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  1. Exactly Indigro. Anybody thinking this is going to be a straight forward path has obviously not been paying attention. Also any of you wanting in on this better be ready to shell out some serious cash upfront. I can foresee few if any existing dispensaries jumping on board with this, and why would they?
  2. Law enforcement was all for it. That has been a major problem in Lansing, MSP, PAAM and the Michigan Sheriffs association are constantly interfering with common sense.
  3. Caregivers are not threatened just yet, but make no mistake they are eventually going to try. I am wishing I could see a couple years into the future, I have a feeling this is not going to work out at all like they planned. Also do even of you believe for a second all of the dispensaries in Genessee County, Ypsi, Lansing or Detroit are going to just close up and fall in under this format? They have a dedicated grower, a designated tester, a designated transporter and finally the dedicated provisioning center. All of these entities are trying to make a profit. Lets see how well they can compete against the already established caregivers, patients and dispensaries already doing their thing.
  4. Hey bro, I hope it does work but it isn't going to. Matt should step down and regardless if it does work it will not be on the ballot this November.
  5. I have come down from my mountain to speak to the masses.. We didn't get Bernie, Hilary is not the president we all wanted but Trump is not only a threat to everything we cherish as Americans. He is a threat to the entire planet. There is no media conspiracy against Trump, his own words are what we judge him by. We have to plug our noses and do the right thing, vote Clinton... Now back to Valhalla I go. ...
  6. MiNormL Should apologize. They and we all knew that 180 day rule was in effect. We and they also knew that anything that could be used against this ballot initiative would be. Matt Abel should resign as their leader.
  7. It is a risk no matter how you slice it. If your county has a phallic symbol for a prosecutor then I would advise against it. If your county is passive about it carry on. If you are transporting meds do not transport your gun. Do not draw attention to yourself from law enforcement, they are not actively scanning the horizon for us. Michigan has changed a great deal in the last 5 years.
  8. The question asks if you are using illegal drugs. Since we are legal cardholders in our state it is not a lie. They do not specify "federally" illegal.
  9. I see nothing has changed. People still complaining about having to pay for "their"meds and Bob doing his level best to scare everyone away from trying to grow their own. Once again Bob, everyone, including LEO have moved on.
  10. I have a feeling many CG's are running lean this year. With the amount of outdoor that flooded the market in the fall there is definitely a vacuum in place. That is why I have NEVER encouraged anyone to try to grow for a living, you may feast for awhile but you better be ready for a famine..
  11. Time will tell but my opinion is the good old days are just about gone. They are going to try and control it at every turn. I am willing to bet 4271 along with the medibles bill also dies in the senate. They rope a doped the house into voting for their bill with no intent of voting the two bills that will actually benefit our community. It is too bad, the last minute changes that were made to them bills were really good...
  12. The "Trooper" is omnipresent, a Sentinel of MMJ in Michigan. I have not left my post Imi, there are just more important fronts in this battle.
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