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  1. Good for you. It's not medical cannabis. Good luck making your nice nest for yourself PB.
  2. I did hear some patients suggest not parading the child around. Did anyone actually tell you not to HELP a child patient? Really? Who was that?
  3. I start my patients at 2 centigrams, that's about half the size of a grain of rice. The dosage depends on the patient. You have to see what works best as you increase the dosage. The most important thing is to have oil you know is 100% pure and grown cleanly. It has to have been treated like food at every step.
  4. Your topical oil and cannabis oil are two very different things. There is no use to compare them side by side like that.
  5. Then why add all the stuff with the cannabis oil? Just give them a couple centigrams of the real deal and see how they do.
  6. It doesn't cost me much at all to produce. I use my secondary buds that are just extra for me and my patients. Alcohol is cheap and it doesn't take much electricity. It's mostly my time involved.
  7. This info is from a study done with TOPICAL oil and not 100% cannabis oil? If so, why didn't you use 100% cannabis oil for these patients?
  8. Because you don't know what's in it besides the little tiny bit of pure cannabis oil that is added to it. I'm very careful about using things orally that are not pure products. You are bypassing your body's own natural filters by eating it.
  9. Which is not pure cannabis oil. I'm not so sure this stuff should be taken orally like you can with pure oil.
  10. Once you get growing your own, cannabis oil can fit right in with your routine. I keep the very best buds for vaping and smoking and all the rest gets made into oil. It makes me feel better about all those smaller buds that sometimes get wasted. Also, the duff you have left from vaping makes really good oil. Oil is key to totally using all you grow in the most efficient way. There are nice water pipe attachments now that vape the oil very efficiently too. Oil will keep forever and it might be what gets you through times with no fresh cannabis.
  11. It's propaganda for the opposition. Kill it, don't spread it around please.
  12. The grey areas are; 1. Why don't we get our cards on time. 2. Where are all the added qualifying conditions we should have by now? They have plenty of money to clear up these grey areas. So why are they still grey?
  13. I'm not sure his advice to LEO had anything to do with cash. I think they still have to give that back.
  14. The governor was doing his job and trying to save the state money. No alterior motives... this time. If LARA is more efficient, and our donations to the state can help more schools, then that is a good thing. Make sure you tell people how much we patients donate to Michigan schools.
  15. I got my card from LARA and it protects me from arrest. I like my card and the protection it gives me. MDCH or LARA, who cares?
  16. The official doctor's notes makes you legal. The card protects you from arrest. We need to keep hammering that home. We will eventually be there on solid ground.
  17. Yes. We knew this back before the Act was passed. MPP made us all shut up about legalization while we were working on getting the Act passed. It's nothing new. This is just a reminder for those who weren't there then or just forgot about the stategy that worked. If you read our first rules for the MMMA you can see the footprint. It's more important to get more states medically legal than to go for legalization now. Once we have over half of the states med legal then that might tip the scales. In the mean time, medical will force a schedule change that will help legalization.
  18. Not that I don't think it would help patients if it passed. It's sure not going to help patients by using them to get it passed. Do you see the distinction? The issues are separate, medical and recreational. Our opposition would like to lump them together, that alone should convince you to avoid it. Letting our oppositon put them side by side is not a good thing and we need to fight that by showing how separate the issues are. Both important, but different issues, that are both stronger separate.
  19. Right. Good point you had there though. Heaters that burn anything can be dangerous if not vented properly. Many people die every year from poorly vented heaters. And the electric ones cause fires if your wiring is questionable. They each have their own risks.
  20. The electric oil heaters don't use o2 or create co or co2. Just wanted to make the distinction between electric oil heaters and those that burn fuel.
  21. It didn't help medical in California. Legalization failed and medical kept down the same path it was on like nothing happened. They are two separate issues, two separate paths. Medical is not a back door to legalization until a lot more states have medical. You will see legalization out west first before it comes here, just like with everything else.
  22. On the oil heaters and others, you need to place a piece of duct tape over the lighted switches and indicators so you don't disturb the flower cycle.
  23. Thanks. The cord is a good way to check if you have a problem with your wiring. Like with any electric heater, you have to make sure your supply electric is safe for a heater. If your cord gets hot unplug it. That usually means you overloaded the circuit or you have a bad connection.
  24. I use these for my plant rooms; http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pelonis-1500W-Portable-Electric-Oil-Filled-Radiant-Heater-Low-electric-bill-/330633821251?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4cfb4fbc43
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