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  1. This should answer any further questions about legal caregiver cannabis . . . Michigan officials end caregiver marijuana supply to medical pot shops The stock of medical marijuana products at licensed Michigan businesses will soon change, as a result of new guidance from state officials. Effective immediately, licensed medical marijuana provisioning centers can no longer stock their shelves with products grown by caregivers, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency announced Thursday in a press release. Licensed shops can only buy from state-licensed growers and pro
  2. https://www.cannabiscup.com/event/high-times-cannabis-cup-michigan-2019/4
  3. Here in Michigan . http://greatlakesgenetics.com
  4. ORION TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - A $40 million cannabis business park will break ground in Orion Township next week. The nearly 300,000 square-foot complex will house growers, processors, secure transporters and safety compliance operators. Grow, Cannabis Marketing says the development will bring hundreds of new jobs to Orion Township and will provide a safe and secure environment for commercial cannabis operations. The three buildings on Premiere Drive are expected to be completed by the end of the year. The cannabis business park, which is under the umbrella of the Oakland B
  5. Incremental Change and Why It Doesn’t Work Everyone who knows me, or has read any of my articles, knows that I am quite adamant, and quite literal regarding REAL legalization. Truly, I don’t understand why it isn’t the goal for all of us. In my travels over the last thirty years, I have found very few who didn’t find prohibition to be at best an infringement of our rights as an American. And yet, the ones that I find most lacking in faith for REAL legalization are the very activists striving to bring it. It’s unfortunate that some have actually made “Cannabis reform” a life-long career
  6. I haven't visited any dispensary that did NOT run their cannabis through a tumbler to strip the trichomes off the buds so as to make concentrates or whatever . I only visited these establishments out of curiosity with other people & always had a loupe to take a look at the stripped buds , really disgusting . Maybe it's better now ? I don't know , I jumped off the cannabis train when the "Tax & Regulate" crowd took over . Nothing could be more despicable than to give Govt. control to tax & regulate a completely harmless substance that is beneficial to my health & endo-cannabinoi
  7. Any one going ? https://www.cannabiscup.com/michigan/
  8. Oregon’s marijuana cultivators are facing a falling market that favors vertically integrated companies and craft cannabis. Wholesale prices for outdoor-grown marijuana have dropped as low as $50 a pound, and the situation isn’t likely to improve any time soon. With hundreds of producer and retail licenses pending approval from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which regulates the state’s cannabis industry, the supply glut is expected to only increase, depressing prices further. As of Jan. 26, there were 520 retailers in the state, with 141 licenses pending approval, accordin
  9. On Tuesday, February 6, the House Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing on HB 4158, a bill that would require a criminal conviction before members of law enforcement could seize, keep and/or liquidate property siezed in connection with an alleged crime. I’ve been in contact with the sponsor of this bill, Rep. Peter Lucido, and he is seeking people who have had their property seized by overzealous members of law enforcement. He would especially like to hear from people who have had assets forfeited and who were never charged with any crime! Rep. Lucido’s bill bans seizures wh
  10. 1944, Born on this day, Alvin Lee, guitar vocals, Ten Years After
  11. Doctors with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs still can't recommend medical marijuana, but they are being encouraged to talk more about it with military veterans. That's what a new V.A. policy being rolled out this month says. The directive urges government doctors to "discuss with the Veteran marijuana use, due to its clinical relevance to patient care, and discuss marijuana use with any Veterans requesting information about marijuana." However, the policy reiterates the department's long-held position that "to comply with Federal laws such as the Controlled Substances A
  12. The ONLY thing these people are concerned with is the bottom line of their Stock Portfolio !!!
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