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  1. How would you use the NORIT SA 4? Can you describe the process?
  2. WOW! That's the first one of those I have seen. COOL! thanks. I have two of the smaller ones to keep up with the overages. That big dog would do the trick and right quick. lol
  3. Perk it for 12 hours. Then you distill it down with the bowl in basket, until it is about 2 ounces of liquid in the res. Then you finish it in the jar in the oven. The distilling takes a few hours usually. That is when you need to keep a close eye on it so you don't boil it dry. If you do boil it dry(ARGH!), then you will need to add some alcohol back in it to get it out of the res. Not a good thing but it happens.
  4. I usually run a batch for about 12 hours. I did a lot of testing and found that you don't get much more oil after that amount of time. Dry the trim in a food dehydrator until it has no moisture left then put it through a food processor to make it a fine powder. Stems need to be removed before you process.
  5. Yes, it will burn if you try to finish it in the ISO machine. I use a 4 ounce glass baby food jar at the end. I wait until the res is down to the point that it will fill that jar about half full. Then I put the jar in the oven at about 220 degrees F and wait for the bubbles to stop. One cool trick is to take a tooth pick and wisk it around in the finished oil while it is hot and it will collect any plant sugars on the pick. You want to remove the plant sugars if you can to have a better oil. Suck the oil up into a glass syringe and you are good to apply it where you need it. Don't forget to wa
  6. Get at least 3 of those 16 ounce bottles to get you started. Dump about 24 ounces in the res and pour a little on the dried and crushed cannabis in the filter basket. Use a coffee filter in the basket.
  7. Here's the very best oil vape on the market;
  8. You definitely have to use the 99%. They have it at Meijers. I wouldn't use anything else. A solvent with known ingredients makes it 100% certain you can get rid of all of it at the end.
  9. It doesn't smell at all. A very tiny amount of alcohol vapor escapes out the top vent. My 1980 version has charcoal in that part to neutralize the tiny amount of odor that comes out. These are as safe as making coffee, maybe safer since it only uses a light bulb for heat. lol
  10. You will love the thing once you get used to running it. I liked it so much I have two now. If you need any pointers I would be happy to help.
  11. How much pure cannabis oil did you mix with PB's mixture? Please be specific about what you used and the ingredients. That's the only way these reports will help anyone. You can dose pure cannabis oil properly to take away the chances of the over-medicated feeling, so that you can have a normal life, and still enjoy the medical effects. (DN NOTE: This is NOT APPROVED. This will not become another hostile debate about formulas. This occured a week or so ago in another thread, i expect the same BS. This is a thread by PeanutButter and he will be respected. IF Restorium WANTS TO DEBATE
  12. Forms are here; http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,1607,7-154-27417_51869_52139---,00.html
  13. Some people get addicted to marshmallows and others can quit cigs cold turkey. It's all relative. I find cannabis closer to marshmallows than cigs though, on the addictive scale.
  14. Close. He's in the sky a lot... in his airplane. LOL I met him on 12/4/08.
  15. I'm sure there was a pile that went to the streets, there always is. But from what I'm seeing, it is substandard, and they can't give it away because of the excellent medical growers, who do it right, taking charge. Medical is King Of The Road in Michigan, as it should be. Took us a little while, but we have the market by the balls and we are strong year round growers. We have the best for less and that has the street dealers crying boo hoo. Get your card so you can enjoy what we have growing too. It's all good!
  16. No it isn't. There is plenty out there. We are harvesting every day now. Pure indoor crops. Got news for you; Medical cannabis has made street prices lower because we sell medical for around $200- $250 an ounce. That's the cap. And the street crap doesn't hold a candle to real medical grown by experienced growers that we taught. We have changed cannabis in Michigan for the better and it shows.
  17. Useless for your personal goals for yourself maybe. But there is so much potential to help sick people with cannabis oil that how can you say anything that helps get the word out about cannabis oil is useless? It's a drug still in it's infancy as to it's uses. Pure and safe, it is one of the best things out there for a safe way to help the symptoms of many diseases. It fits well with our patient/caregiver grows. It's a beautiful gift to all who cultivate! A way to use every bit of what you grow to help yourself and others. It can get you through times of no fresh cannabis. The uses are endless
  18. Can we bring this back around to the real deal, cannabis oil, the new market for our farmers? PB You need to advertise or something. This overlapping of your concoction with cannabis oil is confusing. Patent what you have made and go into business. If people want something other than cannabis to add their oil to then fine. But this soap box elixir selling smacks of the carnival hawker, with snake oil, from the old days. I'm sure that's not how you want to look.
  19. Only in your mind sir. I have no ulterior motives.
  20. If I dose my cannabis oil patients right they don't get a high either. They just feel good, not high.
  21. I didn't say it wasn't medicine. Read my words. I said it wasn't THAT medicine, cannabis oil. The thread says a market for OUR FARMERS doesn't it? How does that fit with a product that he makes exclusively and has nothing to do with a market FOR US(inclusive). I'm all for a market for cannabis oil. Hip Hip Horray!
  22. Sure he has helped people. But that doesn't change the point that we are trying to establish CANNABIS as effective medicine and this stuff he's selling isn't that medicine. Let's work with real cannabis oil when that is what THE THREAD IS ABOUT. Other medicines are a bit off topic wouldn't you think? Peanutbutter's oil should be called 'peanutbutter's 401K' or something. It's not cannabis oil and it's totally off topic in a thread about a new market FOR OUR FARMERS.
  23. It's not even cannabis. He says it doesn't show up as cannabis in a urine test. Who cares what's in it then? The biggest problem is him passing it off as cannabis oil, which it is not. I don't care what the heck he is selling, just be truthful that it's not cannabis. You can go down to the health food store and buy all kinds of concoctions people think up and some do help people. Some kill people too, and everything in between. Cannabis is safe. Anything else has a big question mark on it.
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