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  1. Umm, you forgot that you need secure transport to get it from the grower to the testing lab, then from the tester to the processor, then from the processor to the dispensary... Looks like the transporters will be the ones getting rich...
  2. Oh wow, sorry I was just reading the Snopes article when I came here and saw that... LOL since it was both March, I thought you were referring to that... I should read what I am responding to before I respond I guess. Just linked the 2 in my head without really looking at it.
  3. I almost exclusively use concentrates now. I love my vaporizer, but it wasn't cheap. I have seen a normal glass bowl, but instead of a hole at the bottom, it has 2 at the top, and then you use a dab tool heated to vaporize the concentrate... Fairly cheap, can be used for Hash, oil, butter, wax, shatter. Now, nectar collectors are for the hard core, but I just recently got a E-Nail for my Oil rig, and it is simply awesome, especially if more than 1 person is medicating. I can post some images of stuff if you want to see what I mean... I could snap some pictures tomorrow when I am out and about.
  4. http://www.snopes.com/fda-outlaws-cbd-oils/ Sorry was AFK for a bit. I was talking about them banning it in March. That was debunked. THe new one that they banned it on the 14th is not false, but really it is just a DEA rule, and most lawyers (for CBD producers so take it as you will) say this is DEA overreach, the courts say it is fine, so the DEA has no jurisdiction to change the law that the courts have ruled on... We will have to wait and see what they do with it and how it turns out when it starts going to court. I mean CBD is now schedule 1 according to the DEA, even produced outside the US, and with no other cannabinoids, so the .3% THC is out the window. All of this reeks of big pharma. Anyway, sorry about posting that and then disappearing. But it was the March statement that I was referring to, not CBD being schedule 1 now.
  5. They are. The law takes effect Dec 20, but all it does is establish a board which then writes all of the smaller rules and gives them 360 days to get started. Applications for a license starts on the 360th day unless the board decides to do it sooner, which they could. That doesn't mean they couldn't start sooner, as Lansing, Ann Arbor, Flint, and a few other places already allow them with licenses.
  6. The one from march was debunked on Snopes. However, the new articles aren't fake and have attached the Government Journal to show evidence.
  7. Thanks Malamute. So basically, it is illegal, you admit it is illegal, but you maybe can avoid punishment because of your excuses. Is that it in laymans terms?
  8. Sure. But as you argue all the time, dispensaries are illegal. So if you get to use section 8, and it is totally fine, why can't a dispensary do the same? What you are saying, is really your methods are illegal just like a dispensary is if they are using Section 8 as a defense. Since you say they can't do it, then logic dictates that you shouldn't be able to either. Just you are out of sight so no one notices it. But the patients who want to be 100% legal won't do that anyway. But back to the OP. I still think 4209 and these reports will be used to take away home grows. As stated, I hope I am wrong, but when legislators are being told that the seed to sale tracking is working 100%, and that there is a 700% increase in MJ getting out on the street, they will say, no more home grows, we need to track it 100%. That's why I think they will use this report, and the 4209/4287 to remove caregivers. And that in my opinion is horrifying. Most don't believe me, but I think all patients should be able to grow if capable. And those that can't should be able to rely on friends, family and loved ones.
  9. Well, sure stopping Leo from abusing power, and what a lawyer would recommend for transportation to keep people safe. I was asked 3 times today how the transportation was changing, and was unable to give a straight answer because of different interpretations of the law. Like I said, a locked case wasn't good enough if you can gain access with a knife, but your discussion is definitely worth listening to as well.
  10. Glad using a court defense is good for you. For many patients it isn't. And you can ask an attorney, Section 8 is a court defense. That means you are arrested, all of your stuff if taken under asset forfeiture, arraigned, but you can avoid jail by using it. Most people aren't willing to roll the dice on that one. Especially since once they confiscate your stuff, it is a long legal battle to get it back. Read up, Court Defense only for section 8. Some LEO let it slide, but many don't.
