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  1. Wait Time 2018

    517 284 6400
  2. Wait Time 2018

    Did you call the Doctor, and ask him if he sent it in. I am alittle confused, was it your check or the Doctors?? You can always phone LARA. Their good about answering questions. Has the check cashed?
  3. Dr. Paul A Meyer

    Lots a cert Docs on Budtrader.
  4. Dr. Paul A Meyer

    Oops. I left out the part when i received a call back. He was'nt taking new patients. Hear say - i heard he retired. Smh
  5. Dr. Paul A Meyer

    3 certs ago i tried to get him to renew. Kept calling fianally got and answering machine. Left a message. About getting a recert. And 3 or 4 days later. I got a call. And they said he was no longer doing certs.
  6. The process of getting a card

    Back in August. I renewed my card, and after my check cleared, i got my hard card in 18 days. Who knows today.
  7. Vape Kits vs. Vape Pen?

    They all claim no combustion of dry herb. I've vaped mine until it turned a dark brown. But it tasted awful. You just have to experiment with what temp works for you. Even wax and oil, you have to find the temp that works for you.
  8. Vape Kits vs. Vape Pen?

    I got a Flowermate V5.0 Pro. Use it for Bud all the time. You set the temp and the dry flower will not burn. I've also vaped oil and wax outta it, use the consentrate pods Paid $99.95 for it.
  9. Wait Time On Hard Card

    Pretty easy in todays world. I look up my checking acct online. And Whola. It shows when LARA cashed your ck. Just food for thought..
  10. Wait Time On Hard Card

    Call LARA. Wow its been awhile. Since you sent yours in.
  11. Wait Time On Hard Card

    Just putting the fact out there. Ppl don't have to be scared to death, to sent it in regular mail. Who knows maybe you pizzed off the wrong people. Thats why they mess with you Resto. I'm just making a case. That you can use reg mail. Some ppl don't have an extra $8.
  12. Wait Time On Hard Card

    I've never sent mine certified mail. Never had a problem..... been a patient since day one. When you live on $850 a month. You gotta watch your pennies and pray alot....
  13. Wait Time On Hard Card

    Just took 18 days to get my hard card, for renewal, From the day my check cleared.
  14. Shipping Question

    The Letter they sent with your card, is for sure a telltale sign, Only a dummie could'nt figure out where it came from. my 2 cents.
  15. Hemp Balm ?

    If you use Hemp Balm on sore joints, Does the THC show up on a drug test??