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  1. OK A lot of us caregivers are finding more oil than what you get with the quick wash. We process it for hours in the iso machines. What Krusty was asking was why would we do this if you get it all so easily just shaking it around in alcohol. You guys think we are just wasting our time or what?
  2. What do you do with what is left over? Try a longer wash on that and see what you get. Maybe add some heat, like up to 200 degree f or so. Worth a try....
  3. I use a food dehydrator and dry the heck out of it until it is very crispy. Then the food processor. I'm sure PB has other good ways to do it too.
  4. LOL All I said was you don't HAVE TO carbon filter it. Not all oil needs to be filtered and not all patients need it filtered. I didn't say you were doing anything wrong. Relax.
  5. I would like to point out that if you are growing indoors there most likely isn't any considerable radiation on your plants. Wouldn't want anyone to have unfounded fears about their crop. If you grow your plants right and properly extract the oil, you don't necessarily need to carbon purify your oil.
  6. http://www.greensmoothie.com/eat/chlorophyll.php
  7. Properly extracted cannabis oil should have been preheated to remove excess chlorophyll. Plant waxes definitely are in there. I find there is no difference in the effects with the wax taken out other than the oil has less plant wax and is just stronger. And since we are talking about eating it, there is no effect on the lungs. Insect waxes? I wouldn't use cannabis that had an insect outbreak for medical oil. I just did the activated carbon demonstration and the only difference I found, as the test subject, is that it is more concentrated. The cannabinoids kicked my butt, not the 'o
  8. We really need to define what is in properly extracted cannabis oil that could possibly hurt a patient. I believe that if the plant was pure that there is nothing in there that can hurt a patient. What "other things" are you saying could hurt a patient eating a gram and a half a day? Let's figure this out, bring it to light. What are your concerns exactly?
  9. Yeah. I would just have to make the dosage smaller with the refined/filtered oil. We use gelcaps. What would be the point in making it stronger so you would put half as much in a gelcap? It seems like a waste of time. And since the little tiny bit of extra plant material with the unfiltered, half the size of a piece of rice, doesn't hurt a human being, we don't mind eating our vegies.
  10. The reason I(I'm the patient) said it was too strong to smoke was because I overdosed. Never knew that was possible with cannabis until I tried oil. I overdose easily on pain killer pills too. That's why I always try anything new on myself first before any other patients get it. I didn't puke but it was close. Still groggy the next day and my cannabis tolerance is very high.
  11. I think I lost a little oil but mostly filtered out some plant material. It's just half as much volume and twice as strong, after filtering. Until I find a reason to make it more concentrated I will not be refining/filtering it again. The unrefined oil, right out of the machine, does everything my patients and I need it to do.
  12. I used the charcoal to refine the oil that came from my ISO2. The quantity went from 8 grams down to 4 grams. All the oil I get from the ISO2 will harden when cooled because of the plant wax and sugar left in it. The charcoal refined oil doesn't harden. Two patients tried vaping the oil with the Essential attachment. The conclusion by one was that the refined oil is too strong to smoke. The other patient said it was the strongest they ever tried and then fell asleep.
  13. Volcano duff, from your best buds that were lightly vaped, makes killer smoking oil.
  14. The oil was killer to start with. Very dark green but not harsh a bit when used with the essential vape. I wanted to see if there was any room for improvement. We will try out what is left late tonight. This oil already worked great in capsules too. I'm probably just wasting time and oil, but you have to explore to find new horizons.
  15. I used Aqua Clear charcoal. It's made for filtering drinking water.
  16. I'm distilling now and that will take a few hours. I have a lighter green mixture of about 24 ounces. I think there's oil still in there. Time will tell.... This batch was made from OG Kush.
  17. You have to make sure you use the type of chunky charcoal that is for water, not the stuff for air. There's a difference. Just like you can't use the water stuff for air. How much can a 1/4 teaspoon of charcoal actually absorb? That's why I used a 1/2 cup. It has to be enough to be able to absorb what you want to take out. I'm purifying 8 grams of oil so I need more that a 1/4 teaspoon to do it.
  18. A teaspoon and a half of fine? I think your filter paper was doing most of the work in filtering yours. Why did you use such a tiny amount of charcoal?
  19. I'm not so sure that this is leaving just THC. I know that it is taking out some of the plant material. Why wouldn't the CBD still be in it too?
  20. 1/4 teaspoon of charcoal? That seems like not enough. I'm going with about a 1/2 cup of the charcoal with a 1.5 pints of 100% alcohol, then adding approx. 8 grams of raw ISO cannabis oil.
  21. Not much green left in it. Thanks for the info.
  22. I take it you do this before you distill it?
  23. Here is another filtering option; http://solutions.3mindia.co.in/wps/portal/3M/en_IN/CUNO_Filtration_Systems/Home/Solutions/Food-Beverage/EdibleOil/
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