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  1. We had 17 trick or treaters on Halloween. Not a single one of them sniffed my door. Medcnman.
  2. I would never say to regulate energy drinks. People should be able to choose. My problem was that I substituted them for food. I liked to go go go go go. Didnt want to stop for real food. Bad Idea! So I stopped drinking them. It wasnt easy! Mm
  3. Is it me or has there been alot of LEO-esque questions from alot of new members? Makes ya wonder eh... Mm
  4. I drank roughly 3 Monsters (green can) per day for about 4 years. They are not good for you. When your driving down the freeway and all of a sudden, you have a "sugar crash", it can be very dangerous. My eyes would cross and my vision got blurry. I began to shake and sweat. I felt like I hadnt eaten in weeks. Yea. Not good for you. Havent had one in almost 2 years. It was an addiction! Medcnman.
  5. You should lock this one michaelscott and refer anyone to PMs. Mm
  6. And dont forget, your only allowed 2.5 ounces per patient so 5X2.5 is 12.5. Two 8 ounce plants blows your weight out of the water. Unless your patients were referred to you by Robin Leach, your dreamin! Mm
  7. The reason you see people with more plants is because they are breaking the law. As far as making a business out of being a caregiver, look elsewhere. Unless you find 5 patients that need pooploads of meds, and those 5 patients are willing to pay a poopload for those meds, this is not a profitable industry. Because your only allowed to receive compensation from the 5 patients that you agreed to be a caregiver for. Selling to anyone other than your 5 patients is, at this point in time, illegal. Good luck. Medcnman.
  8. Nah. Its really no different than sending your check to AT&T. Their headquarters is in San Antonio Texas but my check gets cleared in Illinois. Chase bank headquarters are in Chicago but their processing center is in Belleville Mi. The money doesnt stay in Indiana. Its just getting processed there. I hope..... Mm
  9. If your talking about the stamp on your check, its just a processing center. Mm
  10. And thats why I love it so much! I wasnt saying that MM is deadly. Just that when you hear the term "oversose" in the general public or media, its often tied to a death. Mm
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