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  1. I just chose that one at random. Are you cutting and pasting these links from another site, because I saw the exact opposite of "doesn't really like the gays"
  2. Republicans COULD have worked with Democrats to improve Obamacare but all they have want to do is destroy it. They have never proposed a serious alternative (Trumps only plan is to allow companies to sell insurance across state lines which they can already can do and will NOT bring health care costs down. http://www.forbes.com/sites/brucejapsen/2016/10/10/sorry-trump-selling-health-insurance-across-state-lines-wouldnt-lower-costs)
  3. Two ways the GOP will lose in this election. 1) Lots of Repubs don't vote at all because of Trump 2) Trump voters don't vote for politicians who didn't support Trump One can only hope.
  4. Yep, medical is much more than recreational, and lower taxes don't even come close to making up the difference. See here.
  5. Progressives to Young Voters: Just Say No to Johnson
  6. Not really apparent on his website. The platform issues are vague and looked cobbled together by a politician that just doesn't want to get specific; you really have to go to wiki and other sources to get any kind of solid information on his positions. His first act will be to submit a balanced budget, but this requires reducing spending by 1 trillion a year (1/4 of the current budget) yet Johnson says nothing about what he will actually cut (hint: it's gotta be drastic cuts to military and social security. NO WAY either will get through Congress). There is no gun control topic on his website, but he does not feel that automatic weapons should be restricted at all. He told CNN that he would abolish the federal minimum wage (he also vetoed state minimum wage a governor). He is against collective bargaining, didn't support TARP (this let little guys like myself re-mortgage a house whose value plummeted after the housing collapse), supports MORE coal plants, wants a market based health care system (will be great for healthy people, but not sick folks), has been quoted as saying "my plans don't include doing anything when it comes to student loans". Really, though, the bottom line is that I will be voting out of self interest. For all of the problem with Obamacare, it does guarantee health care for sick people. I'd be bankrupt without it. Hillary will without a doubt work to try and fix it, not abolish it like the republicans and Johnson.
  7. Gary Johnson: NO gun control, NO climate change measures, NO free tuition, PROTECT Citizens United (corporate contributions without limit), MORE fracking, NO minimum wage, NO paid family and medical leave, REPEAL Obamacare and leave it in the hands of the private marketplace. Don't put the government in charge of immigration quotas - anyone should be able to come into the country and get a work visa. And millenials seriously want this guy as president??
  8. Yes it does, however it takes more steps to do so. Windows also doesn't give you the option to remove some camera exposure information, such as f-stop, focal length, digital zoom, etc., but nothing that would be identifiable.
  9. Free image posting here, best to create an account so that you can manage the images properly: https://postimage.org/ Grab a copy of FileMind QuickFix to easily remove picture meta data: http://www.tucows.com/preview/1201688/FileMind-QuickFix
  10. 4 out of 5 are republicans. Big surprise.
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