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  1. I have well water which runs through a softener. I use RO filter(very high iron) and add cal mag every watering. No problems ever. Water softener man told me there is a very small amount of salt added to the water as a buffer and should be safe for plants.
  2. Welcome! I've been happy with The Seed Cellar in Jackson on Michigan Ave. the website is a good place to start to look at their list. They have too many for me to just show up and pick some out! Good luck.
  3. Lately I've been ordering from BCBudDepot with credit card. Orders are guaranteed to arrive or they will resend. Very good strains so far...God's Gift, C99, cheese, strawberry cough.... blueberry too. also, Jackson compassion center's Seed Cellar is decent but no credit cards and no longer a store to go to 😐 I used Dr Greenthumb twice. Not any more. His Mediplant is a joke. Had three phenos, maybe 4! ...one pure sativa which took 14 weeks. Was advertised as an awesome 50/50. I had tons of it. Gave tons away. Taste was blah and buzz was ok. Docs C99 is incredible and I'm sure
  4. Is this worth the $40 fee to get in? Considering going but don't want to be disappointed. The music will be awful Anyone go to this before?
  5. I have recently started smoking my God's Gift (GDP/OGKush) is 80% indica Very nice in all ways! Feminized seeds I bought in Jackson. Just FYI.
  6. Bummer. I have a bong I never use.....tried a handful of times.....willing to part with it
  7. Promix and Jacks Classic general purpose, bloom booster, and maybe some citrus and/or orchid as needed. Great results, low price.
  8. I've recently had two friends go with a caregiver giving a free oz a month.....just so she can grow their plants. I can't even begin to give away a free oz, so I'm just wondering wtf?! Another friend's cousin was getting free oz, then her guy got busted for having too much weed! Her son is a cop, so I assume he was responsible for the bust.......again people, wtf?
  9. Have you contacted Jackson County Compassion Club? They have a large seed selection at their place. I've purchased many seeds there. Great place to try if you want seed choices. They will mail seeds. And take credit cards
  10. Doesn't look like mosaic virus I've seen
  11. It's been a wild ride here with Mediplant! Earlier this year, my first plant and clones(????) ended up being a freaky pure sativa......not the pheno expected. I wasn't happy with her. But this run, I am much happier with these....they look beautiful! (To me) these seem to be as they are suppose to be from Dr Greenthumb. I took a couple branches and trimming begins. ????????. I hope she performs well for us!! The next plant has fatter buds not quite as elongated. She comes out in a couple weeks????
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