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  1. Check out the link. Rhode Island had our law and they chose to fix it for patients. The ammended plant count wording makes it so your little cuttings do not figure in your plant count. They did a lot for patients. Can we do that here or isn't there enough quick money in it to attract support? This was my suggestion years ago and here I am again, beating the drum. Round two. Ding! Put up your DUKES! LOL
  2. It's a new day. Time to move forward. http://ripatients.org/Home/cc09/ Sharing Medicine Any licensed patient or caregiver may give away medical marijuana to any other licensed patient or caregiver, as long as they don't exceed their possession limits (2.5 ounces + 12 mature plants + 12 immature plants).
  3. Dr. Steven E. Newman is why a lot of doctors around Michigan are afraid to recommend medical cannabis. Dr. Newman will tell every doctor who will listen that medical cannabis needs to be held to a higher level of scrutiny than the Oxycontin, and other dangerous drugs, that he prescribes regulary. He even says he doesn't need a bona fide doctor patient relationship to prescribe Oxycotin and the other dangerous drugs. He says ONLY medical cannabis requires a bona fide doctor patient relationship. I think he should be charged with malpractice for his lack of understanding of state and federal me
  4. Intent of the law.... Why do you think that a caregiver was limited to 5 patients, and not 50, or unlimited like your proposed idea?
  5. The answer starts with a question; Why do you think that a caregiver is limited to having 5 patients?
  6. Yeah. I asked an attorney a while back about this pyramid scheme and he said it was a big a$$ distribution network and might attract a RICO case. Then he chuckled.... and said, "Why do you think they limited the caregiver to 5 patients in the first place?" "Not so you can think of ways around it".
  7. http://www.msms.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Home&TEMPLATE=/CM/HTMLDisplay.cfm&CONTENTID=18784 In the video at the link above, Dr. Steven Newman, President of the Michigan State Medical Society says that Medical Cannabis is the only drug that requires a bona fide doctor patient relationship. Federal law bars dispensing ANY dangerous medications without a prescription from a doctor who has a bona fide relationship with the patient. He doesn't even know the law and he's this high up in his field?
  8. Taking cannabis AWAY from people that use prescription medication because they use too much? That's just so ignorant. But there is no shortage of ignorance. Want to have some fun? Put a bunch of ignorant people in a room and give them a microphone. Then ask them to talk about something they are ignorant about. What do you have? A Schuette press conference about medical cannabis!!!
  9. They base this whole bucket of swill on one false premise; A review of the patient's drug-prescription history can help physicians determine whether medical marijuana is the best option or whether the patient is just looking to get high. For every possible amount of prescription drugs a patient could possibly have been prescribed... there is a possible reason besides 'just getting high'. It is totally ridiculous to say that just because a DOCTOR prescribes a patient medicine, that the very medicine that was prescribed BY A DOCTOR disqualifies a patient from qualifying to use medical ca
  10. I use these two. The second one, the essential, is a lot less wasteful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoaU8IxbNXQ
  11. Thanks. Quantities; A gram will give a patient approximately 12 hits off the vape. We have settled on 3 hits a night before bedtime as a good breathing treatment. That goes along with two breathing treatments during the day with the volcano vaporizer using buds. We find that this brings up a lot of flem in the lungs and also prevents spasms and lung pain. The treatments have been ongoing for over two years now with total success with the two test subjects.
  12. I would also like to wonder about the health consequences of smoking/vaping high wax content "oil's", particuliarly amongst those with comprimised lung function Because you 'like to wonder' I'll give you this fact; I know of 2 patients that use the longer washed oil as a lung treatment for asthma. After a few months of vaporizing buds and oil, neither uses an asthma inhaler any more.
  13. Keep in mind that everything that could possibly be in the oil is in what you would be getting when smoking or vaping any cannabis. There is nothing toxic if you grew it right. There are things you do to prevent the less desirable parts of the plant from getting in your oil when doing a longer wash. You prep the material and then there are some tricks to use along the process to remove the sugars. A little tiny bit of plant material doesn't hurt anyone. That is, as long as you grew it right to begin with. Like I said, many patients enjoy the effects of the oil that has been washed lon
  14. Thanks and will do. Been here since '08, MMMA member #7. Have the card to prove it. 7th paying member of the MMMA. Take care and good luck to you too.
  15. Nothing new. Just look at that Arizona medical marijuana law.... All dispensary and no patient grows. Hows it feel to be a door mat? LOL Their 'national appeal' would put patient growers out of existence.
  16. Thanks MMP, your propaganda machine knows no bounds.... They sure know how to throw you under the bus when they want something. LOL Currently, the only sellers of marijuana are criminals. and poisoners that sell to kids. MPP forgot all about medical when they swapped hats to go for the big money. Their metamorphosis is amazing to watch. Like a butterfly turning into a worm. LOL
  17. You're welcome. My wife uses the oil for RLS and she rarely gets it bad anymore. Not a complete cure but it sure does help.
  18. That essential vape is nice. If you like that hand held one you would really like their essential attachment for your water piece. I find that ice water makes vaping very smooth. It's a good tool to help get a good nights sleep. It also helps some patients with restless leg syndrome.
  19. This looks favorable; Sanction History Found HealthGrades has found sanction history for Dr. Butler-Jackson. Unknown (6/14/11) Action Taken:License Reinstatement without Restrictions Issued To:Butler-Jackson, Lois Michelle MD License # 4301051182 Nature of Complaint Unknown at this time. Action Taken The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Health Professions has dissolved the Summary Suspension on the physician’s Michigan medical license. State:Michigan Issued By:State of Michigan
  20. The picture issue is a red herring. Anyone who thinks this through logically knows that you can submit your MM card with your state photo id, or drivers license, and you have exactly what they are asking for ALREADY. What is even MORE ridiculous is that they can take your card, that doesn't have a picture, enter the name and birth date ON THE CARD into LEIN and get ALL your info ALREADY, INCLUDING YOUR PICTURE. I call RED HERRING!
  21. Low quality? Impurities? I know many patients that enjoy the medical effects on a daily basis with no bad effects. Taste is not a factor if you use a gel cap. For quick effects, you can vape it through a specially made attachment for a water piece.
  22. You have the right to refute what I say. But many know I'm right. In fact, you are the only one saying that nothing is left after the 3 minute wash. For the sake of less arguement, let's agree to disagree on this. Just realize that credible people disagree with this opinion you have about the quick wash getting all the cannabinoids in 3 minutes. Deal? You say 3 minutes gets it all and I say it doesn't. Let's not argue till we are blue in the face?
  23. That is not true. I can take what is left after you washed it for 3 minutes and get cannabinoids out of it. Quite a bit of cannabinoids actually.
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