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  1. http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/topic/48135-hartwick-and-tuttle-amicus-briefs-filed-on-behalf-of-mmma-and-cpu/?hl=hartwickread all 46 pages. It say multiple times it is not Illegal to transfer meds to someone whom your not connected through the registry program. So for me to believe what I read why am I wrong. I guess it's just ignorance to the laws. my brain is reading one thing and it means another. This confusion and ignorance against registered patients and caregivers will be over soon.
  2. We as patients and caregivers need the Tuttle case to be over turned. According to korman law and the Mmma "a sale to anyone whom a doctor feels would benefit from the use of medical marijuana is immune from arrest and prosecution under sec8. As long as the said sale is to someone a doctor has given a letter of recommendation to it would be considered a LEGAL transaction. All of you who feel it's a crime for a caregiver to provide meds to ANY PERSON WALKING THE STREET THAT A DOCTOR HAS PRIOR TO THE TRANSACTION SAID WOULD BENIFIT FROM THE USE OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA LET ALONE HAS A REGISTRY CA
  3. . They get almost as much love as my ol lady Mcdoanld can touch this lol
  4. you know what. I only make $2000 a month to cover the cost of my operation and compensation for the 100's of hours of time a month required to maintain my grow. I have been forced to make up for the difference in house hold income the state took from my home 2 yrs ago now. Prior to the state taking our kids I only made compensation from my patients and it was enough to cover grow costs and my time was free. That is hardly lining my pockets. If I drove a 2015 camero lived in a fancy house wore fancy cloths and had a provision center racking 10's of thousands of dollars in a month I would be li
  5. Number 3 clearly states accusistion and transfer. That is the purchase of meds for the purpose of treating your qualified patient. So me as a caregiver and a patient I can buy from any Tom dick or Harry for the purpose of treating my debilitating condition or my patients. The McQueen case was judged by a Impartial judge. Hopefully the Tuttle case with end this ignorance against us caregivers and patients alike. MICHIGAN MEDICAL MARIHUANA ACT (EXCERPT) Initiated Law 1 of 2008 333.26428 Defenses. 8. Affirmative Defense and Dismissal for Medical Marihuana. Sec. 8. (a) Except as provid
  6. i talk with mom almost everyday in one form or another. She has given me the best advise FIGHT AND STAND UP FOR ALL OUR RIGHTS.
  7. My issue is in family court. I have a marijuana hating judge and prosecutor and they are trying to keep my kids because I support my household as a caregiver protected under the act. The problem is. I have been under the assumption for years now that is a legal transaction for a caregiver to transfer med to another caregiver or patient when handled through a safe transfer center in my county. When they took our kids they took $1224.40 a month from us and I have been put in a position to make sure I have a roof over our heads for the children to come home to. And a functioning grow room to su
  8. I'm glad I brought this topic up again. ☺️The links are very useful. I am reading every word all of you write. thanks to all.
  9. Sec8 protection is the only thing that makes sense to me. I'm going to contact Bruce Allen block a mmm attorney and ask if that's the defense used in municipalities that allow such provision centers. I mean come on their all over Lansing and flint and advertising prices in every mmm report publication. I completely understand why patient to anyone wouldn't qualify for sec 4 protection but us as care givers are allowed by our law to be compensated. We have bills associated with the cultivation of our patients meds. And if our patients are on fixed incomes they can't afford to cover the cost of
  10. But the cg2anyone (with a card) transfer was for the purpose to make compensation to be able to continue providing meds for their patient.
  11. 126739 patients / by 26404 caregivers = 4.799 patients per caregiver. Now subtract the number of caregivers from the patient count and redo the math 100,335 patients/26404 caregivers=3.799 per caregiver. So there is a obvious need for compassion centers and provision centers in our state. Growing is expensive and takes dedication and skill to produce quality usable meds. Our legislation needs to sign the bill allowing them to open.
  12. Ok so here is another question for you well educated people.. Is cg2anyone covered under sec8?
  13. If you think meds are expensive now. Wait til the big pharms get their greedy hand in the candy dish. The last thing any of us want is our government controlling and regulating any further then taxing us as a caregivers. The law clearly says caregivers are allowed compensation for services to help with the care and costs of cultivation meds for a registered qualified patient. I would be glad to pay. As far as provision centers go. I feel ALL patients deserve the right to their meds and if they can't grow for them selves they should have a place to get meds from. I AM A FIRM BELIEVER THAT AS L
  14. im glad I'm not the only one that can read the law as it's written. I should not say strictly "a registered qualifying patient" it needs to be worded "a caregiver can receive compensation from their qualifying registered patient". I read it the way I see it and my brain processes it the way I read it.
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