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  1. Yup. At least with the regular HPS you can put the ballast in another room. Having the ballasts hanging over the plants? Not sure what the inventor was thinking.
  2. Nice. That doesn't hurt them. Better than overwatering.
  3. The most common thing I see on a healthy plant (in soil) that starts drooping is when it starts to get dry.
  4. I find that fresh clones like about 250 PAR under a LED with just the grow switch on. I used to use CFLs on fresh clones but found out that they have such little plant useful light I quit using them. I don't even use them with the cloner anymore. The whole cloning process is accelerated with LEDs. Cuttings taken off of plants under LED lighting grow roots faster. The cuttings stay healthier on the cloner. I put the cloner just off to the side of the LED light main footprint. Then they like 250 PAR from an LED right off the cloner.
  5. Healthy looking is better. Picture?
  6. I found the best ceramic thick oil carts on Amazon. They aren't ooze brand. Had to try a few different ones before I found some that work good.
  7. I still use my volcano every day as the centerpiece for medical use.
  8. Got it down now with the vape pens. I use the ooze pens with the 1100 battery. Refillable cartridge using my double filtered alcohol extracted cannabis oil. The thing with the cartridge is to use one with a ceramic style burner and not the plain wire burner. Works great. I'm sure everything will change in the future. That's what works best right now.
  9. How close are they at full power? How do you decide how close you want them?
  10. The thing about the total watts you can run. With HPS I had to be careful how many I had on circuits. The hogs limit your wattage. I can run a BOATLOAD of these LEDs on one timer in a daisy chain. Every time I added an HPS I knew it with the electricity draw. So I can have a LOT more watts with LEDs. As many as I want and then some. Put one or more over every plant if you want.
  11. Isn't that the light with the big ballast right up mounted on the fixture? I always liked my ballasts separate to move the heat away from the main grow area. Man I'm glad I'm totally free of ballasts!
  12. I'm reviewing another light off Amazon. Just received it. It's a 1500w. I checked it with my PAR meter and it's got an incredible 1800 PAR at 12 inches from the fixture. Check it out; https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07SNP22XS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. So let me get this straight; The Chem dawg and pre 98 Bubba grew fantastic under the LED so you moved it under the HPS, quote; moved the bushes and gave the HPS all the credit. And you put some other smaller substitutes in under the LED. Then you say that LEDs are not applicable to your caregiver grow because you have responsibility to patients. Dude, that's passing the buck don't you think? I think you need to do better next time and it's not the LED's fault.
  14. So my question is; How did you end up totally switching out the LED grow and keeping the HPS the same? Somewhere this whole thing has went totally haywire.
  15. Kingdiamond Trees in the D ! Forum Leaders 7,217 posts Location"New Detroit" Report post Posted April 24 Well after looking at opinions all over the web and here regarding the advances in LED panels in growing I decided to do a start to finish grow using Yehsense LED panels the strains will be Chem Dawg Pre 98 Bubba Holy grail and Chem Bubba starting from clones will show each stage of growth in pictures to get and give a solid opinion of the 1500 watt panels vs a 2x1000 watt HPS setup .
  16. Then you had them under fluorescent lights?
  17. So you started the bubbas under the LEDs and then swapped them to HPS? Sometime here is not making sense.
  18. So the bubbas were under the LEDs? This is a tangled web.
  19. I see you originally intended to do a true comparison. Why did you swap in those other strains on the LED side?
  20. When I did my side by side comparison to see how well the LED worked against the HPS I ran a true comparison with the same strain under each. Same grow conditions all the way through the grow. The LEDs, just like the ones you are using, performed superior to the old HPS. You see, I wanted to actually know for myself how they worked. That's why I did a true comparison. It's hard enough to compare growing things let alone cross referencing between strains at the same time. What did you mean when you said "For all I put into it"?
  21. Strain you are used to growing? How much weight did you get off each grow, LED and HPS?
  22. You should have them both on.
  23. The LED lights you are using have a better potential to grow cannabis with superior taste and quality than any other type of plant light available today.
  24. Not all LEDs are great though. Some are totally useless. Like trying to grow with Christmas lights. I can imagine there are still a lot of growers out there getting ripped off by people selling them bad LEDs. Plant lighting is a complicated thing. It's hard to quantify the light coming off any fixture. Plenty of room for the bamboozlers to sell you some serious garbage and say it's awesome. Buyer beware.
  25. You probably aren't going to save much on power between the T-8 and the LEDs. Your plants will do much better though. Stronger because they are being fed better. Think of it like this; You are deciding what to feed your kids and you find out iceburg lettuce has no nutritional value and you switch them to spinach.
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