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  1. yes webfoot that is what happened they broke down everyone's door who was remotely near a grow i have a friend who is an artist and they broke down his door and went though his stuff he doesn't evan smoke. he wasn't charged with anything but he still got fu##ed he didn't know the place got raided till i told him on Monday his place sat open for 2 days while people went in and stole his stuff bad management and bad government wtf.
  2. Anyone know of any good places for certification in ann arbor or brighton my father who lives in brighton is a vaitnam veteran and was told by the va that he could get a card but they would not sign for it. so he has to go to an outside doctor anyone know of a good certification center I am allready caring for myself and would be the cargiver for my father. i would go with him to fill out his paper work he will have no problems meeting the state condition qualifications. thanks for everyone help ahead of time. i know there has to be someplace good near him.
  3. anyone know of a good certification place in annarbor or brighton MI.
  4. he needs to find a caregiver that cares and he should care about his caregiver 300 sounds like a bit much and free dosn't make any sense when you go to a store do you expect something free every month, caregivers have overhead it costs over $80 a month to run a 1000 watt light and at least 2 to 3 hrs a week or work. People also need care and caregivers should care it is a hard balance. $10 a gram is about going rate.
  5. i would go with air cooling if you can get the air out of the room that always works best. water cooling is allot of extra stuff, and things that can go wrong not to mention the water acts like a filter for the light rays.
  6. i bet it will take more then $100 in legal paperwork and fees then the $100 you would get back for your card but it would be fight able. just need a good attorney.
  7. dude ask them what kind of strains they have next time you hear them. always looking for variety, would love some of that killer herb from centuri 6.
  8. mr.buddz4you i got $50 bucks saying you wont look into my leds allday without being blind of flash burned by the end of the day have you ever looked at a high watt led before like a grow led hydro. they can do the job they just do it differently. they do work.
  9. what area are you in. there are allot of good meetings and you may find someone to give you advice.
  10. I just talked to madoffs financial advisers and he said you should send your money to me and i will invest in seed stock for the great calamity for you. or you could pay of your debt. 1000 isn't worth the trouble.
  11. I always wanted to ask this can you ask someone who has a supposed card to smoke a j with you if they are leo would the be obligated by law to say no just reading about the fake cards that they give to leo. myself i would love if i went over to someones house and they offered me a few fat puffs.
  12. bills homeboys dow are probably reading this right now trying to think of a way to outlaw clay along with cannabis. Awesome video on japan thx.
  13. I also grow led and will report my findings when i am done with my grow i used to grow MH HPS 1000 watt. this is my first run with led I am using a GLH that pulls 250 watts a Blackstar that pulls 250 and a DR.growrite that pulls 80 watts I haven't completed a harvest yet but i am guessing my watt per gram will be about the same maybe a little more, with less heat, but the lights where about 4 times more then the hids. I am hoping my quality will be better due to the fact that light degrades the resin produced by the plants. and leds put out less lumens. form my experience so far the grow per w
  14. I have been scanning a bit and it seems to be mixed when to cut dead leaves off a plant, some say don’t touch them no matter what, I have been cutting off any yellow brown or crispy leaves at the node where it goes into the stalk, I have seen from clones that I got that people are also cutting just the leaf and leaving the small stem the leaf attached to, is that right. I thought it was always best to cut at the node.what about yellow cotyledons are they good to cut. Can dead leaves really cause a problem with plant predators. Thanks for your input.
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