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  1. I was picking mushrooms in the woods yesterday and found a tick on me afterwards as I have many times in the past. Considering the dozens of times this has happened I never get bit. I am curious as to whether any other cannabis consumers have had similar experiences. Perhaps I just taste bad. (never had any complaints.)
  2. This confirms my experience that the difference between the two is not so cut and dried (yuk yuk). https://slate.com/technology/2019/04/indica-sativa-difference-cannabis-weed-science.html
  3. You are missing the point here my friend. The "typical" amount I stated and my reasoning for growing outside is to make my example. Regardless of how much you consume or where you grow one shouldn't be inconvenienced by having to grow twice a year to stay within the law when once can suffice. Additionally any arbitrary limit on possession be it 2.5 oz.s or 25 oz.s just provides law enforcement with an alternative revenue stream.
  4. Greetings to all. I've been a member for several years. This is my 1st post. Typical use for many is a gram/day or an ounce/month. The additional time, effort, energy, money, and not to mention greenhouse gas production spent on an additional inside grow to maintain a constant supply and not exceed the 10 ounce limit is illogical when one outside grow can provide a year's supply.
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