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  1. Then show us the bill. We deserve to decide things for ourselves. Then we might not be jumping a shadows like you say.
  2. If dispensaries were offered the 25 mile rule like in Arizona they wouldn't hesitate to take it. These are businesses and they have no heart because they are simply businesses. If Walmart or Meijers was offered that one of them would be closed down they would accept the offer and jump for joy. Dispensaries are no different, caregivers/patient growers are their competition and don't let anyone tell you differently. They would much rather grow it than buy it, that's a fact. The only thing we small growers have to fight with is the feds, believe it or not, the feds are our advocates when you look
  3. I think we can all agree that NONE of us wanted these bills. NONE. These bills were written and introduced by LEO. They are LEO's bills. We will never let the legislature say these were for patients. There is nothing in them for patients. Nothing. It will be known forever that NONE of us wanted these and the ones who vote YES on any of these have bent us over. These are LEO's bills, period.
  4. All it takes is a look at the way the bills were first presented, and what they read like now, to know the answer to your question. Go take a nap and you got what they presented at the beginning. Work smart and you get a tiny bend that might be the thing that keeps a few patients out of jail.
  5. None of the bills were ever in patients' best interests. LEO presented them. LEO runs the show, from LARA to the COA. They pretend to 'want' to ask us what we want. So CPU tells them what we want and they(LEO) bend just a tiny bit for the sake of saying they bargained with us. That's brutally simple and honest. That tiny bend is all we can get out of the position we are in as Medical Cannabis Patients in Michigan.
  6. That wording was gone as of the last negotiations as far as you can tell. Here's a link to the newer language; http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(p0vlg145jpnlllmdn1lgvk45))/mileg.aspx?page=getObject&objectname=2011-HB-4851
  7. calumniation (plural calumniations) 1.A false accusation, or a malicious statement, about someone.
  8. I was asked to deliver this message. I'm not a member of CPU. "CPU will release a statement about who we are, what we do, and that we are nothing which Joe Cain has said we are. We are saddened by the unfortunate calumniations published about CPU, and we are heartened at what appears to be a dawning for the axiom of truth." Malamute
  9. Putting someone in jail and throwing away the key..... Never thought I would see that on our side. So somebody found the key and let me out after months in prison. There were some heartless people running this place. I hope they don't come back. If they do, always remember the ones in prison, left in the dark cold place, we will always be there waiting for someone to open the door and let us into the light.
  10. All my charcoal went to the bottom too. It doesn't float around.
  11. That is not true at all. Some patients will benefit more from oil that is not filtered. I already have seen results that prove this with 2 patients. The best is what works the best for the patient.
  12. Carbon filtering is a good OPTION. It's not necessary for every oil and every patient. Keep that in the forefront. You can make GREAT medical cannabis oil without carbon filtering. If you have impurities you need to get rid of then it'a an option. My patients are fine with the oil I make without carbon filtering. Carbon filtering is definitely not a must to have great medical cannabis oil.
  13. So, how much can a 1/4 teaspoon absorb? Any data on that? And what is the problem with using more? You guys sure are resistant to consider even slight suggestions from me. LOL Is this some sort of a competition thing? I'm just learning what works best. Maybe you guys could be a little more receptive and less defensive? How else can you improve?
  14. As you know, I did that already, and posted the results right down to the patient testimonials.
  15. LOL I used charcoal used for filtering drinking water. I'm suggesting you use a little more carbon while you are filtering. Learn, my friend, we are all here to learn.
  16. Just stating the obvious. A quarter teaspoon of carbon doesn't absorb much. That's all I'm saying.
  17. Nope. I used chunky charcoal and I got it all out with the filter. And using a teaspoon and a half of carbon isn't going to absorb very much stuff. That is just simple logic. If you have close to the same yield after filtering you didn't do much filtering at all. These are just basic principles.
  18. That one will wear your hand out. You will need the electric vacume pump.
  19. Your pic with the calendar looks light green to me. You can't filter something and end up with the same resultant if the filter works. There must be reduction when you filter or purify. PB said he didn't use SA-4 yet.
  20. Yeah, and it doesn't turn gold, it gets less green. What's up with that?
  21. I use the food dehydrator to dry it and that takes only about 6 hours for the freshest wet stuff to be ready to hit the food processor. Dump about an inch of alcohol in the reservoir and then pour a little, maybe half a cup or so, on the cannabis in the basket(with coffee filter) to give it a head start. Then run the machine for around 12 hours on high.
  22. I don't think we make better oil using the machines. What we make has more of the internal cannabinoids that can't be washed off the cannabis quickly. It would depend on what the patient responds to better as to what is better medicine. We definitely get more oil than you get from a quick wash. That is a given. That is why we use the machines, to get it all.
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