  11. sometimes talk shows allow for listeners request subjects to be talked about. I know that the PGT guys go way above and beyond, and always seem to move discussion based on callers, but often I am not able to call in. So I was just asking if there was a place or way that someone to ask for a specific subject to be discussed. I would suspect that the final discussions would still be made by PGT, but hmm, thinking more about this, you might be flooded by requests. Anyway, that was all I was asking, could someone make a request for these guys to discuss. I value their legal opinions and what they see running clubs. One that had come up today, I was told that some people are getting busted for illegal transport because the "case was openable by scissors". It is locking, it is in the trunk, but because you can open it with scissors, it wasn't good enough for the LEO. I know most hard cases I see can be opened with a screw driver in about 20 seconds, so in my head it is LEO over reaching, but I spoke to 1 person who was getting dragged over the coals, lost his meds, and had the full fine, just for illegal transport because the locked case was a canvas one that could be opened with scissors. I know Mr Komorn sometimes has some very good insight, and I know the case above is solved by having a decent lawyer, but many of these people can't afford more than the court appointed. I've tried calling 2 lawyers offices who have blogs about the illegal transport to ask what they would recommend for a case, and they haven't responded. For Christmas I was thinking of buying all of my patients new cases for transport, but I really don't want to spend $30 on a case that ends up landing them with an illegal transport fine. I was hoping for someone who knows more than I do could recommend a good case. I also don't want to spend $75 on a case that they won't use because it is too heavy or hard to drag around. Since opinions are so varied, I was hoping for more than just a post here, which would most likely have half the people saying the canvas bags are good enough, which what I am seeing it is not. Thanks Zapatos...
  12. If you transfer to more than 5 people, it isn't within the law, and you aren't protected... Sorry
  13. I said Teenagers because that's what LEO throws out. It was wrong, what I meant was uncarded people. I think you are taking this wrong HL. I 100% support individual grow rights. I also think that 4209 is a horrible bill that will lead to the end of caregivers. I could be incorrect, and I hope I am. Honestly I would rather see legal transfer from ANY CG to ANY Patient be legal... Then I would argue with you that dispensaries are not needed at all. I'd still support them, but it wouldn't be necessary. But that isn't the case. So you can ONLY transfer to the 5 patients who call you a PRIMARY caregiver. Sure they said you don't have to register for section 8, but you can only assist the 5 people linked to you. Any and all other transfers are illegal. P2P CG2CG CG2P if not linked to you is all illegal. So HL, if you are in an area that allows transfers to people who aren't registered to you, awesome, but that isn't the case here. Yes, 4209 stinks of big business trying to crush home grows. I don't support it past giving patients more access, but I fear the implementation. I hope I am wrong, but when Schuette is Governor, do you really think he will support the CG system any more? He lead the opposition in 2008, and has tried to undermine the act ever since it was initiated. And just look, he is the frontrunner to win in 2018...
  14. the more drug arrests they have, the more funding they get... Plain and simple. But, its Lansing that is causing this. By restricting and capping what Caregivers can do with their overages, and by the new 4209 which appears to be heading towards getting rid of Caregivers, many people are going back underground. What happens when growers go underground? More of it gets to teens and on the street... It's exactly what the laws they passed would do. I don't find it odd at all, it's expected.
  15. Seems weird to not have a meeting right after patients have been stripped from having safe access by closing all dispensaries. Let's not argue whether dispensaries are legal, a good idea, a total rip off, but patients choices have been taken from them without notice. I did not post to have it hijacked by tons of very lucky people who don't need dispensaries, and can either grow themselves, or know someone who can. Many patients are not in that situation. Some patients like variety, some just thought that dispensaries are how it is supposed to work. Then the DA closed them all and tons of patients are now either forced to drive hours in snow to get medication, or go without. That's a travesty. So many people have no idea where to get anything, don't have caregivers, and need guidance so that they have more options than Craigslist.
