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  1. I know several married couples that are both CGs. One couple were even visited by LEO with no ill effects. All of the ones I know keep two separate locked areas, one for each spouse. Often one spouse is responsible for the vegetation room, while the other keeps the flowering room.
  2. Yes, the corporations bought our government. They were able to do so, because the citizens let them do it. Now for the last 30 years the same corporations have spread resentment against the very government they bought among the citizenry. Why? Because the only thing that stopped the corporations 100 years ago was the government. (Read up on Teddy Roosevelt and the Progressive Movement.) If people hate the government, then they won't use the one tool that can rein in the corporations. Just keep spreading the animosity, and you can live on top of the heap forever. As long as we hate the government, and keep spreading that hate, we will never be able to win.
  3. Semantics might not effect the dispensaries, but it does effect the clubs. I take calls every week from people thinking our club is a dispensary. I've talked to people that won't go to the club because they think it is selling MMJ and they don't want to be involved with it. Semantics really does make a difference. It's one of the main reasons we haven't been able to relaunch the whole compassion club program. It's hard to start patient support clubs when everyone thinks a club is a dispensary.
  4. You have to follow the rules, man. It sucks but it's what you have to do. Just like a driver's license there are rules and if you want one, you have to abide by those rules.
  5. Was it a club, or a dispensary? Most clubs that I know of, don't sell anything, unless they're fund-raising. Anybody here ever belong to a club in school? Did you sell stuff? For example the chess club doesn't sell chess sets. We need to start getting our nomenclature correct and start calling things what they are instyead of using the the words that these owners are using to hide the true nature of their businesses. If they're selling MMJ they aren't a club.
  6. If I don't trust a patient with the knowledge of where I Iive, then I don't take that person as a patient.
  7. Rick Simpson is a conman that named something being produced for a thousand years after himself. There is no such thing as Rick Simpson oil. It's just hash oil.
  8. Most cannibinoids are not water soluable, you need to add alcohol or oil to extract the ingredients. If you use just hot water to make your tea, you're missing the vast majority of health benefits from the plants as they don't dissolve in water.
  9. To answer your question: Overages are illegal. If you are over the amount you are allowed you can go to jail and the MMMA will not protect through Section 4 anymore, although you might be able to use a Section 8 defense. The Michigan Supreme Court ruled last march that only sales to your registered patients were legal. Selling, or any type of transfer to anyone else could result in you being arrested and going to prison. If you were looking to make a bunch of money real quick, look some where else.
  10. Are you adding some type of oil to your tea?
  11. I have chronic pancreatitis and suffer from severe nausea. From some 20 years of experience, purple skunk as been the very best of over 100 strains that I've tried for relief. One of my Pts has Krohn's disease and he says it's the best thing for him too.
  12. The Supreme Court basically overturned this decision by ruling that a CG can only legally transfer to his five registered PTs and still have Section 4 protections.
  13. Winning a sweepstakes or receiving a gift isn't pay either, but they are both still taxed.
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