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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRZ3Z5EwRdc Thanks Leon. RIP brother... ( 13:33 ... gettin it together for Straight Brother! )
  2. From the party of the RNC at the Quicken Loans amphitheater to the Wells Fargo hippodrome...
  3. I believe this was actually one of there more successful subliminal tactics to include all these substances under the former pejorative term (dope), thereby alluding that cannabis has the same or similar negative characteristics. As well as enhancing their perceived importance as providing a benefit to society. Funny how 'dope' now has become an adjective with a very positive meaning in the current/younger cultural vernacular. As in da chit.
  4. There is considerable speculation about the origin of the word, however in this country it definitley has a pejorative side to it as noted by Harborside HC in the op. According to this source from the Shaffer Library of Drug Policy: The earliest record of man's use of cannabis comes from the island of Taiwan located off the coast of mainland China. In this densely populated part of the world, archaeologists have unearthed an ancient village site dating back over 10,000 years to the Stone Age. 嘛 Ma, the Chinese word for hemp, is composed of two symbols which are meant to depict hemp. T
  5. Wow: Cadillac News Dispensary owner faces life on drug, ammunition charges By Rick Charmoli CADILLAC — A 51-year-old Cadillac man who is running for Haring Township trustee was charged in 84th District Court Tuesday for illegally selling marijuana out of his dispensary business and home as well as a weapons-related charge. Donald Joseph Koshmider II was charged with one count of possession of ammunition by a felon; two counts of delivery/manufacture of marijuana; two counts of conspiracy to commit delivery/manufacture of marijuana; two counts of maintaining a drug house; and poss
  6. ...another fascinating take on the theory of what money is, from a 2011 book called 'Debt: The First 5000 Years'. It proposes that before there was 'money' or currencies there was debt. Furthermore: "A major argument of the book is that the imprecise, informal, community-building indebtedness of 'human economies' is only replaced by mathematically precise, firmly enforced debts, through the introduction of violence, usually state-sponsored violence in some form of military or police." The Author also proposes a concept of "everyday communism" which he defines, when analysing peasant li
  7. Andrew Jacksons: School of Economics or the original 'Trump University' This was really more of a gimmick than balancing the budget. He used the sale of Western Land owned by the Federal Government along with a lack of Federal Funding for infrastructure to pay off the debt. In fact they were actually producing a profit albeit for a short while. Unfortunately there was nowhere to put it as he had already pulled the plug on the 2nd Bank of the US, so he decided to divide it between the states. This caused the State Banks to go a little crazy and stimulated speculation as these banks operated
  8. Root (?) noun 2. the basic cause, source, or origin of something. "love of money is the root of all evil" synonyms: source, origin, germ, beginning(s), genesis; cause, reason, basis, foundation, bottom,seat; core, heart, nub, essence; informal ground zero "the root of the problem" There are very few countries (really only one) on the planet that has not suffered the dominating effects of Colonialism. Even they had to fight several wars (with, guess who?) to maintain this status as well as give up some terr
  9. A Rose by any other name still smells like a rose... LikeWise my favorite buds by any other name still smell like a skunk! ...and I do miss 'em. Also Im pretty sure we're talking about 'White Supremacy' here. This was the underlying premise this country was founded on. As the Civil Rights movement garnered momentum back in the 60's a new Battle Line was drawn. We saw its start in Detroit in the 1950s as the Big 4, culminating in the 1967 Riots then to counter this unfortunate reaction was born SWAT teams. As Civil Rights were given some ground a new Battle line was drawn, the one we are a
  10. Interesting science, though a bit difficult to decipher. Things sure have changed in the Deutschland. Granted, Cannabis was in very short supply during my extended visit a few decades ago. Fortunately hashish was not and that's where we got our THC from. It was much more reasonable than the flowers also @ $1.50/gm or up to $900/kg. Most varieties were available with Afghan a personal favorite, also quite acceptable was Red or Blonde Lebanese. Occasionally connoisseur blends would appear though usually in much smaller quantities, like finger hash from India and Nepalese Hash Balls. T
  11. Anybody familiar with an MRI could imagine the ridiculousness of this test. Anybody not that familiar: here is an overview. ...Imagine being strapped onto a sliding table that travels inside of huge donut about 4 ft in diameter yet the center is apx 24", with an IV stuck in your arm along with the requisite hoses. Along with ear plugs... Imagine too that in one hand you have a button to call for help and according to them another button to play a game where they might win 20¢. All this being overshadowed by the fairly loud clicking, buzzing, whirring of this quite intimidating machine while y
  12. solabeirtan

    MRI machine

    From the album: Mx

    Noisy donuts
  13. Nice story. Amazing that they could even perceive this minuscule anomaly. Excellent bean counting! This diminutive deviation amounts to 17 hundreths of one percent (0.17%). The total cost of Medicare -Part D scripts amounts to 99 Billion. source: AOL also of interest in this link... an interesting sidebar: ... ...from her suggestion... "Institutional Racism" ....with significant Racial overtones, brush size is extremely broad.
  14. " Fenton Greenhouse, once constructed and in business, will be subject to annual inspections to ensure compliance with code and state law. " Pretty sure this is the bs Fenton 'Charter' Township Ordinance they are referencing. There's certainly no State Law requiring such inspections... and in my humble opinion is non-enforceable. Think I / we went through this back in 2009 (...when PB and a few others showed up for a Township meeting )... I only had one inspection, it wasn't voluntary and they have not been back. Bunch of overzealous rookies called out the Posse, which ironically I was so
  15. $300,000 allocated for another failed Rotten R. / Republican bamboozle perpetuated on the powerless citizens. 303 peeps tested = $990.10 per test. Want positive results, test for Lead, arseholes..... Source_RTimes Another source..... this is from the comments section of Crooks&Liars and finally, probably the original source from Jun 21... theguardian edited to fix Guardians' link
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    No Nancy

    From the album: First

    Drug Testing for Demagogues!
  17. Link to your material... Thanks Mal and your Welcome! Just another sign that these folks are like a plague that eat away at the heart of our Country. Even as evidence shows suicide rates for Veterans are steadily increasing. Point of fact, evidence that their current ineffective therapies which include massive amounts of opiods are playing a large part in this largely unnecessary tragedy. 'Voice of Federal Medicine' "... • The majority of veterans who have a suicide event were last seen in an outpatient setting, with a high prevalence of nonfatal suicide events resulting from
  18. ...perhaps a little more like a co-op, aspiring to a couple of their underlying principles. ( 1 & 7 of 7 or just less than 29% of a true Co-op )
  19. Pretty sure you need to include a copy of your ID. The form is the same for any type of changes. Make sure to check the correct box, sign and date and include a $10 M.O. Doesn't take that long and...poof, a brand new card!
  20. More reactions to the news at the World Cannabis Congress going on in NY the last couple days... PC_ magazine
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