  16. I never said I like the new bills, I think they are poorly worded, and just wrong on so many levels. Like do you really need to transport product 5 times to make it to a store front, with new fees at each tranport? Silly if you ask me. However, as long as they don't remove the CG's, it opens up avenues for patients that wouldn't normally be there. I would rather have overpriced dispensaries than none at all. If your CG gets spider mites and is down for 2 months, a lot of patients can't go that long without meds. So then they have no avenues, for the reasons Zap said. However with a dispensary, they now have options, maybe high priced options, but at least you aren't left out in the cold like so many are right now in Kent. I am filling up my wife as a CG just because she's empty and we can help people. And a lot of people are desperate right now.
  17. I've spoken to the manager of one of the dispensaries. He said that patients onsite during the raid had all of their cash taken from them and wasn't given back. and I know your post is sarcastic Cristi, but really they just said, a board will be formed to figure all of it out. I am not sad that the dispensaries were raided, but I am sad that the patients do not have access to meds. I know a lot of people here hate dispensaries, think they are all greedy, don't care, etc. But I can tell you that isn't the case, and some people really get to know the tenders at dispensaries, and do get genuine relief, and prefer that to caregivers. some will say that they don't know how, etc, but just like coffee vs tea, if you don't like coffee, no one forces it on you. But if you like coffee, you should have it as an option. Anyway, it's horrible what they are doing here in Kent Co. I wish the patients would get together and sue Kent Co and the DA to get a injunction to hold off until the end of next year. I have people walking into my store all the time asking if I know where they can get meds... My answer is, I know some caregivers that can help you out, but I am so sorry that you have to make a 2 hour trip each way to get meds. I know one person who's husband is in ICU, may die any hour, and she can't get meds now without driving to lansing. She won't go because he may not be there when she gets back. Is that fair to her? Is it fair to him?
  18. My problem with Schitte is that he doesn't follow the will of the people who elected him, on lots of issues. He was elected to uphold the law, not write it, but once he became the top lawyer in MI, he then started thinking he could interpret the law how he wanted it to be. Well, his job was to uphold the laws, not create them. I am 100% against Shitte in 2018 and all other Republicans, and some democrats. I wish I lived in a much higher democratic area, I'd run for Senate.
  19. I've read different, that the first licenses won't be issued until Dec 2017, but that applications "could" happen before that. Also, dispensaries could still acquire from CG's until the Comm Growers get up to speed. Not to mention, it only takes 2 months, so if you were rocking ready to go with 72 plants and were able to get your license Dec 2017, you could be supplying by March without issue. It's money, people get really motivated to be the "First" Legal grow/dispensary..
  20. Yep, Trump isn't stupid. Melania has decided to stay in New York, so even though he isn't taking his presidential salary, the Secret Service is now renting out 2 whole floors in trump tower. He could easily be charging $100k a month per floor or a lot more, that the taxpayers have to shell out. Thanks for not taking the $400k a year, while making $2.4M instead.
  21. You won't have to buy from a single grower, but they are probably going to say Dispensaries can only acquire from licensed growers. Since they are using seed to sale, you would have to account for where you got everything, making it very difficult to have unofficial sources. At least in my opinion Yes, I agree, the 5K for 500 plants is the cheap part. I have also heard some townships say they will only permit if you own the property. No lease or rent. I was thinking a 500 plant startup would be near $150k, and that's all of the labor done for free except the actual connections for electric. Most of the software guys are about the same, $20-25k a year.
  22. WTF? OK, but what about that the state doesn't require any business property tax if you have less than $80,000 in personal property? From the MI website:If commercial or industrial personal property owned or under control of a business within a city or township is worth a total of $80,000 or less, the personal property is 100% exempt beginning in 2014. While most businesses need more than $80K worth of equipment, it would be pretty hard to get 80K in a dispensary. A few $200 scales, a couple counters at a couple hundred a piece, etc. And you are penalized if you do go over $80k, by having to pay taxes on it... that amendment makes no sense.
  23. The first real dispensaries won't be open until Dec 2017 at best right? How can they even think of stopping CG's before they are here, and then you have to give it time to get set up, situated? I mean, I saw this coming as well, but I didn't expect it until December of next year... Even if it were legal, I still think we should hold onto our medical CG law... Or expand it.
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