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  1. Wednesday, May 30, 2012 by: J. D. Heyes (NaturalNews) Scores of experts and analysts have feared for months that it would happen, and now it has: Radiation from the heavily damaged nuclear power plants at Japan's Fukushima complex has made it into the seafood chain off the coast of America. Learn more:http://www.naturalnews.com/036022_Fukushima_radiation_food_supply.html#ixzz1wLnDVhVR
  2. I have been on a number of F T Xs . Those things come so close , so fast , that yer sayin' "W T F was that ?" as yer pickin' yer , what we wore then , "steel pot" helmet up out of the sand !
  3. Yes sir , those A-10s are very aerobatic and it was great fun to watch them and those Cobra choppers on their low level runs.
  4. My goodness gracious , I don't know how I failed to mention the daily , before dawn , before breakfast physical training ! "Fall in".
  5. Oh yeah , what great fun we had , from the TA-50 layout inspections to the OVM inspections to the weapons inspections to the Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercises to the actual Field Training Exercises .I was a missile crewman on the Hawk missile system . Did all my time in the "Sun Country" of Ft. Bliss , Texas , home of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment .
  6. No man , we were a missile battery , but I've seen & heard those Vulcans ROAR . It sounds like a really pissedoff giant dragon and got the spitting flames to boot !
  7. C 1/7 ADA Brigade , Nov. '75 - Mar. '79 . Happy holiday from this "dogface" to all you "jarheads , wing nuts & sea bees" .
  8. There are those people that think "my government knows what's best for me".
  9. In case you hadn't noticed , it is a one party system . They (Republicans & Democrats) through adversary and conflict both claim to represent "We the People" . While under different banners and claiming seperate ideoligies , the end result is ALWAYS the same . More for them , (Reps. & Dems. , one & the same) and less for us !
  10. SFC..." need examples of people in compliance that have been jerked around".....................How about Redden & Clark ?
  11. Made it back , on Firefox at least , thank you . Still having a problem on Chrome .
  12. http://www.naturalnews.com/035596_Michigan_DNR_Rodney_Stokes.html All kinds of Nazi things happening !
  13. Yes , I catch your drift . Joe doesn't want you to crash his site the same way you crashed this one when he made you an Admin. on this site . Once bitten twice shy I guess .
  14. Apparently , posing a question to you is disrespecting you instead of wanting an answer . When is joe going to make you an Admin. on his site ?
  15. Not so hard , it seems , to get banned from using P M as I know now . I meant no offense to you as I was one of the Chit-Stirring BANNED and just came back as well . If you are forever banned from the P M system here and feel the need , I make it over to C P U also . puff puff pass
  16. Marijuana Ranch cannot receive any messages ......................................................................... This topic can be deleted unless some one else needs it , thank you .
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