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  1. Welcome. Glad to have you here.
  2. Our club does not have any "private" meetings. Members only meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month. During this time, we are most often involved in community service projects. We gladly welcome you or any LEO who wishes to donate manual labor to our local area. We also have many elderly in our area who need assistance. Thanks for your concern. Deb
  3. Welcome. Some information on your location may be helpful in finding a CG.
  4. DRCC is still meeting at that location, but had to cancel yesterday because of schedule conflicts..their website is micompassion.org
  5. I am a proud member of Michigan Compassion and no we do NOT dispense, nor have we ever had any dispensary interest of any kind. Many confuse us with Downriver Wellness Group which is owned by a man named Willie. We were originally known as the "DownRiver Community Compassion Club" and we obtained 501©(3) status and because of chapter interest throughout other parts of Michigan, we changed our name to Michigan Compassion. We continue to operate as a non-profit cannabis education organization. Perhaps you have seen our electronic billboards on the interstates? As for Amish Parikh, he no longer has any association with Mediswipe and welcomes anyone with questions or comments to contact him at mish@micompassion.org or pm me and I will give you his cell phone # for a personal conversation (yes, he said to do this). I agree with greebuddha, I am in it for the duration and just wanted to set the record straight. We all will be watching and hoping for a better tommorrow. Deb
  6. Was there and spoke. Doctor Bob was awesome! Cain was his usual disapponting self. Too much drama. Thanks to all who contributed. Seemed to be well recieved.
  7. Welcome! Your location would be a great help. Good luck in your quest.
  8. Welcome Birdman. It is an honor to greet someone with such a depth of past experiences. I'm sure that we can all learn much from your posts. Looking forward to following them and again, welcome!
  9. Great Idea..Finally glad to have something kinder to read. Thank you to all who want to look to the future with optimism.
  10. Thank you for all your hard work. It helps all of us to have faith that we will win in the end.

  11. Daylight Saving Time is such a strange thought..As our elders explain, only the government would take an inch off the top of your blanket, sew it back on the bottom; and then tell you that your blanket is now longer! AZ and Hawaii have it right...End changing clocks. Another waste of time and resources. We could use these resources to make this a better country.
  12. Just received Endless Sky seeds and directions do say plant with tap root up. I thought this was a misprint until I saw this thread. Thanks for all your advice.
  13. Welcome and ditto on protecting the MMMA!
  14. Caregiver in SE Michigan.

  15. Merry Christmas to all! Have a very safe and prosperous New Year!
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