing we have, and it was said by someone who saw their draft that it is a close representation. Maybe MACC could point out the differences if their are many?
  2. That is old stuff. These potential dispensaries are nothing like your collective. These guys are streamlined to make money. They wouldn't need your overages at all.
  3. The legislature already said that trying to supply a dispensary with overages is way too complicated legally to work.
  4. You are a business man, think business. They can make more and run a better business being their own supplier so why wouldn't they if they can(see draft)? Look at the two business models and ask yourself which is better for the business. Also, which has a better chance to appeal to a conservative legislator?
  5. Of course they have their own forum for their paying members.
  6. It's very close to the same. I think it clears up the falsity that dispensaries want our overages. They will be growing their own as was obvious to me all along. That's just common sense. See them as they really are, a business that grows and sells. Having said that, they would be in the position to help a lot of patients, just not with their overages.
  7. Really! I was right in the middle of helping Krusty with his ISO and BOOM, banned for months. I wouldn't have done that to you man, not in a million years. I think you should be playing nice now, not throwing more rocks. We go way back to the beginning here Krusty. We can make things right again, but you need to get on board.
  8. It looks like they have a potential to help a lot of patients, as they supply them with what they grow in their ultra secure grow facility.
  9. Nope. I was told by someone who saw MACC's draft that it is very similar. And it was not blueberry.
  10. Right. I have been told that it is very close to what they have now, from someone who has seen the actual draft. Maybe you can point out the differences? Maybe MACC can? Otherwise, we have to make educated guesses to get to the truth.
  11. One way or another it always comes out. Could have been an act of good faith by MACC. Now it's just a bad leak; MACC Draft Local Control Legislation Sec. 1. Definitions. (a) “Dispensary” means an entity located in Michigan that acquires, possesses, cultivates, manufactures, delivers, transfers, and/or transports marihuana and sells, supplies, and/or dispenses marihuana to registered qualifying patients, directly or through their registered primary caregivers. “Dispensary” includes any commercial property where marihuana is sold to qualifying patients and their registered primary c
  12. Here's our dog in the fight. Please send him kind words of encourage. Tell him to keep up the good work for us. http://053.housedems.com/contact-me
  13. Since these bills can not pass with less than 3/4's it is certainly possible they could take effect immediately. Right after Snyder signs them into law, and you can bet there would be some fanfare and live news about it. Spun to look like they were for patients, but really they are LEO's Bills. There is nothing in them for patients, make sure that's clear through the fog. These Bills were brought about by law enforcement for law enforcement. Maybe some day we can get some bills for patients. More likely when we have a government that represents the people and not just law enforcement.
  14. OK So we know that MACC is writing a dispensary bill that's not quite finished yet. Here's a friendly suggestion for MACC: We have heard in the taped sessions of the legislasture that the legislature likes to say they have consulted many sources and they have reached a consensus from the 'greater community'. MACC could post their language here and then be able to truthfully say they ran their idea past 'the greater community of patients' and have found that 'the greater community of patients' thinks this would help them and be a great asset to our state. Otherwise, to say they cons
  15. Having a look at it now doesn't have anything to do with how it ends up after it is revised. We all want to see the draft. Just post it. It's either good or bad. Time will not change anything. I like this term 'greater community'. That is priceless. This was a simple request from the greater community.
  16. Please post the draft you gave Hayduke. We can start from there.
  17. That would be speculation. Why doesn't the boss that frequently flies through here do some answering? Not enough unity in MACC to even say anything(more speculation)?
  18. No berating BY ME here either. I just want a valid reason for the secrecy about something that effects all of us patients. For this question to go unanswered... I believe some people berate themselves. So you are saying the reason is that 'it's not ready' yet? Is that the obvious thing you are referring to? Or is there some other obvious reason I'm missing? You say there are a few obvious reasons. What are they? To guess what they are... well... there might be some obvious reasons that one would jump to that would be considered berating. That's why I want the real reason right out of the hors
  19. Customary? I don't know if other groups are kept in the dark until the whip comes down. If they are they shouldn't be (IMO). I don't think that others being kept in the dark is a valid reason for us to be included, do you? Have you seen it yet? You seem to be very close to the dispensary people. They show CPU, did they show you?
  20. And that is your choice to be in the dark. Some of us would rather keep these things in the bright light of day for all Michigan patients to see. Can you blame us for that? Does anyone have a valid reason the language should be secret? We are reasonable and would understand a reasonable explanation.
  21. Exactly Irish. Since the illegal pill pushers far exceed the illegal medical cannabis doctors in the state there shouldn't have been any focus on the lessor of the two evils. As Rep. Irwin pointed out, Dr. Steven Newman, President of the Michigan State Medical Society, was acting beyond his normal scope when he was reaching out to restrict us. Here's a video refresher of what went down the day Newman reached out and touched our lives as medical cannabis patients. http://www.msms.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Home&TEMPLATE=/CM/HTMLDisplay.cfm&CONTENTID=18784
  22. Since they already took out the mills, it proves the point that we didn't need any new bills to do it. LEO just needed to do their job. They dragged their feet to show a need that was not there to get restrictions they wanted but we didn't need. Please remember this if you go along with their plans for restrictions in the future. Examine the need very closely before you believe there is a need. We can all see now there was no need for any new bills restricting specifically medical cannabis doctors on the pretense of MILLS.
  23. Show us the dispensary language. There is no valid excuse not too. You show it to the legislature. You pass it out amongst your friends and tell them NOT to show us. Why is it so hard to be on the up and up? Quit treating us like mushrooms or forget about any support from patients. Show us the language or continue to be the group that patients look at with distaste. You may have done things in the past to be forgiven for, but the backroom stuff need to stop if you want any real forgiveness.
  24. Yes sir, I was thinking that very same thing myself. But our favorite MACC rep has left the building leaving us high and dry for info. This void will need to stop as we move forward with this open forum here. Post the language you came up with for patients, so patients can see it for themselves and KNOW your intent/motives. The truth may just set you free. If you did a good thing for us then use it, don't hide it.
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